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F-18 Jet Crash Hero

Navy Still Hasn't Paid

for Blowing Up My Apartment

4/9/2012 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The U.S. Navy has not forked over a single cent to one of the men whose apartment was obliterated in last week's F-18 crash ... so says the man himself  ... who's now considering legal action.

TMZ spoke with Colby Smith -- who rushed out of his apartment and helped save one of the pilots from the wreckage following Friday's crash in Virginia.

Colby tells us, the Navy agreed to pay for a hotel room for him and his family after the disaster -- but this morning, the hotel kicked 'em out ... because the Navy hadn't paid.

Colby says his fam had to shell out $400 for the room ... and will be changing hotels tonight. So far, we're told the Navy still hasn't sent a check.

According to Colby, the Navy also agreed to cover all damages stemming from the accident -- but a government rep said it could take up to 2 years before that payment is processed.

Colby tells us a 2 year wait is unacceptable ... and has already met with a lawyer in  the hopes of expediting the process.

As for daily expenses -- we're told the Navy is paying out $89 per person per day for lodging, $30 per day for food, and $200 TOTAL for clothing.

Calls to the Navy were not returned.

5:00 PM PT -- Sources close to Colby tell us, the Navy called his family today after learning about what happened to him at the hotel, and told him where he could pick up a check for $4,000.

We're told Colby's family has since picked up the check -- which will help cover lodging and food.


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The US government should be paying for all the damages done. These people didn't ask to have a f_cking plane crashed into their homes. I'm sure the people living in those apartments can't afford to just go out and replace all of their belongings that were destroyed. On top of that, they now have to find new places to live as well. If the government can afford to build an 87 million dollar plane, they can afford to reimburse these people for what they put them through.

905 days ago


I am not a celebrity or famous so my clothes aren't really HIGH END, but $200 wouldn't pay for but ONE OUTFIT, and that's NOT INCLUDING SHOES. DANG... $200 TOTAL for CLOTHES??? YUP! I'd be getting an attorney too.

905 days ago


Every apartment I have ever lived in has required me to have a renter's insurance policy for no less than $25,000, which was specifically outlined in my lease agreement. It cost less than $5/mo., if I remember correctly. Had he had renter's insurance he'd get that money ASAP under these cir***stances, and the Navy would still pay him. Protect yourselves, people!

905 days ago


This why training flights should never be flown over populated areas.

905 days ago


I grew up in Va Beach and my family lives about a mile and half from the crash site. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to look at the military presence there in any objective terms. I have seen comments online blaming the apartment complex for building within a potential crash zone and praising the military at every turn for their handling of the situation. What people seem to forget is the fact that the resort area, boardwalk, seatack area, and birdneck were all developed long before the Navy even bought the land much less create a master jet base that is now Oceana. In fact, the main flight path flies directly over the boardwalk, usually overrun by tourists and families during the spring and summer months--a boardwalk that has been around since the turn of the century. It is important to keep a critical eye and focus on safety....unfortunately this is often deemed unpatriotic by Va Beach residents, but it is actually the other way around. The state of Virginia has hundreds of miles of undeveloped coastline along the Atlantic. Why center an air force base in the middle of the most populated city on the state coast?

905 days ago


If true its a scandal & FEMA should step in without further delay

905 days ago


Gees, give it a few days, huh, before you're whining? Didn't this happen pretty recently?

905 days ago


The American navy tortures innocents, murders civillians, and rapes children in front of their fathers. They dont give two snots about your apartment.

905 days ago


this guy sounds like a total douche with money signes in his eyes.**** hasnt even been over a week yet since it happend.and he expects them to already pay his ass? he does know that they do investigations and so forth first right?

905 days ago


It's only been three days. Your law exam didn't start yet. This is the government. He may get living expenses next week but the government has process. He hasn't started part one of the first part of the process. Long time very slow. This experience will show this guy what healthcare will look like with the government process. long time, slow, very slow

905 days ago


A true patriot would not put up such a fuss.

905 days ago


Probably a bureaucracy hang up.

905 days ago


Mike Holmes - "Holme on homes" - The contractor (Navy) did not pull the proper permits prior to remodeling this guys apartment. There was serious structural issues left behind when the contractor ejected from the jobsite. Navy needs to do right and pay these people for damages.

If you own one these apartments and happen to be a women, then look up Gloria Alred immediately. She has a new shade of lipstick that is itching for the 6 o'clock news.

905 days ago


A plane (fighter jet) crashed into those buildings, why haven't they collapsed into their own footprint? A much smaller building,they should be dust. Right? Right?

905 days ago


Oh FPS, it just happened on Friday. Today is Monday! What did anyone expect to happen over the weekend? Screw you, TMZ, for making this a story. How about you give the USN the opportunity to make a statement and not put full credence in what some flunky has to say. It will require a full investigation, not a weekend of speculation.

905 days ago
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