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Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston's

a Deadbeat Dad

4/7/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin -- according to team Bristol.

Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, Levi hasn't made a child support payment for the ex-couple's son Tripp since June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

According to court records, Levi is required to pay $1,750 a month -- which means his outstanding balance is $38,500.

As for why Bristol hasn't attempted to enforce the order -- via wage garnishment or otherwise -- Bristol's attorney tells us, "We forbore pursuing child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship" ... no kidding.

We're told Bristol is still holding out hope that Levi will pay. So far, no word back from Levi's camp.


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He's stupid and he hasn't even tried to better HIMSELF financially by growing up and getting a real job. Oh AND it's on another hunting trip this weekend. SERIOUSLY! GROW UP AND BECOME A DECENT FATHER WHO PUTS YOUR SON FIRST FOR ONCE IN YOUR 21 YR OLD LIFE.

837 days ago


So, seriously...what job for a 20 something year old in Alaska even pays $1700 a month?

837 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

Trippler Trash.

837 days ago


Is he even capable of making $1750 a month outside of some cheesy beefcake poses?

837 days ago


What is so troublesome about this ordeal is the dude owes $38500 in back child support, he hasn't supported his baby for over a year; however, he goes out and get another girl pregnant. This guy needs to go to jail and circulate his sperm with the other male prisoners.

837 days ago


This is OLD news. The amount is the only thing that has changed. Levi admitted that he was behind 20k on payments when he went on Dr. Phil to push his book. Tripp has been a cash calf for Levi. I do not believe he wants to spend quality time with his child.

837 days ago


See, Republicans? This is why people should be in favour of contraception - otherwise people make genetically stupid babies. Also, why did she wait 22 months? Did she not get the memo that he wasn't going to support her after 3 or 4 months?

837 days ago


I will never understand how these two didn't make it...they are so alike (read: white trash)...are they drunk when they argue like this in public? shut up

837 days ago


Go after the jack ass, he may not like Bristol but that little boy is still his son

837 days ago


More questions than answers... Is that not a lot, lot of money for one child? Was there a DNA test proving Levi the father? Bristol's lifestyle is nothing to brag about, could she lose custody? Could Bristol end up paying child support if Levi gets custody? What is Bristol afraid of that kept her from taking action before now?

837 days ago


I can't stand stupid shizz like this. Why is it always the morons who keep procreating?? What was that girl thinking getting pregnant with this loser's kid?? He's a dead beat Dad proudly. I feel bad for Bristol because she had no idea what was in store for her, but this other girl who watched it play out and then got pregnant deserves every bit of it. Good luck collecting future child support dumb arss.

As for Sarah Palin... she should have been taking care of her daughter, protecting her from idiots like him instead of running that fake-arss campaign of hers.

836 days ago


how can he possibly owe almost $40,000 in 4 years. He may not be a good dad, but that amount of support is a joke!
This poor kid is going to suffer from the non-stop fighting of his immature parents...

836 days ago


We know that Bristol called the tabloids a while back (2010)and sold an exclusive story to both US and People Magazine about how she and Levi were engaged again and going to get married. Mama Palin was furious because the tabloids were told first and she said that she would not attend the wedding unless Levi made a statement that all the hurtful, negative comments he had made about the dysfunctional family were untrue. Levi came over to their house, Sarah gave him a statement that her speech writer had written for him to read, so that it wouldn't appear that she as much of a fame whore with a marriage in name only as he had said. Levi stumbled on some of the big words in the apology-it was clearly not written by him-and then a few days later, Bristol called off the engagement. Mission accomplished--they got an apology and both sides agreed not to say negative things against each other or pay a big fine. Levi said that he had been manipulated and used; Bristol went back to taking the baby to California and Arizona etc and then whining because Levi wasn't seeing his son. Any time things don't go their way, either Sarah or Bristol run crying to their attorney and Levi loses because he doesn't have the money that the Palins can afford for legal fees. While the baby was living in Alaska, many times the nannies said that Levi came over for his scheduled visit and couldn't see Tripp because Bristol wasn't home and she said that Levi was not allowed to see him until he caught up with his child support. If the Palins criticize Levi in the media all the time so that it is difficult to get a job; if he cannot afford to fight Bristol in the courts because he is not working and has no money; and if he is not allowed visitation by Bristol or Sarah--there is nothing he can do but either whine to the media and say things are not fair; or walk away from the whole situation because money is winning and the issue is not that Bristol isn't making enough money to support her son. It sure looks like Levi is a loser--but the deck is now stacked against him with Bristol claiming that he got her drunk and she was raped and it is all his fault. The first thing Levi should do is find some lawyer who does work for charity cases and file papers that Tripp cannot be taken out of Alaska without his father's written permission; and that Tripp cannot appear on any reality show or media articles unless the Dad gets 50% of the money that Bristol is making for using Tripp as a money maker. That would give Levi money for child support; would make the Palin family stop using a poor cute little child to get themselves more money and attention; and it would give him an attorney to enforce the rules already in place saying that the Palins cannot criticize him in public or poison his own son against him. Sad that this is happening, but I blame the Palins more than I do Levi for this mess. No child should be the pawn of one of his parents and her family. This bullying and fighting should not be done through the media.

836 days ago


I believe with all my heart that mothers and fathers should pay support for their children. Having said that, I think the support amount should be reasonable so $1750.00 a month sounds way out of bounds. If he does start paying my guess is that Ms. Palin won't have to work at all.

836 days ago


Bristol is a hypocritical whore and Levi should have a paternity test done. I don't think he's the father of her child.

836 days ago
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