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My Roommate

Attacked HIMSELF!

4/3/2012 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"That '70s Show" actress Lisa Robin Kelly says she's been SET UP by her male roommate ... who injured HIMSELF in an effort to frame the actress as a domestic abuser. 

TMZ spoke with Lisa ... who insists she was wrongfully arrested for allegedly attacking the guy at their L.A. home this weekend ... because she never laid a hand on the guy.

Lisa says she's been having issues with the guy for a while ... and tried to leave the pad for good on Friday, but he became angry and "roughed me up."

Lisa says she called police ... but the guy took off before they arrived ... and she decided it wasn't worth her time to press charges.

A short time later, the roommate showed up at the police station claiming Lisa had attacked him ... something Lisa insists NEVER happened.

"He must have scratched himself or done something to himself," Lisa says.

She adds, “I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again."

Attempts to reach Lisa's roommate were unsuccessful.


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just sayin    

Sorry sweetheart, too obvious from ur last photo u've been doing some kind of powder.. I'd guess meth. 20 yrs from now we'll get the truth "behind the scenes" of how her meth use also got her kicked off of That 70s Show.

936 days ago


She's full of crap... She hit "the roomate" bad enough for him to get a black eye and bruises on his face. She's a junkie.... and a liar

936 days ago

BB not bb    

Well well, her story makes more sense than her boyfriend Brad's story. How can police come to the house in waves like he said with different sets of cops and first tell her to get along with him and then just arrest her because the boyfriend is now scratched? If he was the one trying to leave, why didn't he just go and come back for his stuff later if he wasn't the one getting angry?

If mememe, Brad, really is the boyfriend, why can't he be contacted? Brad should call in now that he knows TMZ wants to hear his side.

936 days ago


I love how it's not worth her time to press charges. Yeah, she's got all those movie scripts to read.

936 days ago


Lisa is a cool chick.. lay off her everyone. No matter what the new shot looks like; we all look like crap when we've been up for awhile. I airbrush photos for her all the time... she's still hot and a really nice person.

Be less brutal... an entertainment world with Lisa Kelly in it is kind of fun.

936 days ago


To be honest, I feel her side of the story is more truthful, solely because she tweeted days before this happened that roommate/boyfriend/whatever John Michas was "lying to ruin my integrity". And then days later this all happens.

936 days ago


Yeah, ok!! I was married to him! You were a match made in hell! You went to CA to be set up with him because you couldn't afford to move on your own. That was right around the time you wrecked the car that was supposed to be sent to my son!!! He moved you from your old man boyfriend's house and moved you there. You went for personal gain. Good try..and p.s. keep my son out of you and his business! I've heard from several people, with good reputations that you both have serious drug issues! If it came from one person maybe I'd believe it! Also, if you both wouldn't involve my child, then I wouldn't be so angry!!!!!!! You both need help!! Serious help!

936 days ago

johnny NYC    


936 days ago


mememe: We know the reason she was removed from That '70s Show midway through the third season was because of her drug use. Do you know is it also the reason why she left the show after filming a few episodes of season six, and had her role re-cast and her scenes for the then-unaired episodes removed and re-filmed with Christina Moore?

936 days ago


WOW!Karma when you say "keep my son out of you" does that mean this is a family affair? TRASHY TRASHY and SHAME on you for having your son in any way involved with a woman you "know" has serious drug issues! Perhaps if you were busy making sure your son was alright instead of being mad about what you didn't get (the car) and making sure everyone knows all YOUR drama too he wouldn't have been "in" her or her buisness!!! You need help just like the rest of them!!!

936 days ago


Good try loser!!! My kid is mine, full custody for a reason! He doesn't go around losers, that would be you, included!!!! It's beyond my control to keep him from every random email and text message that those two losers send him! I've blocked many numbers and many email senders! FYI loser, you have no clue as to what you speak of! My son will never be around such disgraceful people! As the sole provider for my child for years, I've spent every minute keeping him from losers and addicts! As for "help" smart one, I'd say you are the one that needs it! You have no clue as to the random foolishness my child has received from these two idiots from diff emails and phone numbers! It's a full time job putting an end to it!!!!!!!!!

936 days ago


IT'S A SETUP! Funny...this same excuse is on page 1282 of Lindsay Lohans "Celebs Don't Go To Jail" handbook.

935 days ago

BB not bb    

Mememe, is your name Brad, because then someone said her boyfriend's name is John. Anyway, now is this your exwife complaining that you are both on drugs? I don't know what is going on out there but it sounds like you and Lisa might have a toxic relationship and would just be better off staying out of each other's hair.

Alot of people are on drugs and some of the same drugs Lisa takes and they consider that medicine, so maybe it is just the two personalities clashing. It is hard to know just from watching one of the people as an actress, but I would guess that maybe some people who seem nice or fun also have another side that others who want to be with them aren't ready to handle.

The exwife sounds pretty engraged so I think there is a pattern here with women. Maybe mememe needs to go back to her and settle up that situation before running off into another one that will blow up the same way.

935 days ago

Big D    

Give some people a little money and a little fame and this is what they do with it. There are a million people out there who love to have her opportunities, that won't waste it on drugs.

935 days ago


Her booking photo is disturbing. I wish one of these Borderline Personality Disordered "actors" would face their demons and be a role model for others who have BPD.

935 days ago
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