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Levi Johnston

We Didn't Plan the Pregnancy

... But We're Excited

4/3/2012 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston tells TMZ ... his unborn baby was an unexpected surprise ... but he's very excited to raise the child the way HE wants to ... unlike the child he has with Bristol Palin.

Levi just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and admitted he didn't plan to knock up his new GF Sunny Oglesby ... but says, "Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it."

As for his son Tripp, Johnston says he hasn't been allowed to see the kid in over a month ... and blames the Palins for scheming to keep him out of his son's life.

Levi says he will continue to "fight" to see his child ... but notes, "Sunny and I are looking forward to raising the [new] baby together and maybe eventually getting married or something."


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i hope he is a good father this time around

878 days ago


Greaaaatt..... Barf!

878 days ago


Suuuure, Levi. If you don't get your way with the Palin's bring another kid into this world. Tool.

878 days ago

charlei harper    

I don't unerstand alot of stuff in this world, but this takes it all...Hear us O Lord as we ask that you watch over these 2 stupid people as they attempt to act mature and face the odds of surviving a relationship. God bless the unborn child and all the christians, homos and lesbos.AMEN

878 days ago

charlei harper    

do you know the difference between a soccer mom snd a pitbull?...the pitbull will use a condom...

878 days ago


He didn't plan " to knock her up"! Lets see they are old enough to know about BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!! They were having sex with NO protection, what the hell did he expect! Ans she is as stupid as she is and that Palin s*** bag. Go get FIXED!!!!

878 days ago

cha cha    

so is your comment aimed at Bristol to make her jealous ..... ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
get real you douche, you are a NOBODY and a male skank and I am sorry Bristol had a brief moment of bad jusgement. Hopefully, she will keep that precious child of HERS away from you and your skank family. GO AWAY LOSER.

878 days ago


So what's this kid's name going to be..."STUMBLE"?

878 days ago


Levi sounds like Hank Hill

878 days ago


This relationship should last, right Levi? She's a school teacher, she has a job which means you don't need to get off your lazy ass to find work.
Impress me, I want to see you a stay at home Dad raising that kid and NOT having all the freedom you have now. Having a child is about Sacrificing for the good of your offspring, not a STATUS SYMBOL. My father thinks it's awesome that he can run around bragging he's the father of four (three baby mommas), grandfather of nine but he's never taken responsibility for his kids and doesn't TAKE AN INTEREST in his grandkids lives. and he wonders why no one gives a crap to call him on his birthday, show up for Christmas or worry when he goes to hospital.

878 days ago


Can we all chip in and buy this (insert appropriate name here) a box of condoms and maybe a DVD that shows how to use one? Also, clue him in how classless it is to constantly bash his son's family. Without that connection, no one on the planet would know -- doubt many care -- that he has managed to get another girl pregnant. She must feel sooo special, and hey, some day he may even marry her or something. Wow. Any girl with a functioning brain cell will run FAST to get away from this (insert appropriate word here).

878 days ago


Another Federline...

878 days ago


Would someone, PLEASE, send this young man a LIFETIME supply of condoms??????

878 days ago


Earth to Levi Johnson ... you don't have unprotected sex with someone that's fertile and not using birth control and then claim "we didn't plan on the pregnancy" ... totally lame. It's like Russian Roulette.

878 days ago


I guess condoms aren't sold in Alaska.

878 days ago
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