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Levi Johnston

Gets Another Chick Pregnant

4/3/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby
Say what you will about 21-year-old Levi Johnston, but his sperm is world class -- he's gotten another girl pregnant out of wedlock.

Sources tell TMZ ... the lucky woman is Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old school teacher from Wasilla, Alaska. Levi has been dating her for just over a year. We're told she's in the very early stages of pregnancy -- less than 3 months.

Sunny isn't showing, which may be why Levi hasn't told someone else his secret -- and that would be Bristol Palin, his other baby mama.

Levi is telling friends Sarah Palin and Todd have completely alienated him from his son Tripp, and he barely sees him as a result. Levi says Sarah and Todd have lied to him, telling him Bristol and Tripp were out of town when they were not.

As a result, we're told Levi is "so excited" about starting his new family.


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who dat    

This story just keeps getting better

942 days ago


He's just a ghetto breeder who'll keep doing that for as long as he lives.

942 days ago


bunch of winners up there .......

you betcha !!

942 days ago


my parents never got married, had a child (my sister) at age 18 as well, both got a house,car,dog bla bla in their 20's. Enough with this crap that you can't make a succesful marriage in youth.
I'm in my 20's as well, I've a wife and 2 daughters, im not planning to get married.
Why spend money on a wedding while you can buy yourself a new expensive car? And btw, don't attack the guy here, me (I guess my dad as well) never planned any kids, what if this guy never wanted his kid? atleast he is holding her hand and staying with her, like a true man. If he wants to leave here, and screw another woman, then do so after the baby is born.
I mean, I didnt leave my gf when she was pregnant because I was afraid she would get an abortion, but as I stayed with her I realised I wanted more and started to like her.

Levi Johnston seems to be a nice guy, and yes, I like the palins, and im from Europe.

942 days ago


how can you be a school teacher at 20? dont you need more than two years of post high school education? and shouldnt you have the sense the wear a condom if you are going to teach the future of the country...oh wait, she teaches alaskans...nevermind...

942 days ago


He is disgusting and obviously stupid. Who cares about who he sleeps with?

942 days ago


Oh yeah, LEVI is just Mr Integrity. As if he wasn't shown to have lied pretty much about everything-all for a buck, esp when liberal big shots were paying him to do so, Mr Pistachio man. MMMhmmm

Poor Levi, oh yeah, we remember when you apologized to Sarah and Todd for making up all that stuff. Oh yeah...and theres that entire truth, reality and mmmm COURT that shows a different story than you want to make up.

Truly, try living the life you claim you're happy with and stay out of the OTHERS oy vey!!!

942 days ago


How is she a school teacher at 20?

942 days ago


I see a lot of people are putting African-Americans in these comments one even claims 80% of African American are born out of wedlock which is totally false, however, white people ONLY get married because of the pregnancy in 90% of the cases LOVE has nothing to do with it - the white woman as usual did her JOB and TRAPPED him into marrying her.

942 days ago


That a boy, can't see the first kid so go ahead and have another, keep having them until one of the mothers allows you to see them. He really is very special.

If he wants to see his kid go to the media, court anything its Sarah Palin you freak the news medial will eat this up if its true.

942 days ago


She's a school teacher at age 20? They don't have to go to college in Alaska to get a degree?

942 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ ask Levi or check court records about how behind Levi is on paying child support??? When he was on Dr. Phil Levi admitted to being over 20k behind in child support payments. In most states that would get a dead beat dad put in jail.Odd that TMZ chose to put this news in their blog the same day Sarah is co-hosting The Today Show. It's kind of odd like TMZ cameras and the filthy mouthed heckler were already at the Saddle Ranch chop house the day the BIO channel was filming Bristol. ODD INDEAD, Harvey

942 days ago

El Gato    

whoopsie! *wit* finger studder.

ODD is the new BRILLIANT!

Real quick on the uptake first thing in the morning aren't we?

942 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

We already knew he was trash but it just shows what kind of unintellectual morons we have becoming teachers these days. This is the type of dumb ass molding our children's minds these days.

942 days ago


Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd .... he's proven to be a white trash loser after all. Who would have thought??????

942 days ago
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