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Whitney Houston's Mom

'DEVASTATED' By Death Report

4/5/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston and the late Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
's mother is "devastated" and "inconsolable" over the L.A. County Coroner's Autopsy Report that makes it clear ... Whitney was deep into cocaine when she died.

Cissy Houston is telling close friends ... she cried hysterically when she first heard about the Coroner's findings -- that white powder (which we know tested positive for cocaine), a drug spoon and other trappings of drug use were found in the hotel room. 

Cissy says her biggest fear is that people will now remember her daughter as a druggie, and not a talented singer and family woman.

Cissy singled out Whitney's performance of the National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, saying, "This is the type of thing people should remember Whitney for."

Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge."



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Cissy is devastated that there was cocaine in the room? Really? Didn't they say she was going to go to rehab after this big party she was supposed to attend? SOOOOOOO if you didn't know she was still deep into drugs and booze then why rehab? Cissy's money train is drying up she can't make Whitney into the money maker she wanted now that the autopsy tells the truth so that is why she is devastated.Now that Tyler Perry is going to put Bobby Kristina in his show she can only hope she can get her hands on her to support this family of losers.

928 days ago


I feel badly for Cissy. Unfortunately, Whitney ruined her reuptation many years ago, when she decided to flush everything down the toilet with Bobby. I don't think she ever redeeemed herself from that. She will always be a woman who was amazingly talented, but her reputation will probably trump that more so than not. Sad, but true.

928 days ago

Just Reading    

I don't believe that Cissy's perspective of Whitney was entirely her own doing. It appears that the family, particularly the members that were part of Whitney's entourage conspired to conceal the majority of the truth from her mother. In some ways it was noble to attempt to protect her from what they knew would hurt her deeply, the bad part is, the conspiracy of silence continued through the public interviews until the autopsy which can not be disputed blew the lid off. Like any mother she worries about how people will perceive her child, but unlike others she has to deal with the public scrutiny of a celebrity life once so overwhelming successful but lost to addiction. Unfortunately it's an almost common tail in the world of entertainers.

928 days ago


Ms. Cissy, I will remember her for her beautiful soul and music, please know that many of our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of us have family members who struggle with this awful disease. Don't worry your daughter was an asset to this ugly world and that's how most of us will remember her! I hate the addiction not the person at all! Nothing but love!

928 days ago


Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge." Typical Christian hypocrite. When it comes to someone she cares about don't judge.. when it's someone she can't stand.. judge away, slander, name call and blame... This woman is disgusting.

928 days ago

Michael C.    

Well she was into drug and yes you can say see was a drug user, but I will always remember Whitney Houston for her AWESOME VOICE. She was just in a bad place in life. RIP Whitney.

928 days ago


The irony is that as she is saying only the Lord can judge, she is judging her daughter. Christians, so funny them peeps.

928 days ago


shes gonna be remembered as elvis is, yes its quite sad. we all remember what happened to elvis :(

928 days ago


Oh, I'm sorry... Bobby Brown, Who?

928 days ago


No doubt Whitney will be remembered for her talent, because she was! But her mom and family have to stop blaming everyone for Whitney's drug use and now doing the same with Bobbi Kristina. Cissy put the blame with Whitney for that.

928 days ago


It is what it is. She was an addict, and in the end it took her life. She chose to keep doing it and the drug caught up with her.

928 days ago


I feel so sorry for Cissy, because I truly believe she wanted to believe the best about her daughter. All parents want to believe the best about their children. Sometimes the truth is staring us right in the face and we don't want to see it. I think Cissy attributed Whitney's strange behavior to "having a good time" and nothing more. I'm sure she is totally devastated to have to hear the truth this way.

928 days ago


Seriously, how could her mother not know when Whitney was living that she was a junkie....duh....granted she was one of the all time greats as a singer, but she will also be remembered for being a junkie....No one put a gun to her head and told her to do the drugs....she killed herself, and that's the reality of this whole situation...

928 days ago


WH did not blaze a trail when it came to throwing away her enormous God-given talent on drugs, booze and bad choices. How will she be remembered? Neither all good nor all bad. She will be remembered as an incredibly talented singer who gave us some unforgettable performances…but who had become nothing more than a shell at the time of her death; the cautionary tale that all young talent fearfully looks at to see where a lifetime filled with drugs and booze will take them and their gifts. It’s something that legends like Billie Holiday (dead at 44) and Judy Garland (dead of a drug overdose at 47) served for their own generation; legendary talent that allowed drugs to outmatch them.

928 days ago


Sorry Cissy, she'll always be a crack-head to me. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. Or was.

928 days ago
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