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Kim & Kanye

Out to Lunch

4/5/2012 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West just wrapped up date #2 in NYC -- eating lunch at the swanky Serafina restaurant on the UES ... and it caused MAYHEM in the streets.

The pair just left the restaurant in a flash -- hopping straight into an idling car -- and they were swarmed by the biggest army of photographers we've seen in a long time.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian eat lunch.The car then sped off -- taking the couple to the legendary toy store FAO Schwarz.

K & K have been romantically linked for years -- but TMZ broke the story this morning ... the pair is finally taking a stab at a public relationship, hitting up the movies last night for a real date.

Kim's worth an estimated $35 million ... Kanye an estimated $80 million -- so when a couple like that grabs lunch ... who pays?



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Jackass + Jackass = Jackasses

930 days ago


Kim cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye. Kanye cheated on Amber with Kim. They deserve each other.

930 days ago


What if you stop fallowing Kim, what would she do?

930 days ago


Why does the media waste the time to write or talk about Kim Kardashian there is other people in the world that don't sleep with every guy to get money. She is going bankrupt that's why she is trying to get it with every guy gold digger stop talking about her delete her from the media business!

930 days ago


Best thing to do is STOP GIVING THEM THE SPOTLIGHT, that are both pathetic, ill mannered spoiled brats that don't deserve the attention you are giving them.... ICK

930 days ago


SLORES'S!!! Kim's ass is so fat cause it's full of SEMEN- she stores that sh*t like a chipmunk stores it's nuts!! Kanye is a full-on Monet!! NASTY fat faced chump!

930 days ago

get real    

These Ks Love the Black guys! They cant relate to men of their own race. Wonder why?

930 days ago

justin case    

This isn't the first time kayne banged KK. He was going balls deep when she was with Reggie Bush... Kim is just a nasty ho bag and Harvey has his nose buried in her ass... TMZ is a sell out to the Kardasian dirt bags

930 days ago


God TMZ really's always "we broke the story" anybody cares about the story when it is about the Krapdashians....and how set up doe that pic look...and of course there were a lot of paparazzi...the family let everyone know in advance where they were...that the old Paris Hilton now Kanya is dating a Joe Camel what?'s nice for Kris Humphries that TMZ tells what Kim is worth...they always cry broke !

930 days ago


he must enjoy urinating on his partners. it's her thing!

930 days ago

westboro is awsome    

"2 of the most hated people in america just became the #1 most hated couple in the world"

That is word for word what I was going to say. I am calling Kim out on something. I do not think she likes white people at all. I think Chris was indeed a set-up the whole time. Can she pick a more disgusting human being to date? The only one worse would be Eminem but like I said I do not think she likes white people. I think this is officially the lowest point Kim has sunk to. So do you think a decent white guy even would ever have a chance with Kim? Nooooo. Kim has been exposed. The slimiest couple in all of hollyweird goes to Kim and Kenye. man I would not even invite those two dorks in my house. gross.

930 days ago


Two of the most repulsive wannabe celebs. A match made in heaven. If only somehow their mouths could be sewn shut.

930 days ago


They both needed SOMETHING to keep them both in the news. You can't tell me that if they wanted to, this could be done more on the sly, so to speak.

I see a new reality show in the works. Why else would there be other people at a lunch date after doing the nasty. Wait for it, Ryan Seacrest will soon be saying something on this, or they will call into his show. It's another stunt.

930 days ago


Oh ya, and Kim is now going by Kar-ian. The "dash" is silent

930 days ago

westboro is awsome    

Kim should just syt she hates white people and make her money that way. I literally get ill when I see her pic now. What a nasty couple. Why does any white person buy anything from Kim? I hereby call an official boycott of Kim by all white people. This is the last straw. Kim has pretty much ruined her brand name by dating this clown. I would be saying the same thing if she dated Eminem so put cold water on your flame thrower. Chris was a quality guy but since he is white Kim mocked him from day one. White people need to boycott Kim.

930 days ago
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