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Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Relationship

Was 8 Years Coming

4/8/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dating for roughly two weeks, but it's a relationship 8 years in the making ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the two have been friends since 2004 -- and have flirted on-and-off -- but the timing was never right to pursue a relationship ... until now.

We're told both sides always felt a spark, but they NEVER acted inappropriately while Kanye was with Amber Rose ... or while Kim was with Kris Humphries.

In fact, we're told Kim was recently kicking around the idea of reconciling with Reggie Bush ... but after hanging out with him in Miami a few weeks ago, decided the two weren't compatible anymore.

Kim finally reconnected with Kanye in Paris when she attended his fashion show ... and shortly after that, both sides decided to "give dating a shot."

And so far, we're told Kim has been super-impressed with the rapper ... who pulled one hell of a surprise when they hit up FAO Schwarz in NYC a few days ago.

Sources say Kanye made some calls and had an entire floor of the toy store roped off so they could get a private lesson from a guy who taught them how to play "Chopsticks" on the over-sized piano featured in the movie "Big."

Kim's currently back in L.A. ... but we're told she plans to get her ass back to NYC as soon as possible to see him.



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Hey dumb, meet dumber!!!

894 days ago


"In fact, we're told Kim was recently kicking around the idea of reconciling with Reggie Bush ... but after hanging out with him in Miami a few weeks ago, decided the two weren't compatible anymore."

I bet you Reggie is glad he never popped the question....we all know what this would of ended up in...

894 days ago


How many mirrors do you think these disgusting people have in their homes? All they are about is sleezy sex. Kim just jumps from one sex partner to another. The kind of people they are does not matter, as long as it gets reported. Does she think we are impressed????? Anyone can find someone to ---- them. Respect has to be earned, and she has given up on that for life. Never going to happen.

894 days ago


what is kinda screy when you think about it is that were going into a new day and age where clebs report on themselfs and the media then reports whatever the cleab wants us to belive even when thier isnt a shread of truth to it.
That well over spill inot political reportting and everythign elase to where peole cant belvie anythign the media comes out with cuz they cant tell the differrcnace between truth or fiction.
This well turn peole off from getting active in politcs and meaninful debate about our cutler.
Peole well jus tbe so feed -up with the corruption
that they well give up from trying to be leadres
and be invloded and our country well drifft
to where were no longer a super power beaucse we cant trust our own media out lets.
TMZ bised reporting on the kkk is destroying our fithin media. KKK seees TMZ as alow hanging fruite that they can use to sway the public with lies. Other news organziians check facts on thier story befor printing.
TMZ answers to Kris Jenner and thats it.
TMZ knows full wellkims litte story her eis full of lies and they dont care.
People well get feed up withTMZ and might do a class action lawsuit for reporting lies to th public as facts.
TMZ's relation ship with KKK well eventulay lead to thier demisze.

894 days ago


why do we need to know this information??

This false information. Kim wanted to keep the buzz going baout her and kayne so she has her pr goons come up with this statement that she helped wirte and then TMZ gobbles it up.
whatever happend to media acountablity??
Doesnt TMZ as a media out let have any code of honety in what they report.
They know thier intire headline is filled with lies
yet they print it like its th truth.
yes thi ssite is for intrentiment but also they report
cleb news so shouldnt they be held acountable to tell turthful storys just like the other new media out lets.
If TMZ is going to let kim pr team wirte up a bunch of lies they want the public to belive They should at least print a discliamer at the end of the headline that reads this is what were told by kim pr team we have no reason to belive any of it is the truth. Anyone can read it and see kim wrote the lies out her self. weve allready heard from regie busch and he said he told kim he wasnt intrested any more and to stop texing him and sending the nude photos cuz his gf didnt apriactie it but what he also said in another magazine story was that Kim was DISCUSTING and, DISHONEST.
That was the bottom line why he didnt want her.
TMZ so freely printing kims lies to the public has back fired thats why her brand and her are over people see right threw her LIES.
The more she lies the more people hate her.
kayne and kim are not Welocme here in California.
Keep that **** in NEW YORK CITY.

894 days ago

who cares    

It's obvious TMZ will say what ever KK wants them to say just as long as KK keeps sending Harvey and his staff free stuff like the perfume she sent to all tmz staff

894 days ago


Yup, can't go 24 hours without Kik K. on TMZ. I may have to take another break from this website for a while.

894 days ago


In other words, Reggie doesn't want her and she was in fact cheating on Reggie with Kanye when he was with Amber.

894 days ago


Kanye gives Kim the perfect gift here :)

894 days ago


Kim you make me sick!

894 days ago


well, his name begins with a K . . . that's good enuf for this twit

894 days ago


"She" decided that she and Reggie weren't compatible anymore??? He didn't want her! Give me a break! TMZ please stop being su*k ups to the Kardashians.

894 days ago


Okay, so if it was 8 years in coming, why get married to Kris Humphries and ruin his life then???
I have to say KK and KW are a match made in heaven. They both love the limelight and themselves. The paps might have to get a bigger camera lens so both their massive ego can fit into the frame of the shot.

894 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

I think Kim and Kayne were ****ing around when she was with Kris and he could use this as part of his fraud claim in the annulment. Kim is definitely a fraud and she found someone who is as pathetic as her and the K-Trash family. None of these people gave two ****s about you this Troll until her sex tape, plastic surgery and her so called fame! Kim is whore not wifey material.

894 days ago


kayne has ben telling kim to start going after some fo the negative bloogs. So beware of clcking on any links with kim and kayne cuz its a set up where you well get a vrius just by clcking on the link. The hacker doing it is the same hacker kim hired to cheat on dancing with the stars to get illegal votes. Rember she got busted fo that.
Kkkk is trying to sue old navy cuz they replaced the kkk with a dog. One day the kkk well turn on TMZ and try to sue them if they step out of line and dont report the lies.
If TMZ would make a promise to TMZ readers to never ever again in history print anything to do with the KKK
They would get more readers and it would be game over for the kkk cuz TMZ is realy the only thing making them even remotely relevant. without TMZ KKK would fade to black.
Being on this site is the only thing that keeps them in the media.TMZ should do thier own PR stunt and say our site
TMZ is 100% Kardashine FREE. They would get tons of PR
and more people well be tmz fans., and TMZ can keep reminding peole that they are 100% k-trash free until none even knows who k trash is any more.
The reason TMZ has for not reporting on K trash any more is beacuse A. the public is sick of them
B beaucse they constanly feed
false information to the site.
c no more biased reportting.
TMZ didnt even report that the KKK has put a law suite on the boycott kim site.
They gave the site zero publicty.
Even when the other news outlets were
talking about hte boycott site.
In order to let TMZ know how many people are on board ith 100% free
Then we well have to boycott this site and
get everyblogger to not post on ANY storys.
Basicly causeing TMZ to go DARK.
We need a eader to organize this by setting a date and on that date is fasting for a TMZ k-trash free site.
TMZ well recive no commnts on thier storys and noone well call into TMZ live ther than to talk about the boycott TMZ until TMZ is K- Trash Free.
The reason TMZ prints K trash's lies is beaucse they get tons of comments all negative but when they sell to adveritzers they use the number of comments as a way of gauding how much activiety thier site gets.
If TMZ would start getting allost zero comonts ont heir storys this woudl dirrectly affectt heir bottom line.
They coulnt get the advertizing dollars they couldnt give away thier advertizing cuz they have no readers.
That is the only way the pucblic has to apply pressure to TMZ to do the right thing and Be 100% K- trash fee.

894 days ago
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