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Kim Kardashian

Is That a Hickey ... or Psoriasis?

4/6/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day she revealed she's publicly dating Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was sporting a suspicious red blotch on the side of her neck.

At first we thought -- hickey, for sure -- but then we remembered Kim suffers from psoriasis ... a condition that can cause itchy dry red patches on the skin.

We reached out to Kim for comment so she could settle the debate once and for all ... but we haven't heard back.

The debate rages on ...


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honestly, who gives a ****. the bitch is an embarrassment to humanity

866 days ago

Yep I said that    

TMZ why do you persist in posting stuff about this skank and who her latest f*ck is? A no shame no class common trollop

866 days ago


I have Psoriasis and i do not think that this is it. Mind you i have it all over my body and have to take a bi weekly injection of HUMIRA to stop the red rashes from taking over my body. Usually it like to show up on joints, reason being those are the areas of our body that get the most trauma. It likes to come out through braising the skin stress and foods it doesnt like. That looks more to me like a hicky. It would flake off or be more red if it wasnt. Also she could have used a perscription Cortisone cream which could remove it also in a short time if it just arrose from the skin. There is so much to this disease, i could go on all day about it.But as weird all commented before the worst part is the mental effect it takes on its victims. I dont like Kim but if this is for real and not a hicky TMZ leave her alone on this one. You will never know what its like to be afraid to take your shirt off at the beach and pants or long sleeves and have everyone stare at you and worry about if they can catch it. No you cant people its on the genetic level so dont stare and make people who have this disease fell like they are an alien from another world.

866 days ago


How is this news worthy in any way? UNLESS TMZ is starting up PSA's for Psoriasis sufferers..

866 days ago


psoriasis is raised, not flat on the skin.

866 days ago

Trooper Tom    

You have to wonder how she can look at herself and not see the cheap, no class, sordid, any thing for attention nasty ho she is

866 days ago


OMG! What the hell does she see in that egotistical a$$hole? He must have hidden talents. Eww!

866 days ago


This girl has had more sperm washed down her throat than my sewer drain has had draino pass thru. GROSS

866 days ago


Inane comments,getting boring.Same stuff ,over and over.Maybe
the subject has just been over used?

866 days ago


As a couple of people have pointed out,it is probably just a curling iron burn. Happens sometimes, and they hurt! What speculation over nothing.

866 days ago


Jesus walks with him, don't know that He wants to lay down next to them doing the nasty!

866 days ago


Sorry there wasn't a choice for whore.. and Kanye is a dumb self absorbed p.o.s and no one gives a sh!t about him anymore.. and who is he to say anything about Kris H.? as far as i'm concerned he is a nobody and doesn't know sh!t about him other then what that fat cow and her nasty @ss family have been lying to the media about.. just a classless hoe.. i can't wait for the sh!t to really hit the fan in her life.. i want her to suffer and that devil worshiping trash, they deserve it..
Btw she has ****ed half the black community, what a gem? what a prize to behold, like all the next black ****s she'll spread them for. Guys are ****ing morons....

866 days ago


It's neither a hickey nor psoriasis. It's an outbreak resulting from one of her many STDs. Besides, Kanye wouldn't give her a hickey. For one, he can't reach that high, and secondly, he's not interested in her neck.

866 days ago


It's well-known that Kanye West doesn't swing that way, if you know what I mean. He's probably more interested in Humphries than in Kim.

866 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Let's hope it's fatal.


Please deport this family back to Grifterland.

866 days ago
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