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'Extreme Makeover' Dentist

I Secretly Collect the Teeth

of My Celebrity Patients

4/4/2012 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Bill Dorfman -- a world famous dentist who treats some of the biggest stars on Earth -- tells TMZ he keeps a "secret stash" of the teeth he's plucked from the mouths of his famous patients ... in the hopes of eventually selling them on eBay.

Dorfman -- who recently treated Lindsay Lohan and whose website features Jessica Simpson, Usher, Ozzy Osbourne, Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria -- was outside Rock & Brews in El Segundo yesterday when he revealed his secret.

"I actually save famous people's teeth when I pull them ... but I can't tell you [their identities] 'cause it's like patient confidentiality."

He continues, "There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay."

Dorfman insists he always offers the teeth to his patients first ... but they often decline, "So I put it in the back and i just hold on to it."

We've spoken with several dentists who tell us it's not illegal to keep the teeth -- but most dentists either throw them away or give them to dental schools for research purposes.

One dentist told us, "What Dorfman is doing is just sick."

We spoke to Doc Dorfman today on TMZ Live, and he changed his story -- drastically. Check it out ... around the 16-minute mark. 


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I want Lindsay's choppers. How much?

933 days ago


Hmm!!!....Wow!!...I'm speechless.

933 days ago


I used to work for this jerkoff and he used to send pictures of himself with no shirt on to his celebrity clients lol i think hes telling the truth because he is by far one of the weirdest ppl i've ever meet lol sorry Dr. D jst keeping it real

933 days ago


Bill Dorfmann is a major creep. Hits on all kinds of women patients under the guise of "helping them out".

My GF and I quit going after she got hit on big time from this guy.

Beware. This guy has a major ego and ethics problem.

933 days ago


some of these celebs, look have been chewing on rocks and brushing there teeth with a brown crayon or ecomatter..
until the get their new (used car sells men teeth).
Ozzy was a given..being british and his life style..the only teeth this guy has of his are is baby teeth..
Lielo at 25 looks like she was Gnawing on a rusty pipe or two..

933 days ago


here's Dr Bill Dorfman showing off his Miley Cyrus teeth collection :)

933 days ago

charlei harper    

something tells me that he will be getting a visit from the dental board...just to ask a few simple questions...however, it appears as though he may be a homo, which means that collecting teeth from a celebrity is probably the least of his problems...I mean if you think about it...i mean reeeeeally think about, his idea of a cavity search is waaay different from your's or mine...

933 days ago


what a creep.

933 days ago


I thought you weren't allowed to sell human body parts on eBay.
No doubt he has the extraction techniques of Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man".

933 days ago


Interesting that it's not illegal. Imagine a surgeon keeping Brad Pitt's appendix? I would think it would be illegal to keep anyone's body part, aside from a classroom setting.

933 days ago


This one thanks the Enkindlers that Hanar do not have "teeth"

933 days ago


its no different from buying or selling other bones be it human or otherwise- i for one would love to one day own a fully articulated human skeleton- but they are very expensive and i am very broke- :P i dont see why its an issue- had the previous owners of said teeth wanted to take them with them they could have- but they didn't- which means they are his property to do so as he pleases- jump on this guy you might as well google 'human skeleton for sale' and start jumping on everyone else- get a life and stop worrying about old disarticulated human remains- you jelly? become a dentist and get your own famous teeth- or keep your nose in your own interests and leave others alone- u mad bro?

933 days ago


And he's got their DNA - perhaps to clone them at a future date? Stop this perverted madman.

933 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

GROSS! Not to mention creepy and stalker-like. Teeth are very personal and if he can't disclose whose they are, they are worthless in my opinion.

933 days ago


you cannot sell teeth on ebay...ebay policy is no human reamains!!..i learned this when i tried to sell my own tooth on there,lol...tell the dr. he might wanna do some research on that...:-]

933 days ago
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