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Transgender Beauty Queen

I Never Asked to See

Trump's Genitals

4/3/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The transgender beauty queen who was DQ'd from the Miss Universe pageant due to her birth gender says she never ONCE asked to see Donald Trump's penis -- so his obsession with her genitals isn't fair.

23-year-old Jenna Talackova just held a news conference -- and her attorney Gloria Allred insisted ... Donald Trump unjustly disqualified her from the competition last week by limiting participants to "naturally-born" females.

Gloria said, Jenna "didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he's a naturally born man, or see photos of his birth, or to view his anatomy ... It made no difference to her. Why should it have made a difference to him?"

For the record -- all of Jenna's official documents, including her driver's license and birth certificate, say she's female. Jenna even proved it by whipping out her passport.

Passport belonging to Jenna Talackova
Trump has since reversed his "naturally-born" female position -- and has promised to allow Jenna to compete. Jenna stated she still wants to compete.

But Jenna wants Trump to take it one step further, admitting "loudly and clearly" he was wrong from the get go. Jenna also wants Trump to promise to repeal the "naturally-born" female rule -- or face legal action.


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She is beautiful.
I want to know if Gloria Aldead thinks men who become women should compete in high level sports such as the Olympics, against women who were born females? Knowing that men are generally stronger and faster? In the case of South African runner Caster Semenya the sporting body did not want to address the 'female' gender after testing. They indicated is was a confidential matter because they are being politically correct. That is unfair to all of us born without a penis.

895 days ago


DUDE!!! Give it up, you're not a female! You never will be, I don't care how much you change your appearance...loser!

895 days ago


born a man, stay a man for the society and the nature. the pageant is JUST about REAL natural beauty. I understand she may be a woman inside, or she'd rather like the woman's side BUT she's not naturally a woman, so ask to trump to make a pageant for people with you gender.

895 days ago

Titus McGillicutty    

I think Gloria Allred is a natural born man.

895 days ago


The funny thing is she looks like Ivanka Trump...only prettier!

895 days ago


See Jenna for who she is. Well she is a man. Just heard her voice. thats a man alright.

895 days ago


Wheres the bat? I want to seee the beauty queen hold the bat.

895 days ago


God I Hate Gloria Allred. I don't care that that Jenna is in the pageant, I just can't stand Allred. Keeps talking about when Jenna was a baby, what she looked like when she was born. That she is a woman Now. Well she only had the surgery less than 2 years ago. So she was a "man" for 21 of her years. Allred exploits everything she touches. But still she should stay in pageant.

895 days ago

veronica j.    

Women are womena and men are men... men are not women. What is going on with the world today, why are the gender lines so blurred.

895 days ago


Thats like saying if I cut my ballz off im Gloria Allred I right or wrong?

895 days ago


They both should be shot in the head.

895 days ago


We have enough women in these pageants that look transgendered already and now we have to worry about this ...LOL ..

895 days ago


Good Lord !! Did you people listen to " it " Gloria ??

WoW, what the world has come to !! How in the world did Miss Gloria ever get to where she is at ??? This woman could make even the strongest stomach's out their vomit !!

When ever her face pop's up on TV I can't get the channel changed fast enough !! I don't care how interested I may be in a show, her face comes on I'm GONE !!!

It should NEVER have even gotten this far !!! Jenna was BORN a male !!! Trump should of NEVER reversed it ! But anything for rating's and to put him in the spotlight !

895 days ago


Alistair Overeem should cut his junk off and fight women in the MMA and become the best woman fighter

895 days ago


whats the difference between her changing genders and having surgery than the other women who compete with boob jobs and other surgeries to make them look "prettier"?

895 days ago
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