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Kim Kardashian

Bikini Butt Au Natural

4/3/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's famous ass is enjoying some island time -- and according to our expert analysis the latest pics are 100% untouched! But that butt has some big competition at the pool ...

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No Avatar


Who freaking cares! The Kardashians are all losers!!

933 days ago


Sadly Harvey and the "journalists" (use this term loosely) at TMZ have not yet realized that the Trash-Kanian klan's day in the sun is over. TMZ continues to "cover them" as if they're still hot.
HEY TMZ - since you insist on covering OLD NEWS why dont you cover WW2..

933 days ago

Who Knew    

Those tools actually said her ass looks good? That fraudulent thing needs its own zip code. Nasty.

933 days ago


TMZ don't care if its photo shopped or not, There still is a lot of junk in that big a-ss trunk !!!!!!!

932 days ago


I get sooooooooooooo sick of getting on TMZ and seeing this family of worthless bitches. Enough already.

932 days ago


my godddd! why do tmz care about this fake family so kim in bikini we seen enough ! please go away...theirs nothing real about them...

harvey had to make video trying to prove kim's body is 100% he at like we all didn't see her in bikini before.

932 days ago


In one shot you can see Mike Walters' head and left arm hanging out of her ass with his little sign that said "Marketing Genius". To be fair, he did have to share that space with a dozen coconuts she is planning to smuggle out of the country.

932 days ago



932 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

a big fat @ss on top of stumpy legs NEVER looks good (except maybe to dominicans). Kimwit is just Octomom with better makeup and Octomom is more educated even though both are morons.
Harvey is a squinting gay dwarf and a street lawyer for peoples court. Now back to the courtroom....

932 days ago

Who Knew    

How much do you guys think TMZ racks in from that fraudulent Kartrashian Klan every month. I'm thinking 75K a month.

932 days ago


Isn't it curious, there are never any photos of Kris Jenner on TMZ?? Must be in the contract. She doesn't mind her children being barbecued,but no one will get to barbecue her! Remind anyone of Medea (the Greek tragedy, who sacrificed her own children.?)

932 days ago


THE ONLY THING NATURAL ABOUT KIM'S BUTT IS THAT THE FAT THAT WAS INJECTED INTO IT CAME FROM ANOTHER PART OF HER OWN BODY...LOLOLOLOL....there are 100 pics on the internet of Kim BEFORE she got the butt injections...her butt wasn't anywhere near as big and neither were her hips. For the record she had butt/hip injections, lipo, boob job, nose job and tons of fillers in her face.....PERIOD....and.... her butt isn't even a good's very dumpy and un-toned, looks like she's wearing a loaded diaper when she's in clothes..LOL...Kim used to be naturally pretty, but because she's so pathetically insecure she became obsessed with trying to perfect herself...and it backfired.....and she looks like an even bigger idiot because she tells everybody she's never had any surgery ever...LOLOLOL..***too bad in one of her divorce do***ents she claimed her ex husband was abusive and he made her get lipo....but she still claims to never have had any surgery ever...lolol...That's what bothers me so much about her..ALL THE LIES...and everything is so obvious..she thinks we're all stupid...just own it like Sharon Osbourne does.

932 days ago


They should agree to the television trial.It would make them even more famous,(which they would LOVE), and the public really wants to see it,too!

932 days ago


It would be nice for a change if TMZ had the guts to put up a poll asking us "Should we stop reporting on the Kardashians? Yes or No?". I'm guessing they won't since it seems like TMZ is on the Kardashian payroll. Grow some balls TMZ and give your readers what they want!!! Signed: A loyal reader, but an increasingly exhausted one

932 days ago


What's funny to me is the fact that the Trash-Kanians are in the Dominican Republic and ROL release the story about KH wanting the divorce televised. I bet the K-KLAN KNEW KH wud demand a televised divorce so the K's high-tailed it to the DR while the storm hit.
AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Why does TMZ (Harvey) not post anything about the request for the televised divorce!

932 days ago
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