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Dog Crap Lawsuit's Ruining

My Oscar-Winning Reputation

4/7/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" star Mo'Nique is completely humiliated by the sordid accusations that have surfaced in her landlord lawsuit -- dog feces, weed, illegal immigrants -- and now, she wants the entire lawsuit sealed from the prying eyes of the public.

Mo filed legal docs in the case last week -- claiming she's an "Oscar-winning actress, television host, and otherwise public figure" ... and the bitter lawsuit's crushing her good rep.

TMZ broke the story -- a nasty legal battle has been raging between Mo and her landlords since last year, after she and her husband Sidney Hicks walked out on their rental contract ... because the house allegedly smells like dog poop and urine. But then it got personal.

The landlords fired back with their own legal docs last month, including several emails in which Mo's hubby Sidney accuses them of being alcoholics and using illegal workers. The landlords accuse Sidney of smoking weed in the house.

Now, Mo says the lawsuit has become a massive embarrassment -- and her landlords are capitalizing on the national media attention by throwing fuel on the humiliating fire.

Mo insists the personal email exchanges filed by her landlords had NOTHING to do with the case -- and will only serve to “unnecessarily harass, embarrass, and cause public ridicule if the record is not sealed."

Mo'Nique says leaving the case open constitutes a violation of her privacy -- and the judge must have agreeed ... because until further notice, the case has been sealed.


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Actually Monique your predjudiced non funny jokes, your ugliness on both the inside and out and the two ton chip on your shoulder longed "ruined" any kind of good reputation you may of had. I turn off the tv ANYTIME I see your face and have NEVER watched for "free" or otherwise any of your movies. BTW from what I saw of the trailers for your oscar nominated movie your "acting" doesn't seem like such a stretch from you!

872 days ago


If the house didn't smell that way when she signed the lease then one can only assume she brought the stank with her when she moved in...most likely when she first opened her thunder thighs.

872 days ago


buy your own house

872 days ago


Notice she didn't deny any of it. And notice she has not been invited back to the Oscars since she won hers. Just saying!

872 days ago

Susan Jeter    

I honestly wish she would go far far away with her big fat mouth.

872 days ago


I am in total agreement with #6 Chuck, at least in this woman's case. She played a mean welfare bum. Would that be art imitating life? I guess I could win an Oscar too if there was some political ass-kissing thing in my life too. Clean up your stuff Monique. You're a pig.

872 days ago


There's just something about this person that looks like she needs a shower. Can't place my finger on it but she just doesn't look washed!

872 days ago


*******************CORRECTED POST******************

Planet "EARTH" Calling Mo'Nique!!! ALL IS FAIR IN "LOVE & WAR"!!! You "SKIPPED OUT" on your landlords and forced them to file a lawsuit which is costing them "MONEY"!!! Your "alleged" complaints about their property is "RUINING" their "REPUTATION"!!! They actually have a "BUSINESS" to run and "YOU" should have dealt with the situation much more "PROFESSIONALLY"!!! Since you lacked the "intelligent" foresight to insist upon including a "30 DAY TERMINATION CLAUSE" in your lease or to lease the property strictly on a "MONTH-TO-MONTH" basis, you are pretty much at the "MERCY" of your landlords, PERIOD!!! You should have worked with your landlords "TO HELP" them find another "reliable" tenant to take over your lease or if possible, "subleased" your rental to someone else until your lease "legally" terminated. It's done all the time and could have been negotiated "PRIVATELY" which would have saved "BOTH PARTIES" unnecessary "PUBLIC RIDICULE"!!! The same people you meet going "UP" in the world, you'll see going "DOWN" and it's "IMPORTANT" to treat everyone as "FAIRLY AS POSSIBLE" regardless of "YOUR" situation.

872 days ago


LOL...And Obama got free Nobel peace prize for nothing....ha ha...Please b*tch!!...grow up.

872 days ago


her husband shoulda potty-trained her.

872 days ago


It's still HILARIOUS that they actually gave this wreck an Oscar for crying and cussing her way through a movie.

872 days ago


I was going to comment, about her "reputation," but everyone has
pretty well covered it;). Soooo full of hot air, and a true pita.

872 days ago


If the smell was that apparent don't you think they should have noticed this BEFORE they rented it? Just asking! Plus you have to do a lot of damage to a house for a landlord to go all out like this, they had to have paid a deposit!

872 days ago


Why would they move in there in the first place if it smelled like dog sh_t? I know I sure as hell wouldn't rent a place that smelled like sh_t. My guess is that the place was fine when they moved in, and their own dogs trashed the place. Once the smell got too bad, they decided they didn't want to live there anymore and moved out.

872 days ago


Claiming? she's an "Oscar-winning actress, television host, and otherwise public figure" Claiming? You can't take any of that away from her. Which part of that is a "claim" and not fact? Really people she is one of the 4% of AA's that have won the 9 Oscars over the years. Let's see any one of you let it all hang out no makeup, hair & dressed to be the least attractive, and win anything. Haters. I'm guessing all of the posters here have the reputation of being annoying *******s, not to mention problems with reading comprehension. The illegals are the landlords, and so is the pet smell.

872 days ago
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