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'16 & Pregnant' Couple

Pregnant AGAIN

After Child Services Incident

4/9/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_pregnant_EXIt's barely been six months since Child Protective Services took away their daughter -- but TMZ has learned, "16 and Pregnant" couple Ebony and Joshua Rendon are PREGNANT ... AGAIN.

Joshua tells TMZ, Ebony is currently 10 weeks preggers with the couple's second child.

According to Joshua, the pregnancy was NOT planned -- but he adds, "We are extremely excited for the baby."

Here's the kicker -- CPS took away Josh and Ebony's toddler last year because of the deplorable living conditions in the Rendons' household ... including maggot-filled piles of garbage and feces on the wall. The couple was arrested for child endangerment.

Shockingly, their girl is STILL with CPS -- and we're told Josh and Ebony only get supervised visitation. The case is still pending.

But Josh tells us, he and Ebony have learned from their mistakes, completed parenting classes, and now keep their home immaculate. Josh insists ... they're 100% ready for another kid.

Josh and Ebony are currently fighting to regain full custody of their daughter.


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poor kid soon going to be born. SAD, DISGUSTING. Most ppl with kids should NOT have kids. If you cant afford kids, dont fking have them, PERIOD. STUPID SOCIETY OF BREEDING. BREEDING LIKE CATS!

896 days ago

Porcelain Cougar    

Oh, how charming & heartwarming is THIS?

896 days ago


I don't understand why you're calling her a whore... She had sex with her long time partner, and they didn't use protection. So what? I'm betting a whole lot of you don't even use protection, and I'm also going to bet you don't HAVE a long term partner. So please, stick to the fact that she can't take care of her toddler before you start calling her a whore for no reason.

896 days ago


You wonder why i say its going to get to a point where the government is going to have to limit babies in households because that kid sitting in CPS guess who takes care of him.. Your tax dollars.. Stay Classy White Trash..

896 days ago


Anyone else wonder why she's so big if she's only 10 weeks prego? Hopefully she's not having multiples!

896 days ago

Cheryl A.    

They learned from their mistakes. I guess they learned to use the toilet instead of the wall and I guess they learned to take out the trash. I wouldn't trust these 2 jerks with a raccoon.

896 days ago


Didn't the first one get taken away for a while because their house was so damn filthy?

896 days ago


R. Santorium, the Republican candidate is all for this. He doesn't believe in birth control.

896 days ago


CPS forgot to cut his N****. They will just continue to breed. They don't care, the taxpayers will be paying again and again.

896 days ago


Their parents must be proud

896 days ago


wow! another one after she they just lost the first one??!! wateva happen to wearing a condom or taking birth control its so sad thts these kids/teens today just willingly have all these kids w/o any thought to wats going to happen to there lives in the next 18-21yrs. and its sad that ppl on here (not every1 just the ignorant one tlkn about race when in all actuallty the number for blacks having the most kids isnt true studies show that that numbered dropped in the past 2-3 years until recently...and if you ever watched the show on mtv its a mixed group of teens caucasian spanish and very few blacks on that show..basically a little bit of every race is on there so you shouldnt single out only one race when its many races that are aired on mtv) besides tht i just really wish tht these teens really think twice about having sex at such a young age and think about there future bc w/o an education (college) or a job its very hard to raise a kid (yet alone mutiple kids) out in this world we live in today..especially if you dnt have family or good friends as support its would feel like u have no1 but urself n the baby which later on causes depression (let alone the postpartum you could get after having the baby). all in all i just want the best for any teen out here and stop the stastics and stereo types! its better to enjoy your teen years and college years then being stuck changing diapers and struggling at a very very young age!

896 days ago


This is sad as hell where in the hell are there parents they need an oldfashion ass whoopin she is a child what the hell you mean parenting classes why do people watch this show this is wrong making money off of such a horrible thing we need to help this childrenstop ruining there lives by thinking having kids is cool its not dumb asses stop watching

896 days ago


Will you all shut the F UP and worry about your life. Its their deal no yours. and Ebony isnt a teen anymore..shes in her freaken 20's now. IDIOTS! let them be and learn their own way. ITS NOT LIKE THEIR THE ONLY ONES WHO DO THIS!!!

896 days ago


Well, looks like we'll be supporting these parents as well as the children. If you can't take care of a child keep your pants on. It's people like this that tick me off to know end because WE people have to end up supporting them.

896 days ago


That isn't cute... grow up first and finish school.

896 days ago
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