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Dog Crap Lawsuit's Ruining

My Oscar-Winning Reputation

4/7/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" star Mo'Nique is completely humiliated by the sordid accusations that have surfaced in her landlord lawsuit -- dog feces, weed, illegal immigrants -- and now, she wants the entire lawsuit sealed from the prying eyes of the public.

Mo filed legal docs in the case last week -- claiming she's an "Oscar-winning actress, television host, and otherwise public figure" ... and the bitter lawsuit's crushing her good rep.

TMZ broke the story -- a nasty legal battle has been raging between Mo and her landlords since last year, after she and her husband Sidney Hicks walked out on their rental contract ... because the house allegedly smells like dog poop and urine. But then it got personal.

The landlords fired back with their own legal docs last month, including several emails in which Mo's hubby Sidney accuses them of being alcoholics and using illegal workers. The landlords accuse Sidney of smoking weed in the house.

Now, Mo says the lawsuit has become a massive embarrassment -- and her landlords are capitalizing on the national media attention by throwing fuel on the humiliating fire.

Mo insists the personal email exchanges filed by her landlords had NOTHING to do with the case -- and will only serve to “unnecessarily harass, embarrass, and cause public ridicule if the record is not sealed."

Mo'Nique says leaving the case open constitutes a violation of her privacy -- and the judge must have agreeed ... because until further notice, the case has been sealed.


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Fat, funky, loud, profane, no class wannabe diva who thought getting an Oscar for essentially playing her real life self guaranteed her stardom --- NOT!!! Oh yeah Mo'Nique, hairy legs are not sexy, just nasty.

926 days ago


Google Earth the estate she is living in people. It's awesome!
12430 King Road
Roswell, Ga 30075

926 days ago


Her good reputation? I've always thought of her as a loud-mouthed sleaze who happens to have an Oscar. I guess the truth hurts so much that she needed it sealed.

926 days ago


Is this the very same Mo'Nique that refused to promote the very same film that she won the Oscar for because they weren't paying her? Here's a concept that works; pay your rent, break the lease and move out! You started this and unless it is your dog doing the crapping you should of notice the unbearable scent when you looked at the place.

926 days ago


Why don't you move out!!! Leave everyone alone!!

926 days ago


She won an Oscar?

926 days ago


I was proud of her when she won her Oscar, and even liked her talk show, but the woman is so full of herself. She seems like a good person, but she has issues.

926 days ago


This woman or he man is a racist . furthermore why does'nt she buy her own home and destroy it , why destroy other people's property . Garenteed the landlord is white...

926 days ago


Everyone want to see what the fuss is all about type in any search bar 12430 King rd, Roswell Ga and look at this grand estate that Monique by the way IS STILL LIVING IN, and keeping the grounds cut and manicured. And most important from what I can gather she is still paying the RENT..... WHATS UP WITH THAT? It truly is worth looking at its Gorgeous!

926 days ago


Why would the records need to be sealed???? Monique you and Sidney have something to hide......I have seen many of the emails and yes I think you probably do! Plus all the charactor witness that can be called who saw the house right before you moved in.... think about it!

926 days ago


12430 King Road Roswell, Ga 30075

What a waist of money to make monthly payments on something like that if it's not going towards your ownership of it?

926 days ago


Wouldn't dog sh*t and piss smells be detectable on initial viewing? Those things hit you initially or at least within 5 minutes of walking in.

At least now when & if she's filming anything else, the crew knows the exact gift produced by a dog to put in her dressing room &/or trailer!

She's annoying anyway, FO&D

926 days ago


After reading all the comments I am seeing some angry white people. Oh my goodness! Get a grip white people, pray or sing or something to get rid of all the hostility you are displaying. Usually a good education will help with that, oh and moving out of your trailers.

926 days ago


The Oscar doesn't mean much for some winners. They go back to who they were in terms of personality and importance to Hollywood.

925 days ago


To begin, some of you white people, are really showing your true colors. Stop hating, Monique deserved that Oscar, just like Octavia Spencer deserved her Oscar. The real problem is that some of you white people still feel that black people are beneath you.However get over yourselves, because some of you are just pure white trailer trash, and you can't stand to see a black person accomplish anything. You make me sick with your stupidity and racism. When it boils down to it, face the fact, that Black is the dominant color not white. I bet I get alot of nasty response to this statement,but whatever.

925 days ago
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