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Manny Pacquiao Charity Sued

Used Clothes

Are NOT 'Relief Goods'

4/3/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Manny Pacquaio Foundation is learning the hard way ... used clothes do NOT count as "relief goods" in the Philippines ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Manny's charity is being sued by a logistics company which claims they were hired by the MPF to ship several containers filled with "relief goods" to Manny's home country back in 2009.

But according to the lawsuit, "The containers were inspected by the Philippines authorities and found to have contained used clothing rather than relief goods and have held such containers as a violation of Philippines law."

The logistics company says the goods never made it to the people in need ... because they were confiscated by Philippine officials.

In the suit, the company implies Manny's Foundation is using the incident as an excuse to dodge the $35,805.36 bill ... even though it clearly believes it was the Foundation's responsibility to correctly label the goods.

The shipping company is now demanding the full payment -- plus interest.

Calls to the Manny Pacquiao Foundation have not been returned.

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No Avatar


wow, these third world s***bags are bitching about getting used clothes? i would think if my house or shack or box was destroyed and i had nothing cept the clothes on my back i would be pretty damn grateful if someone gave me some clothes to wear, new or used! beggars cant be choosers!

940 days ago

Ed C,    

this don't make sense. relief goods to me should mean canned foods, used clothing, blankets, dry foods anything to help the poor. The poor don't care if it's used. I believe the Philppine authrities are just looking for a bribe to let the containes go through. Manny's heart is in the right place. but it's just to much corruption in the PH port.

940 days ago


Is this another demolition job and harassment being done to The natural treasure? This current administration is really very good in Crab Mentality! I think they would prefer Pacman to lose in his next schedule fight.... and this is what their saying that it's More Fun in the Philippines! YES! bcoz people around the world is laughing at us...What a shame... ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

940 days ago


I buy used clothes all the time. If my country has just been demolished and lays in disrepair I think I would be VERY happy to have clean fresh clothes for my family. One burden taken off of many families shoulders, except the government confiscated it. (?)

940 days ago


how the hell do u sue a charity?

940 days ago


if the clothes are clean and in good shape... then who cares if they're used or not? either put on the previously worn shirt or go naked. You're choice. It's as ludicrous as a starving person not eating donated food because they don't like the brand of food donated.

940 days ago


I's rather be neked than no hilfiger, so gofiger... man, manny dat aint dope, no rope a dope, it's gotta be free if'n it be fo me an my's octo baby mama's you feel me dawg?

940 days ago


Used clothing is a huge industry in the Philippines. I am sure he was shipping this home so one of his family members could sell the clothes and make some money. He probably ships containers like this every month, only he got caught this time.

You can take the boy out of Tondo, but you can't take the Tondo out of the boy...

940 days ago


That is pathetic, used clothes are good things for people who are in need. Geez.

940 days ago


there are many people who cannot afford and whom in need of clothing in the country... why do this to a guy who tries to help? what a crab mentality you have. i hope pacquiao will never change helping the helpless.

940 days ago

J lee    

Wow haters gonna hate, your gonna sue someone for donating clothes to the poor, wow someone throws flour on a kardashian, and gets arrested, and pacquiao donates used clothes to the needy and gets sued? Beggars can't be choosers, that's all I'm gonna say

940 days ago

gideon guerrero    

Used clothes had been inspected, confiscated, distributed to their relatives and families to be used and sold in the market. Dang authorities! I would really want to see if that "law" has ever existed and the corrupt lawmen who made that law.

940 days ago


How ignorant are this people, even if you go to salvation army or goodwill used stores in the US you will find brand new stuff that are seconds from the factory and some people donate clothes that are not even worn. This is how they treat thier national treasure in the Philippines. This is the one person who gave them pride and payed taxes more than big corporations in that country. You people have to change your mentality, don't drag people down, you have to respect yourself, don't rain on somebody parade, make your own parade work for it. You guys just ruin my day. Bahal na Kayo sa buhay nyo......

940 days ago

Penny Hardaway    

Some people are so greedy. Sueing him for good deeds & then adding an interest to it? F*ck Philippine Govn't. Phil Government should be grateful that someone with his stature is doing many good things to his country. Most would just keep the money to themselves, corrupting, and taking advantage of the poor. Govn't can kiss Pac's a$$..don't give in Pac.

- FloydFan120 -

940 days ago


It's very clear that the "logistics company" is also the "shipping company", therefore the shipping company was the one responsible for properly declaring its contents in the Bill of Lading and if there's a need to change the Invoice declaration by MP, they should inform them to do so, or else the deal is off. The shipping company and the intended recipients (calamity victims) were the losers here for "misdeclaration". If it's indeed from Manny Pacquiao, he considered those money long time lost since the day he donated the money. Or this might be another case of bogus Foundation using Manny Pacquiao's name without his knowledge.

939 days ago
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