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Amanda Bynes

The Mug Shot

... Is to Dye For

4/6/2012 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes mug shotTMZ has obtained Amanda Bynes' mug shot ... taken moments after she was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood this morning.

Bynes appears to be in full makeup ... sporting an ashy pink dye job ... and a black blazer. 

As we previously reported, Bynes allegedly swiped a cop car as she was trying to pass.  Cops believe she was in no condition to drive.

Bail has been set at $5,000. She's still behind bars.

10:30 AM PT: Amanda has been released from jail in West Hollywood. On her way out, we asked if she's learned her lesson -- she doesn't say a word.


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I would imagine that the next time TMZ attempts to put a TMZ camera person on her for one TMZ's cutesy LAX or BOA Q&A sessions that they live for.

Thanks to Irish Peter yelling to her "We have footage of you wasted from earlier in the month, have you learned your lesson"

She'll just walk on by! Remember TMZ you need the celebrities, they don't need you and your camera people stalking out the LA hot spots for your cutesy Q&A's

839 days ago


I was just in Hollywood and she looks like every girl fat and tired looking.

839 days ago


Her face sure is bloated. She needs to lose a good 20 lbs.

839 days ago


Why did her gay friend post bond? Where were her parents?

839 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Used to be real cute, but in recent years her face has swollen in the most unpleasant ways. Whether that's nature or nurture I don't know, but she's got bloat face and it's not pretty.

I feel sorry for her just for that alone, but I have no empathy at all for DUIs. They should all be jailed, fined and lose their licenses on a first offense.

839 days ago


What I don't get is why the people the people she was with did not take her keys away and why they would get into a car with her knowing she should not be driving. The news media was trying to get her not to drive and was trying to get her out of the car. You can see her stumbling clearly in the video. With friends like that who needs enemies.

839 days ago


the reason why all these child stars are always in trouble is because, they are FCKING GOOFY!!!

839 days ago


She's an idiot! I have ZERO respect for her!

839 days ago


That suit held up pretty good for all those hours in the slammer hanging out with junkies, prostitutes, and god knows what else. If it just me or is the Lohan Perp Walk becoming a fad? It sure looked familiar.

839 days ago


I don't mean to be racist but why do all those paps shooting questions sound like Mexicans? Do they just hang around with cameras hoping for the money shot? Don't they have day jobs?

839 days ago


that video was the spitting image of Lindsays..
this is the Best move Amanda could have made to stay in the spot light.
Now she has lots of stories to sell...and interviews coming up.
it kept lindsay from fading away for 5 years.

839 days ago


The older they get...the cuter they ain't! What happened? She was once the queen of my spank bubble.

839 days ago


Add a drug bust and a bisexual affair, and - bingo! [sadly] - you have the next Lindsay Lohan.

Straighten-up & fly right, Ms. Amanda, before you become a national joke (or punchline).

839 days ago


She is NOTHING like Lindsey Lohan! Amanda hasn't even been in the news lately she has been staying low. Everyone makes mistakes, it was good that she got a reality check maybe now she will take things more serious. I still like her and this DUI hasn't changed that.

839 days ago


"The black kid did it"

839 days ago
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