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Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is a LIAR --

We've NEVER Hidden Tripp

4/6/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama Grizzly is clawing back at Levi Johnston ... claiming Bristol Palin's baby daddy straight up LIED when he claimed her family has been actively trying to block Levi from seeing his son, Tripp.

Sarah and Todd Palin have issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We have never hidden Tripp from Levi or discouraged Levi from spending time with him. Any suggestion that we have is false and contrary to our core beliefs."

The Palins add, "The last time either of us recall a conversation with Levi was in the summer of 2010 when Levi sat down at our house with us and personally apologized about lies he told to the media about our family. Neither of us have talked to him since that day."

The Palins are referring to the statements Levi made on "TMZ Live" this week ... when he accused the entire Palin clan of hatching a diabolical plan to keep him away from Tripp ... and said Sarah is the one pulling the strings.

But the Palins say Levi is full of moose droppings ... telling us, "We are disappointed that he continues to tell falsehoods about us to garner media attention. We encourage Levi and all non-custodial fathers to be fully engaged and to positively and fully participate in their children's lives. This includes not making misstatements about his child's grandparents."


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who dat    

Is it any wonder this crazy ass family and Levi the looozer found each other? It's usually how it works.

745 days ago


People of TMZ. It's isn't possible in any way, shape, or form for Bristol or Sarah to keep Levi from his son unless he allows it. How do I know this - because there is a JOINT CUSTODY AGREEMENT in place between Levi and Bristol that is overseen by a judge. Both Levi and Bristol came to an agreement on where the child will primarily reside, exact dates on where and what time the non-custodial parent will be to pick up the child and exactly what time they meet at the end of the visit to exchange the child. Also spelled out is what vactions the non-custodial parent is entitled to. If Bristol doesn't show up at the scheduled time and place with the child Levi can file a complaint with the court or possibly even request a police escort to go with him to where he believes the child is in order to obtain custody during his visitation period. Sarah Palin has absolutely no say in any of this and if she sticks her beak into it Levi has the right to file a complaint. If she's pushing him around it's because he's too stupid to either have his lawyer to put a stop to it or take care of it himself.

745 days ago

buzz kill    

Work it out on Jerry Springer and be done with it allready.

745 days ago

buzz kill    

If it were true they kept him from his son there are legal remedies. This guy just likes to talk trash to take the focus off his own behavior. Deadbeat!

745 days ago

Glory Bee    

Levi's only hope to stay in the spotlight is to bash his childs maternal family. Face it, given Harvey's bias, Levi wouldn't get any attention if he was supportive of his childs mama and her family. Reminds me of all thoses loser ball players who bash their "baby mamas" on this sight. Ignorant and low class. And, for the record, Sarah Palin emowers me as a woman. Strong, smart, brave, fearless, beautiful, loving. Yep. A much better roll model for the modern woman than those sad angry hags, like Rosie and Madonna, that you try to foist on us. A real women shoots a bear, cooks it, then makes love on the skin with her husband.

745 days ago


I expect superficial reporting on TMZ. I expect the stories in TMZ to be BS with no factual basis.

Once again, you did not disappoint.

745 days ago


And I believe..... LEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

745 days ago

Commentary 42    

Sarah Darling, you don't need to dignify every lie with a response. I don't pay any attention to Sarah haters until you start whining about them.

745 days ago


For a loud mouth punk who did nothing but bitch about Palin a few years back, it's interesting how quiet he's been while the Palin family has been "hording" his son all this time, with nary a whimper.

745 days ago

Commentary 42    

Sarah darling. You do not need to dignify every attack with a response. I usually pay no attention to Sarah haters until you start whining about them.

745 days ago


Levi, you can't win. Didn't you know that only Sarah and Bristol are allowed to have babies so they can use them as props and to make $$$ off them? They're just afraid you might out-lamestream them. Bristol's ghost-writer Nancy French created and writes her "blog". Now you got the parent's making a statement to the lamestream media FOR Bristol whose reality TV show about her shacking up with boyfriend they wish to be a huge success. Everyone in Wasilla knows that Bristol lies to Levi when she is/isn't going to have Tripp in town so he can see his alleged son. And by the way why did Bristol name the boy after Shailey Tripp, Todd's prostitute. It's all in her book!

745 days ago

Carol L    

Don't believe the Palins as far as I can throw them. Levi wouldn't be my choice as a father for my child, but he is Bristol's choice, so let him help raise his son.

745 days ago


Always the same scenario with this clan. He says something, usually involving his kid, cuz he kinda looks like he wants the attention. She replies with some politically correct rebuttal and then she throws in some lame statement.

Now, he threatens to tell all. She caves and he gets to see his kid or whatever he wanted in the first place.

I'd be willing to bet that he has major major dirt on her. Like she jumped his bones while he was going out with her daughter.

Very inportant here is the fact that he was probably a MINOR at the time and that she was running for VP, so therefore that would be information she would never ever want to be public.

745 days ago


She doesn't have any credibility at all. I would believe him over her.

745 days ago


Pot, meet Kettle...

745 days ago
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