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Kim Kardashian


4/7/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian hickey from Kanye West
Psoriasis, Shmoriasis ... TMZ has uncovered THE TRUTH about the suspicious mark on Kim Kardashian's neck ... and it DEFINITELY originated from Kanye West's mouth.

Sources close to Kim's neck confirm ... the red blotch was NOT the result of Kim's skin condition ... it's totally a hickey.

It all makes sense, considering the mark was first seen the day after Kim and Kanye went on a movie date in NYC.

Which reminds us ... tips for hickey removal that may or may not work:

-- Compression with a cold spoon
-- place lipstick cap on hickey and twist, repeatedly
-- wear a turtleneck and wait it out


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Nasty hoe!!! Will screw anything, Call me she says!

938 days ago


All of the true greats/fundamentals in entertainment are gone - we have been reduced to friggen "hickey watch"... Wow, Kanye West was vamping on her neck and

938 days ago


No matter what ridiculous sum they might have been paid for doing it, I feel truly, TRULY sorry for whoever took that picture and whoever wrote this story. I'm sure at one point they probably wanted to do something meaningful with their lives.

938 days ago


Well look at the bright side her Q score of Negitive 53 nonlikibility is so off the charts horrible companies and adverstisers won't hire her to promote their products. So we don't have see her saturated in commercials.

Like Lohan anything for attention and never in a good way. Kim get it through your thick skull...The public doesn't like you at all and twitter followers doesn't mean a thing.

938 days ago


938 days ago


my world is my stage...

and eeewww, she is still wearing the same pair of pants. yikes. there is only one thing that smells like fish. it's kim's crotch!

938 days ago


why is it that us people who dislike kim k. and kanye are considered "haters" or "jealous" just for having an opinion on these morons! I just don't get it .. you have the right to your opinion and i have the right to tell u how ****ing stupid it is!

938 days ago

Joan K    

Okay, there are now close to 70 comments on this piece and there are about 2, 3 at the most who are Kimmie's fan, what does that tell you? This person has to be family, you aren't kidding anyone Kimmie. This picture makes a person want to take a shower, yucky.

938 days ago


Why? Why give this trollop two seconds of attention because of a mark on her neck. People wonder why this whore is in the spotlight for doing nothing, then you guys go and do a whole story on a hickey? That's why! You created her. You're keeping her greedy tramp ass famous. YOU! Stop giving this useless family a platform.

938 days ago


i am sure by now Kris Humphries is going "WHAt was I thinking?????!!!!!"

938 days ago


Gorgeous girl that is COMPLETELY CLUELESS....that guys is a complete FW#TWE WANKER!!!

938 days ago


@Leah...I never understood that either. Jealous of what? She's a con and a user. West will probally get her more attention then Humphries ever could. Thats alll it's ever been about money and attention. She could care less how she get's it.

938 days ago


Send me an email when you realize she's old news. I'm outta here.

938 days ago


She's a whore. If I never see another pic of her or her family, it will be too soon.

938 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I wonder how much of Kanye's piss she's drank already.
Heck.. she let Ray J pee all over her and he's like a nobody compared to Kanye West. Something tells me she's letting Kanye feed her his poop too.

938 days ago
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