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Transgender Beauty Queen

I Never Asked to See

Trump's Genitals

4/3/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The transgender beauty queen who was DQ'd from the Miss Universe pageant due to her birth gender says she never ONCE asked to see Donald Trump's penis -- so his obsession with her genitals isn't fair.

23-year-old Jenna Talackova just held a news conference -- and her attorney Gloria Allred insisted ... Donald Trump unjustly disqualified her from the competition last week by limiting participants to "naturally-born" females.

Gloria said, Jenna "didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he's a naturally born man, or see photos of his birth, or to view his anatomy ... It made no difference to her. Why should it have made a difference to him?"

For the record -- all of Jenna's official documents, including her driver's license and birth certificate, say she's female. Jenna even proved it by whipping out her passport.

Passport belonging to Jenna Talackova
Trump has since reversed his "naturally-born" female position -- and has promised to allow Jenna to compete. Jenna stated she still wants to compete.

But Jenna wants Trump to take it one step further, admitting "loudly and clearly" he was wrong from the get go. Jenna also wants Trump to promise to repeal the "naturally-born" female rule -- or face legal action.


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Whether your born a man or a woman trapped in another body makes no difference to me BUT when you electively cut off your penis and balls and have a surgeon create a vagina for you.....not only are you stupid (cause now you can't even enjoy sex) but then,.....yes suddenly you have a chose to be a FREAK!!!!!! Don't get mad at me cause I chose not to accept or acknowledge your FREAKINESS!!!

901 days ago


Your not even an natural born HE-MAN!!!!! Go back to Canada (where your from) and try to change some laws there.....leave the United States out of your need to be accepted. YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN IF YOU WERE BORN WITH SPECTACLES....opps testicles. Don't try to make us accept u and something your not!!!!! It's bad enuf your going around fooling men into thinking you were born with a uterus and natural you want to enter a female pagaent. Get lost!!!!! Shove it!!!!!!! Why don't you join up with Rupaul and start your own transgender pagaent, called....."Twinkle, Twinkle, balls to the walls?"

901 days ago


This is crazy she or he should not be able to do it. So if Lebron James decides to be a women he could play in the WBNA its ridiculous.

901 days ago


How the eff does her BIRTH CERTIFICATE say she's female? Are we suddenly now allowed to go back and alter do***ents to fit our current situation? My birth certificate says I was 14 pounds but I'm now 180. Can I change it?

901 days ago


"Trump has since reversed his "naturally-born" female position -- and has promised to allow Jenna to compete." Are you kidding me? If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. transgenders have their own pageants, I'm sure if a natural born female were to enter their competition, they would be disqualified, so why is it ok for this freak show to enter natural born female pageants? I'm disgusted at at Trump bending his rules just to contribute to this agenda day are pushing, the bible warned us about all of this.

901 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

You can CLEARLY see in the video-above, that the male-she has an adam's apple, and they've had surgery to "shave off" some of the "protrusion" men have w/their adam's apples. It STILL sticks out MUCH more than it should on natural-born woman. The face of this "it" is STILL very, very manly looking. Kinda weird, you CAN tell it's a surgically enhanced tranny.....we don't need to see it's sliced up genital to know.
Bottom line: All you guys out there can NOT depend on seeing someone's "tool kit" to know it's a girl or guy. These surgeons are getting REAL good at taking the skin of the balls and turning the emptied out ball sacks inside out, and making a REAL natural looking vagina. Then they "bore a hole" into the fake vagina area to create an area for a penis to fit into it. NOT KIDDING. I saw a show on this couple yrs ago, and ALL the prostitutes/strippers LAUGHED at how NONE of the men they had sex with could tell, AT ALL.
GUYS: If your gut is sending out some "red flags" to your brain when you meet a chick, or something doesn't "seem right" -- GO WITH YOUR GUT, but DO NOT be fooled. MANY men are having sex w/these freak male-shes, and they AREN'T TELLING THE REAL MALE they're transgenered. I suggest asking for PHOTOS of their ENTIRE life, little baby, older toddler, young kid, all the way up to TEEN/YOUNG ADULT. Match the face to the face.
DONT BE FOOLED. There are MANY doing this intentionally because they are ASHAMED of what they are, period......and KNOW most REAL men would RUN like crazy if they knew!

901 days ago


He's a guy, he was born one he'll die one... He can look anyway he wants but it's a dude.

901 days ago


pretty vague wording " naturally born " .... Trumps legal team are going to have to argue what that is intended to mean.

Jenna was naturally born a woman, but unfortunately was temporaily presenting as a male until physicians were able to help her correct it. Let her compete, she is beautiful.... it's a BEAUTY pageant.

901 days ago


I'm all for transgendered people doing whatever the f_ck they want with their bodies, but I REFUSE to acknowledge this MAN as a woman. I don't care that he had his penis turned into a makeshift vagina, or that he wears dresses and has breast implants, it does NOT make HIM a woman! You can't change your gender, no matter how many hormones you inject, or how much plastic surgery you get to "look" the part. Why can't people just accept themselves for who they actually are, not who they THINK they should be? I'm sorry, I don't think HE should be allowed to compete in a competition for WOMEN.

901 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Trump should have stuck to his guns. It's dumb that we as a society are supposed to cater to a bunch of mentally insane people that think they have some other sex trapped inside them and that the only way for them to ever feel normal is to surgically alter their gender. It's not a gay or lesbian issue, it's a mental health issue. It's 100% insane. We shouldn't be accepting this nuttiness.. we should be getting these people VERY extensive psychiatrist help.

901 days ago


@michelle, I totally agree with you. When did the lunatics start running the place. If HE can have a child then HE would be a she , But HE doesn't the equipment, HE is mentally distrubed , if I as a white man said I should have been born black does that make me black (african -american) NO. Just like chasitity she is a woman and will always be. You freaks out there are always trying to push your libal agenda.

901 days ago


Reading the comments makes me feel bad about humanity.
Nice to see that people are still backwards and morally incorrect. To the person who says to "put all the freaks in an island far away," I hope they put the intolerant people in an island then BURN IT, because these are the people that make sure nothing nice every happens to anyone.

901 days ago


What I don't understand is the whole reference to her "not asking to see HIS penis".

I'm pretty sure Trump wants NOTHING to do with your post-op vagina. I didn't wee, I mean see, anywhere him asking to see her vajajay....

Another WHORE (male/female) looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

901 days ago

good as gold    

Donald isn't upset that Jenna was born a male. Donald is upset because Jenna is actually his son/daughter Ivanka!
HaHa your secret is out now Mr. Comb-over!

901 days ago


Oh there is the Media Whore Lawyer AGAIN. Once the head lines are gone she is, until ANOTHER one pops up.

901 days ago
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