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Whitney Houston's Mom

'DEVASTATED' By Death Report

4/5/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston and the late Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
's mother is "devastated" and "inconsolable" over the L.A. County Coroner's Autopsy Report that makes it clear ... Whitney was deep into cocaine when she died.

Cissy Houston is telling close friends ... she cried hysterically when she first heard about the Coroner's findings -- that white powder (which we know tested positive for cocaine), a drug spoon and other trappings of drug use were found in the hotel room. 

Cissy says her biggest fear is that people will now remember her daughter as a druggie, and not a talented singer and family woman.

Cissy singled out Whitney's performance of the National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, saying, "This is the type of thing people should remember Whitney for."

Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge."



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Whitney's mother no matter what she says she knew her daughter had problems with drugs, Everybody knew she had problems with drugs. Let her rest in peace I loved her songs.People need to quit thowing salt it was her life and she had a choice on how she wanted to live. It is sad that she died the way she did but she lived the way she wanted to. Just because you are a singer she was a person and people are focusing on her demons. She was human and her mother did the best she could do that is all anybody can do. People want to judge and assume they knew Whitney but the truth is only he family and riends knew her. She gave alot to the the world her legacy will always live on. Nobody is perfect and who are we to judge her? We are just people and most of us has demons but we are not stars. Let Whitney rest in peace and leave her daughter and family alone. Would you want that much respect? Treat peope the way you would want to be treated.

933 days ago


Whitney and her Mother must have gotten a two for one special on those piano keys in their mouths.

933 days ago


Like Ms.Cissy said, nobody is perfect and there"s only one judge. It"s the Good Lord.But since bobby kristina is into drugs, now is the time to get that child some help. May God be with you all.

933 days ago


Whitney Houston was as American Made as any one. Regardless of her cause of death, her voice reached many and helped many with "sobriety". Whitney was real, NEVER, tried to hide any parts of her life, and for that I give her Props, b/c there are so many fake mo*fo's out here, that seeing someone so open with themselves & so giving to other's makes her cause of death not mean ****.

Rock on in Paradise Ms. Houston-The World will miss your smile, your voice & your big heart that lives on in many.

p.s. Way more than these racist TMZ TROLLS that wouldn't know a gift if it was left on their doorstep wrapped in a bow. smh

932 days ago

mary hillman    

lindsey lohan reallymessed her face up, she was beautiful the way God made her not wat the plastic surgeon did for her. And as far as Whitney Houston goes I will always remember the song she sang for The Bodyguard wat she did n her personal life is really her business because everybody has done sum form of drug or another. They don't have to lie to kick it!!!

932 days ago



932 days ago

dorothy reistetter    

Whitney's Mom should not feel threatened by the autopsy results; Whitney had a disease
and was a chronic drug addict; she could not get rid of her demons; but, she was a talented,
inteligent woman and that is who we will remember. so, Cissy, stop beating yourself up;
majority of people are sympathetic towards your beautiful daughter and her demise.
Dorothy Reistetter-NY-Valley cottage

932 days ago


God Bless You Sissy. You went to the womans house with the sherrifs office twice....what more could you do? By the way I ve been listening to my old whitney one can sing like her. I wish a major netowrk would do a tribute to Whitneys music remind people who the real Queen of the Night is! Don't worry Cissy she had millions and millions of us fans...we won't forget her true talent.

932 days ago


Well at the end of each and every day!!! Whitney was Human she made mistake just like everyone else does !! But what amazes me the amount of hatred that's shown does it make her a bad person cause she made mistakes ....ummm Elvis Presley was a junkie he died of a over dose but million's still mourn him does that make him a bad person cause he had a addiction that makes him human This family has lost alot not to mention her daughter have to look at the ignorance of so many with the intellect of total idiots ..You mean ppl need a heart that actually pumps blood

932 days ago


Yes, that is still the truth. Yes,the truth hurts. Yes you missing the point!!!

932 days ago


I really hate to go here but as much as they throw "black don't crack" into "our" faces, it obvious it sure does SAG when the grease and sugar is forgotten because of ......stress and reality. Check out the Unsung series and look what Freddie Jackson looks like after giving up that fat and sugar for health reasons. Black don't crack? It sags babay.

Fake hair, obvious fake teeth for both of them, fake boobs, lifts, Oh Lord!

Gig is up. I knew some natural, very beautiful black women.

932 days ago

Prestine Obatare    

The findings from the coroner's report does not surprise me. Whitney, like late Michael Jackson is another victim of the life of charade celebrities are expected to live. The rejection,deprivation,disappointment,criticism and humiliation she suffered at the hands of some of us pushed her to her tragic end. We must come to terms with the fact that celebrities are humans too. That they also need our understanding and support when they are passing through turbulent times.

931 days ago


Cissy was not in denial. She tried to intervene several times, even threatening to take BK away. Whitney was grown and did as she wished. I hate the way it happened. She was my favorite person in the whole world. I will always remember her for the GIFT that she CHOSE to share with us. She was a good person and she had a good heart. She LOVED deeply. She lost her battle. But not even that can tarnish the legacy she leaves behind, nor the records she's broken that still no one has been able to. She will always be 'THE VOICE'.

931 days ago


Whatever, Whitney we will always love you.

930 days ago


Our Beloved Whitney Houston will eternally be remembered as a soulful, beautiful, inspirational being, sent from God. I know there are so many people who are so easy to judge while they are abusing their own bodies. It is human to make mistakes.Thank God, Whitney Houston wasn't deemed perfect, someone would find something wrong with that too. She is perfect in so many ways and loved so dearly, I know my Dear, Ms. Cissy Houston, that your Whitney, she will always be an icon in the hearts of most who know that perfection is the derivative of imperfection and believe in the power of love.I can see beyond the body I felt the soul and through her music I know she gracefully touched the souls of so so many!!! That will always be.

930 days ago
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