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Transgender Beauty Queen

Hotel Guests OUTRAGED

Over Bikini Shoot

4/4/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova received yet another fat rejection on Monday -- when her bikini shoot upset several guests at a swanky L.A. hotel ... and staff was forced to shut it down.

Sources tell TMZ, Jenna -- a post-op transgender -- had originally planned to host the bikini shoot in the privacy of her room at the Hotel Wilshire, but when she arrived with her crew around lunchtime, her digs weren't ready ... so she moved the shoot to the pool instead.

Problem is ... the pool at the Wilshire is located on the roof -- right beside the "Roof on Wilshire" restaurant -- and diners weren't too pleased when Jenna stripped down to a bikini right in front of them, posing for shots.

We're told diners complained -- and the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to pack it in, insisting the shoot was interfering with business. On top of that, we're told Jenna also failed to get permission from the hotel to shoot in a public area.

According to sources, Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge -- so the restaurant turned to the big dogs in hotel management, who quickly readied Jenna's room so she could move the shoot there instead.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred tells us the photog was shooting for a Canadian documentary -- and she claims the hotel later apologized to Jenna and the camera crew.


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Oh, dear God, the Donald is jumping for joy over this publicity. Probably wishes he'd thought of this years ago. On the other hand, why did the crew refuse to budge? They had no more right to film in that public space than you or I would. Donald Trump, Gloria Allred, Transgendered beauty contestant...publicists dream. Tabloids having orgasms...wait until the actual contest. Let me know cause I don't even watch when they have REAL women!

895 days ago


I’m so sorry but just because you have a **** sewed on and drugs shaved into you it does not mean you are a girl, You are born a man or girl and it does not matter sew it on or cut it off your still what you were born.

895 days ago



895 days ago


Hey, That a hot dude... I'm outraged he is so HOT!

895 days ago


Sex reassignment surgery confirmed (Penis gone, vagina completed)...CHECK
ID all show her gender as female...CHECK
Bigots show their face in many ways...CHECK
Opportunistic people all over...CHECK

Jenna is a woman whether people like it or not. Seriously why is this bothering anyone...are you wanting to date her? Will you have her part of your lives? Will this effect you personally? If any answer is NO...then STOP this. It is 2012 and this boils down to phobic behavior that is truly BULLYING!

895 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Ivanka Trump never looked so good...

895 days ago


How big is his package down below...probably a gigantic bulge

895 days ago


I'm sure that things bulge was bigger than any other real man in that bikini.....ewkkkkk! That is not a woman, that is a man who once had a hairy scrotum and a penis...and who excretes testosterone....not estrogen. I don't blame the guest at the restaurant....nobody wants to see some man thinking she's a woman in a bathing suit. Go to Canada and do that stuff....America is sick and tired of everyone coming here to be "free"

895 days ago

Michael Graham    

Guests bothered or not... HOW many hotels do you know that IF you do come with an actual beautiful model in swimsuit and have cameras and such..will they allow you to film/shoot without a permit? I've been kicked out of a number of hotels and private owned places for this reason. It is a general rule guideline that you cannot shoot without permission. All in All...a frequenter of the roof...I would definitely not want a fake woman ruining my perfect grilled cheese dining experience. Ugh.

895 days ago


I dont believe most people are be bigoted towards her or having a phobia about this issue with Miss jenna..most people I spoke to is concern about the changing of contest rules that is govern by a private organisation.IT IS A BEAUTY CONTEST FOR GOD SAKE.Dont we have bigger fish to fry out there.Most of us accept Jenna as she is or want to be recognise as.What is hard for most is the realisation that there is a lawsuit to change anything if it is not going your way...even if such changes the institution of an organisation that has been around for awhile directed at showcasing Naturally Born stated in the rules.Is this discrimanation ?I don't think so,as someone we start entering cats in a dog competition? way am I calling her an animal...just an analogy.I will now move on....I just lost minutes of my life I will never get back...damn.

895 days ago


About 12 years ago a popular book was published which summarized the known (then) science of genders and sexuality. It covered the XX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXY, and XY genotypes of feminized human beings. There are two types of XYs, one emerging from the womb with female genitalia, marked "f" on the birth certificate, and the late-bloomer type typified by the contestant here. That is a total of seven genetically variant woman types. There are also XY, XXY and XYY men bringing to ten the number of sexes known to be existing a dozen years ago. The volume of science illiterates commenting on a subject which they are well more than a decade behind the times is astonishing. Do try to catch up: read "Woman: An Intimate Geography" available at most libraries or buy used from Amazon(dot)com for a penny plus shipping.

895 days ago


"Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge"

Who the hell do they think they are? Hotel should have kicked their sorry ass's off the property right then and there. You can't go into someone's business and do what ever in the hell you want to.

895 days ago

Kenneth W. Potts    

I hope "The Donald" doesn't change the requirements of being a natural born female in the pageants. If he caves to this man/woman, and Gloria Allred...then people will never really know who they are looking at. Once that door is opened,Gloria Allred will probably try to force Mr. Trump into hiring Rosie O'Donnell to run Trump Enterprises.

895 days ago


whats the big deal this happens all the time people get kicked out of places it has nothing to do with her

895 days ago


she is going to get booed

895 days ago
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