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F-18 Jet Crash Hero

Navy Still Hasn't Paid

for Blowing Up My Apartment

4/9/2012 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The U.S. Navy has not forked over a single cent to one of the men whose apartment was obliterated in last week's F-18 crash ... so says the man himself  ... who's now considering legal action.

TMZ spoke with Colby Smith -- who rushed out of his apartment and helped save one of the pilots from the wreckage following Friday's crash in Virginia.

Colby tells us, the Navy agreed to pay for a hotel room for him and his family after the disaster -- but this morning, the hotel kicked 'em out ... because the Navy hadn't paid.

Colby says his fam had to shell out $400 for the room ... and will be changing hotels tonight. So far, we're told the Navy still hasn't sent a check.

According to Colby, the Navy also agreed to cover all damages stemming from the accident -- but a government rep said it could take up to 2 years before that payment is processed.

Colby tells us a 2 year wait is unacceptable ... and has already met with a lawyer in  the hopes of expediting the process.

As for daily expenses -- we're told the Navy is paying out $89 per person per day for lodging, $30 per day for food, and $200 TOTAL for clothing.

Calls to the Navy were not returned.

5:00 PM PT -- Sources close to Colby tell us, the Navy called his family today after learning about what happened to him at the hotel, and told him where he could pick up a check for $4,000.

We're told Colby's family has since picked up the check -- which will help cover lodging and food.


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Pudding Tang    

the Navy can't afford to pay for damages flying cheap 87 million dollar jet planes i suppose

894 days ago

There's a problem here    

Like most other people I was relieved and thankful that no one was seriously injured or killed in this mishap. However, when I heard that the Navy was giving the apartment victims $2,300 a person. What? That's not going to replace even half of a small household. You might get a few rooms of cheap furniture out of that but a household? No way. I'd be pissed.

894 days ago


That's horse sh*t! I LIVE in Virginia Beach...the Navy HAS started paying those people!

894 days ago

Jay W.     

Lawyer is the only way to fly !

894 days ago


"but a government rep said it could take up to 2 years before that payment is processed"

Uh yeah, this is how the government works. This is nothing new. And some people want this same government running our healthcare. Unreal.

894 days ago



894 days ago


So then we agree that our military is being very poorly run and mismanaged.. right!? We've all known how they don't take care of their own.. can't cover a soldiers medical but 8 million dollar jets.. no problem at all. So we are all in agreement then that we can cut foolish funding to the military instead of our elderly and disabled.

894 days ago

Larry Brown    

The navy HAS issued checks to victims of this. And has been very supportive in this disaster. NO I'm not and never have been in the navy.
The funny thing is Mr. Smith was just on the local news praising the community for all the support he and his family has recieved. I'll post the video I just took of the news cast that just aired.

894 days ago


The Navy is still investigating was it the plane malfuncting or was the aprtment building fault for not getting out of the way of the falling plane where is inspector dax when the people of that building need him.

894 days ago


The Navy started today paying checks of $2300.00 per person with a few forms signed so i understood a family of 3 would get $6900.00. I am quite sure everyone will be fully compensated for ALL there losses once the victims itemized what they have loss. These were just emergency checks to make sure the victims could find a place to live and eat and try to get there lives together.

894 days ago


Is it FACT that EVERYONE has been accounted for that lived in those apts? I can NOT believe NO ONE died, seriously.

894 days ago


this is ridiculous. give these people money and a home... damn goverment/army!

With that said... the army invented rockets in war which lead to rockets, after ww2, sending up satelites which means we can use internet,flip tv-channels and use mobile phones.
They also invented the radar to detect enemy airplanes/submarines, and with radar today we can localize lost ships at sea, and from other distress signals to rescue workers.
They also invented the jet engine to make their air planes faster, which lead to planes we use today to travel to other countries in a few hour.
They also invented the internet to send out digital information fast, through computers.

The army does a lot of good things, they invent things that the public later use in a diffrent way.
So for anyone to attack the army and say, spend less money on army technology, your a moron.

And btw, im from Europe (not america, no patriotism here)
ANd yes... my grandpa was a fighter pilot and my dad was a signal decoder, but im not biased at all.

894 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I feel sorry for these people, many of them heroic during the aftermath of the crash, the guys apologized the second they were taken out of the trees and what do they expect? A check in 5 minutes from this red tape manufacturer known as the government? You don't think if this was George Bush the media and leftist lunatics would be all over HIM for not fixing it 10 minutes after the plane crashed. What did they forget we have a ghetto president who only cares when black people are effected. All the guys I saw were outtta luck, they were whiteys. Good luck getting Obama to answer that call in between crack hits on the golf course and Hawaiian vacations where he goes to smoke dope on the fairways with his buddy there who was picked up for solicitation recently. Why is it all my life we always heard the old adage "you are who your friends are' and Obama's friends are all commies, marxists, Black liberation theology nuts like Rev Wright and Loopy Louis. If some white guy had David Duke as his mentor he wouldn't be president but Farrakhan and Sharpton have reinstituted the KKK for Homies with this Trayvon exploitation or should I say "Blaxploitation" film.

894 days ago

Larry Brown    

Mr Smith NOT complaining on the news TODAY.
Thanks TMZ for top notch reporting. NOT!!!

894 days ago


"Calls to the Navy were not returned."

LOL. I'm sure the Navy is shaking in their boots when TMZ calls. Stick to the Lohan and Kardashian stories.

894 days ago
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