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Cuba Gooding Jr.

I NEVER Groped Those Women

4/6/2012 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_gooding_videoCuba Gooding Jr. is shooting down reports he sexually harassed and groped several women in a New Mexico bar last month ... telling TMZ the allegations are "bulls**t."

Just a few weeks ago, reports surfaced CGJ had rolled into a tavern in Albuquerque on March 1 and got super grabby with several women ... before allegedly punching a guy who tried to take his picture.

But yesterday at LAX ... Cuba was adamant he did nothing wrong ... and when we asked about the women possibly having photo evidence ... he brushed it off telling us, "Yeah ... yeah right."


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I totally believe it! I used to bartend @ Hooters in CO 20 years ago when Cuba & his "crew" came in from filming the movie Lightning Jack.... he was so rude he had the waitress in tears before he left - very disrespectful & definitely showed his a$$ that day----
This ^ Hooters is one of his favorite grope joints...Keisha, the hooters waitress from Big Brother 10 admitted she slept with him. BB also cruises hooters for their casting calls.

908 days ago

Blue Lake    

Isn't he married? Gross.

908 days ago


They will show up at a news conference with that media whore Gloria Allred soon.

908 days ago


Anyone who has ever spent more than five minutes around Cuba Gooding, Jr. would know this to be true. I've been around him on three occasions and even I was creeped out by how aggressive he is and the stuff he says. I'm a guy. He is way over the top.

908 days ago

Margie Matthews    

I do not believe a word of it. Cuba Gooding Jr. is a really nice and down to earth guy. He has respect for women and a beautiful family also. Of course he might have fun in his personal life but all celebrities are subject to much unjustified accusations.

908 days ago


call somebody to see if they give you a job in a movie...

908 days ago


... también en cuenta que estas putas, ahora lo que para mostrarles el dinero.

908 days ago


I personally know someone that was at a party that he Cuba attended. Cuba got very drunk and was habitually hitting on his wife. Funny thing was she is 6'2" and Cuba barley 5'6". My friend finally ask Cuba to step out side to resolve the matter and he ran like a little dog with his tail between his leg's. From what I hear this is very common for this guy.

908 days ago


I met this pig at the People's Choice Awards this year, and when my husband asked to take a picture, he groped me from behind. My reaction in the picture is obvious. It happened to me, I beleive these women

907 days ago


These attacks on African Americans have been ongoing. It's getting press now, but it is no more horrifying now that it has always been. If you like mystery novels, Barbara Neely's series gives wonderful insight into what it's like for African Americans. Times are difficult and the National Socialist Party will exploit this with help from I would be willing to bet, people like the Koch brothers.

Was there ever a bigger oxymoron than to call a corporatists dream socialism, an obviously internationalist philosophy? Now, that's what you call public relations.

907 days ago

Miami resident    

I'm not surprised at all. Cuba was in Miami at club LIV on March 5 and me and two of my girlfriends were invited to his table through a friend in common and Cuba started harassing all of us. He started touching my friend innapropriately and when she asked him to stop and be respectful he got extremely upset, started screaming and cursing while throwing us out of the table. We actually thought he was going to hit one of us. He had the same behavior with other girls too! We were very dissapointed, but now Very happy the truth about this guy it's out.

907 days ago


Working as a server in Santa Monica, Cuba Gooding Jr was ALWAYS at the local bars picking up on girls and generally being gross. He liked to get up behind girls on the dance floor and start grinding on them. He tried it on me once, I turned around, rolled my eyes when I saw who it was, and said "disgusting!". He said "oh, that was a little harsh". I got in his face and yelled "an oscar can't buy you dignity!" and he stalked off.

907 days ago


I think his big ass nose did it!

907 days ago

David Simpson    

I was there in Albuquerque that night and happened to see Cuba come into the night club. I was with a couple of friends that night and I saw nothing that is being said here. He was super friendly with us and everyone in the place. I have pictures of me and my friends with him that night and there was not punches thrown when I asked for them. As far as groping I am sure it was the women and maybe some men that were trying to grope him. He is a super actor that was out for a night of fun and then you see what happens. Keep up the good work CUBA..

904 days ago
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