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Transgender Beauty Queen

I Never Asked to See

Trump's Genitals

4/3/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The transgender beauty queen who was DQ'd from the Miss Universe pageant due to her birth gender says she never ONCE asked to see Donald Trump's penis -- so his obsession with her genitals isn't fair.

23-year-old Jenna Talackova just held a news conference -- and her attorney Gloria Allred insisted ... Donald Trump unjustly disqualified her from the competition last week by limiting participants to "naturally-born" females.

Gloria said, Jenna "didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he's a naturally born man, or see photos of his birth, or to view his anatomy ... It made no difference to her. Why should it have made a difference to him?"

For the record -- all of Jenna's official documents, including her driver's license and birth certificate, say she's female. Jenna even proved it by whipping out her passport.

Passport belonging to Jenna Talackova
Trump has since reversed his "naturally-born" female position -- and has promised to allow Jenna to compete. Jenna stated she still wants to compete.

But Jenna wants Trump to take it one step further, admitting "loudly and clearly" he was wrong from the get go. Jenna also wants Trump to promise to repeal the "naturally-born" female rule -- or face legal action.


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If we allow this guy to compete then we are opening the door for this and other competitions to be forced to allow men to compete against women, like professional sports. Without rules it is no competition at is a free for all. This kind of crap should not be allowed.

877 days ago

buzz kill    

Set this freak up with Chiz Boner. As for Allred, maybe she needs to sample Trumps junk.

877 days ago


Just be done with the Miss Universe pageant then before it turns into a freak show. I don't think this would be fair to the real natural born women competing, this Jenna person is all fake.

877 days ago


Just because you cut off your bits, doesn't make you a chick, never will. There are tons of beauty pageants for trannies and would be way more fun than those vapid bimbos in Miss Universe.

877 days ago


This is crazy! I dont care what u do to yourself. You were born a you can get make-up, wigs, heels, fake boobs, does not make you a woman idiot! if your a real woman....then give birth! oh....can do that now can u??? go join the circus of retards

877 days ago


I think the title of the competition says it all "Miss Universe"

877 days ago


This is just another trouble maker. My husband's license says he's a female. It's a mistake. Believe me.

877 days ago

kathey from dallas    

if the rules state you have to be a born female then get over it .... find another beauty contest.. tired of having to worry about everyone's issues all the time.....everyone is so quick to run to an attorney to fix their cause.. ugh..

877 days ago



877 days ago


when he can have a period. and carry a baby let him compete !

877 days ago

Kat Johnson    

I am outraged!Totally unfair.If anything she had to work 2x as hard as any other woman in that competition.They shouldn't have said anything about her changing the way she looked before.I bet the other females had way more surgery than she's ever had.

877 days ago


So if Joan Rivers gets enough work done to look 20 does that mean she can complete for the title?

877 days ago


So the best Canada has to offer in women is actually a dude? How proud Canadiens must be.

877 days ago


The problem is where do you draw the line? Next they would have to allow people born male to compete in women's sports.

877 days ago


I'm all favor for GLTB but the rule is clear! "born female" = born with vagina and not with penis

877 days ago
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