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Transgender Beauty Queen

Hotel Guests OUTRAGED

Over Bikini Shoot

4/4/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova received yet another fat rejection on Monday -- when her bikini shoot upset several guests at a swanky L.A. hotel ... and staff was forced to shut it down.

Sources tell TMZ, Jenna -- a post-op transgender -- had originally planned to host the bikini shoot in the privacy of her room at the Hotel Wilshire, but when she arrived with her crew around lunchtime, her digs weren't ready ... so she moved the shoot to the pool instead.

Problem is ... the pool at the Wilshire is located on the roof -- right beside the "Roof on Wilshire" restaurant -- and diners weren't too pleased when Jenna stripped down to a bikini right in front of them, posing for shots.

We're told diners complained -- and the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to pack it in, insisting the shoot was interfering with business. On top of that, we're told Jenna also failed to get permission from the hotel to shoot in a public area.

According to sources, Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge -- so the restaurant turned to the big dogs in hotel management, who quickly readied Jenna's room so she could move the shoot there instead.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred tells us the photog was shooting for a Canadian documentary -- and she claims the hotel later apologized to Jenna and the camera crew.


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Will someone please put this "He/She" back in the damn closet?

899 days ago


Who cares????

899 days ago


Does anyone else think she bears a striking resemblance to Ivanka Trump?

899 days ago


Chaz Bono would make a good hookup for her. TMZ oughta try and set up a meet.

899 days ago


Sounds like she has a bit to learn about being a LADY. Camp Jenna should be giving refunds to the restaurant goers.

899 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

As long as we have a gay jewish lawyer/activist running this site, we will get a lot of weird stories about homossexuals here. Is all about propaganda and the "contaminated" news gays feed Society. Its the same with True Blood, with very strong gay content and that its written by homossexual rights activist Allan Ball, or brazilian soap operas with a lot of gay propaganda written by gay activist Aguinaldo Silva.

899 days ago


I know that everyone deserves to be treated well, and as a human I agree. As a Christian, I personally don't agree with people 'changing' their gender. To say you were born in the wrong body is saying God got it wrong. God doesn't make mistakes. As a woman, I am sick of no one standing up and saying what is right...this is a MAN. Cutting off your penis and boobs DOES NOT make you a woman. I was happy that they told him he could not compete because he is NOT a woman. I am disgusted that they backed down on their decision just because all the PC crap was thrown in their face. It is sad in today's world that people can scream that you are not being fair when you don't bend to their rules but it's not fair for me to stand up for what I believe in. People need to stop backing down and stand up for their beliefs. I have as much right to not believe HE is woman...period!

899 days ago


At first I thought it was Ivanka Trump! LOL

899 days ago


Were the hotel guests upset because she is a transgender model or because a woman had stripped down to her bikinis for a photo shoot? My guess is that with the media publicity she's got since her disqualification, it was transphobia.

899 days ago


This is a scientific experiment perfomed on a man. In no way is this thing a woman. Its no different than the nutjobs who get their teeth filed and try to call themselves vampires.

899 days ago


I'm confused, does it still have a penis or a va-jayjay???? If I was trying to eat and saw it in a bikini, I know I would be doing some serious complaining!!!!!

899 days ago


She looks like Donald Trump's daugther.

899 days ago


It's starting to sound like this person is doing this all for the publicity. This is the SECOND time she's broken the rules, then had the nerve to demand an apology. I'm sorry, I have NO problems with Gay, Lesbian, Transgender...AT ALL, but I'm pretty sure all this "controversy" is JUST for the do***entary they're filming. News Flash, you're not the first transgender person... you're not doing anything new. It's been done.

899 days ago


Cant you just play football!

899 days ago


Surprised Gloria is now branching into taking cases with men. No one wants to eat their meal and looking at a man in a thong.

899 days ago
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