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Kanye & Kim

Make the World Go ... BOOM!!!

4/6/2012 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Earth shattering news that they're dating can only be described with one 4-letter word!!! So, watch the video -- how else ya gonna find out what the word is? 

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Dan Frederiksen    

Harvey, still think Kim is too classy for Kris Humphries?
the ray j tape should have been a hint though..

929 days ago

Sean Pearson    

Is it wrong that i think she should be forced to get a full histerectomy so she can never have kids.

929 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

The headlines shouldve read that Kim commits adultery with Kanye West. This slut bucket isnt even divorced! And we all know that after the movie, she let him bang her and give her a golden shower!

929 days ago


Wow shocking!! NOT!! His ex already said before He was cheating on her with Kim. I don't know why. Shes such a bitch. I hate Kim I wish I didnt have to watch her on the Kardashians shes the most boring, full of herself person I have ever heard of...oh wait there is also that dumbass Kayne West LMAO...what a prefect couple! They both are full of them selves and think people actually like them

929 days ago


TMZ really dumbed down for this, bam bam bam! What's with the BAM? Is that what happened after the movie? BAM! Did Kanye get to BAM it? He's got to BAM it damn it. Everyone else has so he doesn't want to be left out. He heard that the Kardashians are going down and thought he'd get him some before that happens. That way he will be back in the gossip sites for as long has he hangs onto Kims azz. Also, isn't Kim suppose to wait for the divorce before shoving another potential piss vid partner in our faces? It won't work a second time Kim, but go ahead and be our guest. You just love what it does for your hair. Oh no, I shouldn't have said that, now Kim will come out with a hair product called Pissed on Plus. It will give off it's own aroma so no need for perfume. Just think of all the new things momma Jenner can come up with now to keep their names and faces in the news. Nothings changed, just the partner.

929 days ago

Joan K    


929 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Not buying it. Kim was on the TODAY SHOW and she couldn't keep her eyes/hands off Jeremy Wade (River Monsters).

929 days ago


they deserve each other. there is NOTHING that makes me wanna watch a video of either one of them. May they ride off into the sunset together...FAR away into the sunset.

929 days ago


They both want to make me... you guessed it; VOMIT.

929 days ago


How many men has Kim offered her flower to. Just another notch in Kanye's belt.
Have at it Kanye. Enjoy having her as your choice of the season.
You know the kind of person she is and is not the one your mother would proud of.

929 days ago


An ass dating an ass. They sooo belong together!

929 days ago


OMG! Kim REALLY??? Try being by yourself for a while, let your heart heal, above all pick anybody by him. He's a PIG.

929 days ago


HAHA! The perfect couple,,,they both love themselves so much, they deserve each other. NOW, yall go away and make scary babies.

929 days ago


That's perfect. I couldn't think of two better narcissists who deserve each other. That being said - and this is totally off topic - if I was Taylor Swift, and he took my mic...well, I'd have taken off my shoe and swung it a few good times at him!!!

929 days ago


Girl, your taste in men is as bad as your relationship record. WTF do you want with this chipmunk cheek a**hole? He is such a major loser. A real jerko**!!! I have to agree with Jack #4. Go see Chris Brown for some lovin. You need a few punches to the face anyway to WAKE THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!

929 days ago
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