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Lisa Lampanelli

Arsenio's 'Apprentice' Outburst

Turned VIOLENT Behind Scenes

4/6/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli
insists Arsenio Hall's foulmouthed tirade on "Celebrity Apprentice" last weekend was WAY worse behind the scenes -- claiming Arsenio called Aubrey O'Day the c-word ... and even got violent.

Lisa called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday -- and according to the comedian, the worst parts of Arsenio's anti-Aubrey outburst were edited out ... when he called Aubrey a "c***" and said, he would "something something all over her face."

You'll recall ... the parts that did make it to air included Arsenio in the War Room, saying, "I Googled [Aubrey] and a naked picture with a gut popped up ... f**k her!" (below)

But Lisa says what was edited out sounded so "violent" -- she jumped up and alerted producers, claiming it was the first time in 20 years she had been so shaken up.

Calls to Arsenio were not returned.


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Now it is extremely obvious why Arsenio Hall fell from his position......and he obviously has still not figured out why he fell....He will never come back with that mentality. Erroneous.

920 days ago

mary price    

I hope Aubrey, the "All about me" hag takes the elevator ride. I actually was hoping Lampenyelli (yes, I did that on purpose) and her would take the ride together. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED when she got fired. She is a very insecure person in my eyes. She wants to come off as a bad ass in hopes people will leave her alone. She also likes to belittle people by saying mean a rude things about them. I would not go see this loud mouted a$$hole if the ticket was given to me. Just MY opinion....

908 days ago


He yells and screams at Aubrey O'Day and now he's OJ? You get your J-Card revoked for being afraid of little Arsenio.


897 days ago

Jay Menlo    

I have honestly never had so much hatred for a contestant on CA (or any show for that matter) than Aubrey O'Day. I couldn’t imagine trusting such an individual or being able to make someone like her happy. I can see her getting divorced a half a dozen times from all those poor suckers trying.
Looks only take you so far. I will steer clear of any piece of music or any group related to this individual. Yuck. Enjoy the 15 min while you can.

893 days ago


I was shocked that Arsenio made it to the top two - much less won Apprentice. Of course, the problem was with the top four. There is NO WAY Lisa or Aubrey could be the apprentice. 
The problem with the "game" is that the risk takers and best leaders get voted off early on, leaving the loudest and best manipulators as the players able to slide under the radar. 
Teresa should have been one of the first voted off but she was smart enough to keep quiet and stay out of disputes, as was Arsenio. Lisa was a loudmouth, but she caused so much fear that no one - except Diana, wanted to speak out against her and call her on her unprofessionalism, lest they get her rage in the next round. Lisa may be smart and a good worker, but she should have been voted off much earlier, has the players called her out. Aubrey's problem was her youth and total lack of diplomacy. She was in no way a team player and worst of all, she doesnt know what she doesnt know, a very dangerous combo in the biz world. She had to go.
So, Clay and Arsenio. Clay raised double what Arsenio did. His presentation was just as good, if not better. Why Arsenio? Was it because Clay went off on Diana? Diana does seem to hold some influence on the Donald. Hmmm.
Confession: I lived in L.A. and was in the party scene back when Arsenio had his show. He used to come in with his entourage - before celebs had entourages. He was so rude and arrogant. Other stars like Stallone, Drew Barrymore, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe etc., would come in and just have drinks, mingle in the VIP area. Not Arsenio. He was a total jerk. He would sit ON a booth, on the back part with his feet on the seat, surrounded by his goons (like anyone would want to swarm him) and survey the crowd. A real douchebag. I hope his years of unemployment have taught him some humility.

892 days ago
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