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Tyler Perry

Cops Launch Investigation

into Allegedly Racist Traffic Stop

4/5/2012 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Tyler Perry presents ... a possibly racist incident with police in Atlanta.
Tyler Perry presents ... a possibly racist incident with police in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Police Department says it's launched an internal investigation .... after Perry publicly accused two officers of racially profiling him during a traffic stop earlier this week.

Perry says he was leaving his ATL studio ... when he made a left turn from the right lane to ensure he wasn't being followed. Tyler explains, "It’s a safety precaution that my security team taught me."

But Tyler was pulled over by police for the illegal turn ... and claims he was harassed by two "hostile" white officers until a black cop arrived to the scene and recognized him.

On his Facebook page, Perry says the black cop "immediately took both officers to the back of my car and spoke to them in a hushed tone. After that, one of the officers stayed near his car while one came back, very apologetic. I said all of that to say this: do you see how quickly this could have turned for the worse?"


For the record -- Tyler Perry did NOT get a ticket.

Reps for the ATL PD say it's looking into "whether any departmental policies or procedures were violated during the stop.”



No Avatar


You made an illegal turn, then cry racism when you get pulled over. A-hole!

898 days ago


It will never stop. Here in LA it was big news recently that a cop was guilty of racial profiling. Apparently this is the first time EVER that the department has concluded racial profiling took place. The police chief was even bragging about it on TV saying how this is the only time it happened so proves that it extremely rare in the LAPD and the system works. Would make me laugh if it wasn't so sad.

898 days ago

Jay W.     

Way to stoke them "Racial Fires" Mr. Perry !

898 days ago

Pudding Tang    

well his ancestors were slaves so that gives him the right to whine and cry about everything.... Tyler has already purchased plane tickets for Jesse and Al unless they're magically there already.

898 days ago

Miss Devine Charles    

The area in which he was 'profiled' is considered 'The Hood.' There are too many ethnics to profile in that area. Maybe he was treated like everyone else in that area, but difinitely not profiled.

898 days ago


If the 2 white cops were hostile towards him as he suggest, that I bet he was an a**hole towards the cops first. We all know how da black man bein da Thug to da man!

898 days ago


Racial profiling?? Sure, if they had pulled him over for absolutely no reason. But he made an illegal turn onto a busy street. That sort of thing pisses cops off no matter what skin color you are! Sorry, this guy is full of it!

898 days ago


Gee whiz. It's a shame I'm white, I never have an excuse for anything. When "I" get pulled over, it's because I did something wrong. Why not pay your ticket like the rest of us have to do and not waste resources making a federal case out of it. You may be a billionaire, but the majority of the tax payers, are not.

898 days ago


Seriously - "Are You Kidding Me?"

We all know what this is about. It's BS, and he is just pulling a Spike Lee.

Know how many Other, Non-White celebrities get pulled over daily, for driving while talking on their cells, traffic violations, ticketed for illegal parking ? A friggen buttload !

Tyler Perry should be ashamed of himself for trying to incite this crap. Perry probably went on a rampage because he was stopped to begin with for an illegal turn, and because he is a celebrity (although a bad one I must say), he thinks he should have gotten off IMMEDIATELY.

New Flash Tyler - Not everyone watches your crappy ass movies, and knows who you are.

What a dumb ass !

Im so tired of the black community always crying race.
If anyone keeps race as an issue in 2012, it's the black community themselves. Sorry to anyone I may have offended, but it's true.

898 days ago


I am a Black woman who has been profiled. But, this is not it. He was making an illegally left turn and when questioned he told the officers it was he wanted to make sure he wasn't followed. If the officers did not stop or question him about his behavior than they were not doing there jobs.

898 days ago


Profiling's a big problem.

So's zig-zagging in and about lanes.

-On account of what "our security team tells us."

But at least the dude's honest and gives a full account.

898 days ago


This was not a case of racial profiling. This was a case of a celebrity getting away with something that the average joe would not have. Perry said it = it wasn't until another cop came along and recognized who he was that he was able to get away with the dangerous traffic move. Come on, you pull a guy over who makes an illegal turn. He gives you a story about it being a move his security team told him about. You don't recognize him. Do you believe him or think it is just some sort of clever way to get out of a traffic stop. I mean really. I wouldn't recognize him if I passed him on the street.

898 days ago


Can we get over this bs on racial profiling! All these people want is another 15 minutes of fame... garbage!

898 days ago


I love Tyler Perry, but this was not profiling, if he had not made an illegal turn then clearly it would be, the fact that the cops were a$$holes, most cops are.. we all have to deal with that.

898 days ago


Some how I doubt he was being followed. Here's another news flash for you TP (would that be toilet paper) :

You're celebrity status is not as great as you think, that YOU would be followed by any photogs, unless YOU sought them out first !

Tyler Perry made an illegal turn. No matter your skin color, you are going to get pulled over for such.

Did'ya happen to see the cops sitting there, and that's why you made the illegal turn, so you could make this foolish, bull**** claim ?

Stupid, Stupid !!

898 days ago
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