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Tim Tebow

15,000 Show Up

for His Easter Sermon

4/8/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow delivers a sermon.
A crowd of nearly 15,000 gathered at an outdoor Easter church service in Georgetown, TX today, where New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was the main attraction. 

Some of the crowd came from as far as 100 miles away. Pastor Joe Champion said, "In Christianity, it's the Pope and Tebow right now. We didn't have enough room to handle the Pope."

Tebow preached that it was important for people to be outspoken about their faith (never a problem for Tim) and that athletes are role models, whether they like it or not.

According to local reports, several hundred people left after Tebow finished speaking ... not even staying for the pastor's main Sunday sermon.


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"Tebow preached that it was important for people to be outspoken about their faith". No it`s not, keep it to yourselves. The most hypocritical people ever. They want to shove their beliefs down your throat and the second you say something they don`t agree with. They cut you off or walk away.

930 days ago

robert davis    

Tim Tebow is everything one would look to in a young man. What a blessing his mom decided not to abort this incredible man who is such a witness for Christ. We need more of him and less of the DUI and Assult cases in the football arena. Thanks for the memories Tim Tebow. Keep up the great work!

930 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Tebow is better than those other whore athletes out there, but to all you christians that claim God is great and Jesus did all those miracles. Please tell me why God kills so many? Do you have any written do***ents from Jesus himself? Do you have proof that God exist?

930 days ago

Everett Linton Jr    

Glad to see him on a platform where Christ can be preached instead of the Easter bunny or Easter egg hunting. A Christian statue to you Tebow.

930 days ago


Needs to get laid!

929 days ago


...Well, the basket lunch was a little thin, but all 15,000 got their fill, somehow...


Just when you thought Tebow was dead and buried, he's back.

"He said: 'Jesus walked on the water'. And I know that it's true. But I think that there preacher man'd like t'do a little walkin' too." -Charlie Daniels, from "Long-Haired Country Boy"

929 days ago


Prayer: The Art of doing nothing and feeling proud about it.

929 days ago


At least this man has morals and respect which is a far cry from many of our so called STARS. If there were more people with consideration for others maybe there wouldn't be all the gun toting killers out there who are shooting each other over drugs. What a sad world this is becoming

929 days ago


Yea teach people to push their beliefs on others just as Christians have been doing for years. Christianity is declining and this is a big reason for it. You cannot force people to be Christian, I would think the history of wars over religion would have shown that.

929 days ago


Matthew 6:5-6

929 days ago

Kate Kack    

He sounds so EFFEMINATE!! Nothing wrong with being gay - he sounds fully homosexual to me though - cannot beleive noone else is commenting on that - 1st time I have ever heard his voice - super girly voice.

929 days ago


I LOVE you Tebow!! You are AWESOME!! :) Thanks for being so open with your faith!!!

929 days ago


A quick review of the comments indicates the responses were from intellectuals and university graduates with GPAs of 4.00 in physics.
Your comments illuminate your character and values as a person rather than Tebow. You are correct that America is in trouble by the language and morality implied in your comments. I recommend that each one of you look into the mirrior and judge yourself objectively as to the comments you made.
I played both high school and college football. The discipline and respect for all team members prepared me for combat in the infantry in Vietnam in 1966. I know fear and courage, but humility most of all. I suggest you try an ounch of humility. Then evaluate your manhood.

929 days ago


My gaydar is going off big time, and its not the Easter pink he's wearing either.

929 days ago

Eugene Hill    

I am getting so sick of hearing about this jerk ,the only thing he can do is run like hell and preach hellfire! He better make up his mind if he wants to preach a cermen get out of foot ball find a nice little church some were in fla. and let the rest of the players do what there being paid to do!QB,RUNING BACK,PREACHER,WITCH ? His faith is between him & his god I don't want to hear about it every time I turn on the TV.!!!!!STOP ALLREADY!!

929 days ago
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