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Kim Kardashian

Is That a Hickey ... or Psoriasis?

4/6/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day she revealed she's publicly dating Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was sporting a suspicious red blotch on the side of her neck.

At first we thought -- hickey, for sure -- but then we remembered Kim suffers from psoriasis ... a condition that can cause itchy dry red patches on the skin.

We reached out to Kim for comment so she could settle the debate once and for all ... but we haven't heard back.

The debate rages on ...


No Avatar


It's a suck mark. But I guess we will have to wait til the video ***s out.LOL. Or better yet, maybe she had one of her bitch sisters suck on her neck to make it look good for the camera.

868 days ago


It's neither, it's herpes!

868 days ago


She's a whore....what would you expect from a whore. Who the **** cares?! How many guys are she ****ed? Only a whore could have ****ed as many different people as her.

868 days ago


C'mon folks we all know that if Kanye gave the ho a hickey it would be a hell of a lot bigger..Have you seen the size of his mouth? LOL

868 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks like the "Rooster" or the black schlong missed the target and landed on her neck leaving a slight burn.

868 days ago


How can I pick the "who the hell cares" option???

868 days ago

Fat Mike    

Looks like prickly heat, which you usually get after shaving.

868 days ago


On this whore, do you really have to ask?

868 days ago


we all know kayne pissed on her.. no surprise here....ofcourse tmz will try to make this dirty slut look clean.

amber rose was right about kim.

868 days ago

Long Island Lady    

These two morons really deserve each other

868 days ago


OMG you people are nuts. That's psoriasis, nothing else. Sheesh get a life!

868 days ago


Psoriasis, yup that what it is.

868 days ago


whores get all kinds of dieseases and rashs and oders and what not. Kayne better not share a towel with kim cuz they say you can cath the psories off a towel or sheets.
Kayne being balck and covered in old dirt he probaly wont even notice his socres until thier all over his body.
Kris h cmae out today in the mags and siad she was busted with kayne while they were engadged and conutined to set tex kayne during the 72 days they were married.
Kim is bieng dupped by kayne he tells her all these nice things and she belives him but behind her back hes telling everyone that well lesson hes just useeing her for PR for his clothing line. I cant imjaine kayen being a good fit for kim by any strech of the imjination just beaucse heis so ugly and irty and oh withe there a perfect match now that youthink about it!
Her pimp mom did the same thing cheated on her husband.
Scott has left kourtney to party, Lamar left khole to concentrate on his career and siad hes not doing the stupied show any more. Kim grabbing ast straws to be with a
man who doesnt care about her expct for the PR.
All the kkk is being dumped by thier men for being discusting and dishonest. Bruce jenenr wants out but the family is going threw so much real life drama right now hes waitng for things to die down then quitely leave kris.
No m an can keep up with how much attion these whores need.

868 days ago


whatever ??????

868 days ago


Obviously showing off her whore bite. Does she think shes in jr high? freaking whore is so over played, wish she would just disappear. oh, and take the fat face crybaby with you.

868 days ago
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