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Kim Kardashian

Is That a Hickey ... or Psoriasis?

4/6/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day she revealed she's publicly dating Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was sporting a suspicious red blotch on the side of her neck.

At first we thought -- hickey, for sure -- but then we remembered Kim suffers from psoriasis ... a condition that can cause itchy dry red patches on the skin.

We reached out to Kim for comment so she could settle the debate once and for all ... but we haven't heard back.

The debate rages on ...


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R James    

That's not a hickey, it's a hoekey

932 days ago


Why doesn't this chick stay single for awhile??? It seems to me that they both are publicity whores and want to be talked about.

932 days ago

Shanky Dog    

STOP Already no one cares about her. She brings nothing to the table she has no skills. Kayne Why ?

932 days ago


Kim is ALL about appearance. do you really think she would have a hickey on her neck??

932 days ago


she jut need to do that to get her rating ups gross

932 days ago


I have moderate to severe psoriasis, and that's not psoriasis.

932 days ago


I hate to defend her, since I do think that she exhibits whore-like behaviour sometimes, but it looks like a straightening iron burn to me...just sayin

932 days ago


What a pig!

932 days ago


This is such a staged/fake thing just to bring both Kim and Kanye attention. Look at how distant and UNrelationship-like they were at that lunch "date." And you mean to tell me that with all her money and security, that she couldn't sneak out of Kanye's crib without anyone noticing her? I mean c'mon! She deliberately came out when the sun was out and cams were there. Just cuz she stayed there over night doesn't mean Kanye got any. And in this pic it's so obvious that Kim wants paps to see the hicky (she has her hair pushed to the OTHER side). Usually people try to hide hickies, not pull their hair to the otherside so everyone can see the mark. Plus, on the Today show she said that they're just longtime friends and gave some bull**** vague answer when asked if they were dating. "who knows what might happen in the future"? You serious? C'MON, people! Use your damn heads. This is all a publicity stunt. Kim's known for them.

932 days ago


She is beyond nasty I hope like hell she utilizes Listerine to kill 99.99% of the germs. I guess when you sell your soul to make a $ a $ is all your worth. Note to Kanye: she does not qualify you as having a bad one just the easiest

932 days ago


who gives a ****!!!!

932 days ago

Frank Castro    

When Kim married Kris, I thought she was using him for publicity. Now that Kanye is dating her, I think she's the one being used. Good for Kanye. Hope he milks her like a preggo cow.

932 days ago


I think its a pee stain.

I wonder when Kanye is going to get tired of peeing on her like all the other guys have.

932 days ago


it's scabies...gross

932 days ago


I have psoriasis, and I have never had just one tiny patch like that on my neck. Psoriasis is usually much bigger and covers arms, legs, etc. Sorry, but that is a hickey.

932 days ago
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