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Lisa Lampanelli

Arsenio's 'Apprentice' Outburst

Turned VIOLENT Behind Scenes

4/6/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli
insists Arsenio Hall's foulmouthed tirade on "Celebrity Apprentice" last weekend was WAY worse behind the scenes -- claiming Arsenio called Aubrey O'Day the c-word ... and even got violent.

Lisa called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday -- and according to the comedian, the worst parts of Arsenio's anti-Aubrey outburst were edited out ... when he called Aubrey a "c***" and said, he would "something something all over her face."

You'll recall ... the parts that did make it to air included Arsenio in the War Room, saying, "I Googled [Aubrey] and a naked picture with a gut popped up ... f**k her!" (below)

But Lisa says what was edited out sounded so "violent" -- she jumped up and alerted producers, claiming it was the first time in 20 years she had been so shaken up.

Calls to Arsenio were not returned.


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I'm not on one side or the other, but based on what i've seen and heard, if you don't like someone, and you're watching this person taking over you have to solve it immedietly, and shut it. If she was putting him through that, well how about saying that when it's happening, control your team as a project manager, show and execute your power cause you are directing that team. Who cares if he googled her and found her naked or whatever, stick to what's relevant to the team's problems. If she was annoying everyone, stop it, and continue. I don't get how people call her and Lisa bullies, yes they are controlling, conceited or whatever, but somehow you let it happen, if you don't like anything like that and you're dealing with those types of personalities, then you have to take over them, find a way to manage, and complete the task, they're very efficient, but not for everyone's style of work.

896 days ago


Arsenio's pimp hand is strong. Word to ya mutha.

896 days ago


She's lucky he didn't smack her in the plumb.

896 days ago


WHAT IF we took 10% of the energy surrounding this outburst and put it towards say, ECONOMIC GROWTH? Here's what THAT would look like! Instead of venting at Celebrity Apprentice, more people would make MONEY from the behind the scenes! Check it out:

895 days ago


If a White person did that they would get the chair for being Racist, What does he get?

895 days ago


She deserved for someone to rail on her and against. She is a self-centered, narcissistic has been at age 24. Her ideas have been LOSING ideas. He should have shut her down in minute ONE of the task.

895 days ago


betcha Jay Leno is glad his cheque never made it in time, to be associated with that ass. jay can just donate directly now if he likes.

895 days ago


Arsenio shut it down!!!! He spoke up for himself and told it like it was! No one else had the guts to do it! Enough is enough... You go boy!!

895 days ago


Who is aubrey? Weve never heard of her outside the US. also, Lisa needs to let the diana thing go. Hot and reasonably intelligent will always get you further in life than really smart, sort of funny,quite fat and very ugly. Accept it and be thankful for living in a country where your averageness can still make you lots of money.

895 days ago

Oliver Vandercatz    

Arsenio crossed a line that he should never have. He had moments of rage that was televised, not good and horrific for his image.

However, Lisa Lampenelli is the most vile person on TV. That woman has an enormous amount of jealousy and misplaced rage against anyone that is blessed with good looks. Sad. She seems to be have some major issues.

Arsenio owes Aubrey a heartfelt apology. She may be annoying and a know-it-all, but no one ever should be treated like she was by him. I am still a fan of Arsenio, but I hope he makes ammends, privately, with Aubrey.

Trump and the producers of the show owe us an apology for exposing us to Lisa Lampanelli.

895 days ago


I now have more respect for Arsenio & Aiken

895 days ago


Lisa I hope you read this! You have your head so far up Bozo the clowns *******(Aubrey) get a life and stop being such an fing bitch! I feel sorry for the people that deal with you, you are a mean mean person! And for Bozo blow your face up a little bit more you are not pretty enough yet!! Two mean girls got to go I am sure you both lost fans.

895 days ago


Lisa is a liar and for her to go out of her way to try and destroy Aresenio tells alot about her character. Aubrey was trouble from all angels and WHY Lisa was attached so to Aubrey- IDK. Maybe she wants to take away the attention of hating the beautiful model FOR NO REASON !!!

895 days ago


Arsenio went from likeable to complete ****head in about 5 seconds! Yes she was annoying but don't flip your **** on tv like that. Aubrey with a gut anyway? are you crazy she looks great!!

894 days ago


Where are the rest of the celebrities? I only see two, Arsenio and Lou.

894 days ago
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