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Transgender Beauty Queen

Hotel Guests OUTRAGED

Over Bikini Shoot

4/4/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova received yet another fat rejection on Monday -- when her bikini shoot upset several guests at a swanky L.A. hotel ... and staff was forced to shut it down.

Sources tell TMZ, Jenna -- a post-op transgender -- had originally planned to host the bikini shoot in the privacy of her room at the Hotel Wilshire, but when she arrived with her crew around lunchtime, her digs weren't ready ... so she moved the shoot to the pool instead.

Problem is ... the pool at the Wilshire is located on the roof -- right beside the "Roof on Wilshire" restaurant -- and diners weren't too pleased when Jenna stripped down to a bikini right in front of them, posing for shots.

We're told diners complained -- and the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to pack it in, insisting the shoot was interfering with business. On top of that, we're told Jenna also failed to get permission from the hotel to shoot in a public area.

According to sources, Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge -- so the restaurant turned to the big dogs in hotel management, who quickly readied Jenna's room so she could move the shoot there instead.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred tells us the photog was shooting for a Canadian documentary -- and she claims the hotel later apologized to Jenna and the camera crew.


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So when she loses and she will, does this mean she will sue saying she lost because she used to be a man? I mean really, you know that's coming.....

932 days ago


U can cut off this and that, U can sew up this and that, but bottom line is God made u a male or a female. That is something u CANNOT CHANGE..................

932 days ago


He is a MALE, not a FEMALE! No matter how you slice it or dice it. Beauty paegant is and should be about competing natural born beauties not plastic surgery enhanced wannabees... anyone with money can be altered and compete but that should be called "Plastic Surgery Paegant" (excuse my spelling, English is my second language)Do not call him a woman please... I am a woman and something like this make's me feel sick in my stomach...

932 days ago


Does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance she has to Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka?!

932 days ago


this dude is disgusting and shame on him for living a lie like this!

932 days ago


Everyone of you should be ashamed of yourself. You're talking **** on a computer about a WOMAN you don't even know. People commit suicide by this bull****. You don't know her. You have NO right to judge her. She is transgender, but please tell me how she is affecting your life by competing in this pageant? How is she really offending you? Are you jealous because she's gorgeous and you thought she was hot and found out she was transgender? Are you jealous because she's prettier than you are? You have no right whatsoever to judge her, talk **** or say anything besides SHE. She DOES NOT have a penis. SHE had every procedure done to change her sex. It's legal. It's moral. You are all completely ridiculous and pathetic for saying that ****. You need to grow up and realize, NO ONE is perfect and for you to judge her for being transgender is not only pathetic, but makes you look like a bunch of losers who have no self-esteem. You all are idiots. (For the people who used proper pronouns, which is SHE, and were supportive, disregard this and go about your life)

932 days ago


Sounds like a bitch with balls to me!

932 days ago


The complainers probably had a bad day at Bible studies.

932 days ago


She looks a lot like Ivanka. Above the neck.

932 days ago


Lord help us!! How disappointed you must be with your creation!

932 days ago


If I were into Asians I would Hit that!...

932 days ago

the Blinding    

It's funny how all of you bigots are referring to Jenna as a He/She and how so many people are getting all religious on her with comments about God making her male. God was male and female and so were Adam & Eve so get over yourselves:

932 days ago


This guy enters a born-as-a-woman contest by lying on the forms, knowing he wouldn't have got in otherwise. Then he wants the Donald to change or bend the rules for him...gets into bully-mode by hiring Alldollars for publicity. Please stick to TG contests, when we never knew who he was, so he can leave us alone and we can leave him alone.

932 days ago

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci    

There's so many immature people on this website.


Miss America contestants are allowed to have plastic surgery and implants, and so are Miss Universe contestants.


"Jenna creature"? Really? Is everyone on this website an imbecile? Let me explain this to you in a way that anyone should be able to understand. There's heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. I'm going to assume you're homophobic. It's unknown whether Jenna is a heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. In other words, a lesbian. You notice how I identify her as a woman, correct? This is why.

There's sexual identity, and there's gender identity. You can be born on polar opposites. Jenna likely chose to change her image to feel complete, and to be able to accept herself. I would also assume she did it due to the societal influence of the masses of morons in this world in which we can note below.

If you believe that having a male body is the only thing that holds a transgendered back from being a "true" female, then I believe that's going to be solved soon. As we progress as a species, so does our technology. We are steadily getting closer to transhumanism. We will be able to manipulate the human genome and turn a man into a woman. The chromosomes from XY to XX.

If we are alive at that time, I wonder what you ignoramuses will say then?

932 days ago


@Leonardo….you must be a moron. The contestants who are having plastic surgery (which I’m totally opposed to) are not having them to look like women because they’re already women. They’re not having hormone therapy to suppress their maleness. This guy is not a woman no matter what you and your ilk think. The more freaks like you keep pushing your agenda to accept freaks of nature the more societal influence and pressure will come your way. We are not a species, we are human beings made as male and female, no matter what science and the disgusting experiments people like you condone to change nature.. Manipulating and transhumanism/ mutilation is what the Nazis did, and which you speak of. Mutilation is self-hatred. Please get a mental evaluation stat.

932 days ago
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