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Pauley Perrette from "NCIS"

Ex-Husband Arrested for

Violating Restraining Order

4/5/2012 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405_francis_shivers_pauley_perrette"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette's ex-husband was busted by LAPD today for allegedly violating the restraining order she has against him ... TMZ has learned.

As we previously reported ... Francis "Coyote" Shivers showed up last week at a Hollywood restaurant where Pauley and her current fiance were having dinner.

Shivers claimed it was all just a coincidence. Apparently, police felt otherwise and arrested the actor today. He's currently being held on $100,000 bail.

Shivers' attorney Sandy Passman says, "There is no merit whatsoever in the latest allegations." He has a court date scheduled for April 23.


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IF they have all this evidence (as Coyote and his wife claim to have on Twitter...) THEN POST IT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? YOUR LOSER HUSBAND IS JAIL!

And for someone who loves his wife, he sure talks about Pauley A LOT. Like every day. And she's never mentioned him on Twitter by name. Ever.

900 days ago


This guy is a vile, vindictive sociopath and the only people defending him are his family and paid posters. Google his name and see all the crap he has pulled, not only on Pauley, but others as well. He's going to hurt someone one of these days. His wife better hope it isn't her. She also needs to realize that she will be his next victim.

900 days ago


This guy has been on the Hollywood music scene for ages, before that, NYC. He's talentless and a loser. His current girlfriend is completely psycho. ANy posts defending them can ONLY come from their wacko friends. No one who is familiar with them could possibly think they are good people. BAD news all around. I'd wan't a restraining order from him as well.

900 days ago


I don't know either party, but this guy is clearly a whack. Case in point all the posts on here defending him which are clearly posted by him or someone he knows who has an agenda. The posts also demonstrate his obsessive stalking pathology, narcissism and abusive tendencies. The other person who said to Google him is right. Check out this article on him. He has a do***ented history of this kind of crap.,2933,216205,00.html

900 days ago


'Gibbs' would have taken care of 'Abbie's' stalker ASAP.

900 days ago


for those defending coyote

The reason is her ex-husband, 41-year-old Canadian Francis “Coyote” Shivers, a sometime musician and part-time club disc jockey who Perrette claims has been harassing her for the last two-and-a-half years, after almost four years of marriage.

Shivers — who according to court do***ents has many aliases, including Paul Edwards and Frank Keber — didn’t start his reign of terror with Perrette. His second-most recent ex-wife, Bebe Buell, who lives in Maine, has been inundated with a mountain of false police reports, invented complaints and restraining orders for years — all of which came after she told Shivers to leave and try to find work in Los Angeles in 1998.

“Instead, he found Pauley,” Buell says. “His next meal ticket.”

According to both women, Shivers stalked them and inflicted upon each of them endless mental distress. They each claim he terrorized them sexually during their respective relationships. When they compared notes, Buell and Perrette found that their situations, in fact, were eerily the same.

The women say Shivers, who denies everything, has been clever in his manipulation of the court system, too.

“He uses Family Court as his arena to harass women," Perrette alleges. "There’s no link between Family Court and Criminal Court. So he can commit perjury. He can put illegally gotten e-mails and false declarations into the court record. There’s no penalty for it.”

In 1999, once he was established in California, Shivers got a restraining order against Buell, even though she was 3,000 miles away and hadn’t seen him in a year.

Buell opted not to fight it, since she wasn’t going west, and eventually it expired. But she says her total costs in battling Shivers’ legal haranguing have now spiraled into the high five figures.

Perrette didn’t want her story to become public — “I didn’t want to be attached to him in the press,” she says — but once another alleged victim of Shivers came forward, she felt she had no choice.

In July, one of Shivers’ former girlfriends, Angela Garber, filed a complaint against him in Los Angeles Superior Court for assault, battery, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

900 days ago


No judge gives an restriction order against someone for nothing, if she had it against hm, thats becouse he have done something that was proved wrong against her, probrably domestic violence.

SO like somelse said: There is only one restaurant in Hollywood where he could eat... or really if she was there you should have left, period !

Wake up "wife" you gonna be next smaked by him!

900 days ago


Now lets see what the current one have done to take him out...
To who she did well you know... poor person

900 days ago


I don't know either one, but I quit following her on Twitter because she was acting to strange for me, her tweets were a little psycho and sometimes made no freaking sense.

900 days ago


i know coyote personally. he left pauley and that upset and angered her very much. ever since then she has been filing false reports to the police, saying anything and everything to make coyote seem unstable, abusive, and a stalker. simply not true. she admitted in court do***ents that she monitors his twitter. then he posts where he is on twitter, and she magically shows up afterwards, so she can call cops saying he went against the restraining order she has against him. that restraining order is bull, too. he wants nothing to do with her. he is very happily married and couldn't give 2 cents about pauley. she is obsessive and wants to ruin coyote's life. she's trying to turn everyone against him. trust me, if she simply disappeared, coyote would be the happiest man alive. he doesn't want any harm to come to her, just for her to LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

900 days ago


This guy must be one heck of a sociopath to have sucked up both Bebe Buell and Pauley. Too bad his current wife is whatever he uses. At any rate, the dude is a dangerous predator/conman/creep.

900 days ago


Oh goodie! Coyote is out of jail and having a dinner with his wifey!! So now he can log into his 20,000 TMZ profiles and talk about how unfair life is for "Coyote" and how mean Pauley is to him and apparently obsessed with him. Even though she never talks about him.

Mayra, WAKE THE **** UP, bitch. You're next. He's going to ruin your life. What makes you think you are special? What makes you think you are different than all of the others? Wake up!

900 days ago


Check Coyote's favorite tweets and SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES WHO'S STALKING WHO!/coyoteshivers/favorites

900 days ago



900 days ago


Regardless who is right! Who is this ****ing person talking about the Brazilian people! Loser get a life and don't judge people by their nacionality

900 days ago
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