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Justin's Bieber-mobile

A Rolling Violation

4/9/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and his chrome Fisker Karma carJustin Bieber’s tricked out Fisker Karma sports car should have a bumper sticker that reads “Ticket Please”…'cause it’s chock full of violations…TMZ has learned -- but not for what you think.

The chromed out, $100 K, Bieber-mobile has been making appearances all over LA in the last few days …blinding drivers from its reflective paint job…but vehicle violation? No sir…just a gigantic, distracting pain in the ass.

Law enforcement sources tell us the real problem …the row of FUCHSIA lights hidden under Justin’s front grill. That’s right, in CA, the only lights you can legally have facing forward are white and amber...not The Biebs signature purple (below).

That’s not all…we’re also told Justin’s window tint is a little too tinty…also qualifying as a major no-no.

If caught Justin would be slapped with a 'fix-it ticket' citation.

Note to Bieber..reflective chrome is not subtle ... then again, neither is the car.



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Man, Bieber is gonna be pissed about this. I can see him now trying to act hard, throwin' hands, screaming "Can't a twink just get his fuchsia on ?"

929 days ago


where is his FRONT LIC. PLATE?? California requires plates on both the back AND the front. Another violation!

929 days ago


hahahahaha The comments here are wickedly funny. Sooooo much jealousy in the world, I'm telling ya. I agree, it's a shame that everyone can't afford to drive cars like that...but honestly people, wtf do you care about a young, successful man buying a car that he thinks is awesome? The "American Dream" is what you all agree makes the USA so "great" but yet, whenever someone does well for themselves there the comments are all "wahhhh this" and "wahhhh that". I'm aware that not ALL American's act this way...just seems whenever an American cares enough to comment it's ALLLLL about hate!! Why not just say "Holy Cow!! That's some car!! Wish I had the funds that cost him so I could pay my student loans and other bills. Must be nice. Good on him." Oh no no...that doesn't make one sound "cool". Lets just bash the guy...cause, ya know, why not?

929 days ago


Very foolish to be that famous and driving a car that unique that draws attention to yourself. If I were him, I would definitely want to blend in for my own safety.

929 days ago


Are The Beeb's parents managing their son's finances in any way? What kind of responsible parent would let their son waste his money this way?

929 days ago

2012 SUN_THE_GHOST    

hey justinbieber!!!

929 days ago


CORNY!!!!!! Get off his nuts TMZ...

929 days ago


Wow, really TMZ assisting the CHIPs. Get a life!!!!!

929 days ago

Cheryl A.    

That little dork spends a hundred grand on a CAR. Unless he can live in it, shower and use a toilet it's ridiculous to spend that much on a car. It can be destroyed in an instant if he hits something or if someone slams into him. I wont even say what a douche he is for spending like there is no tomorrow.

929 days ago

who dat    

I agree, send his punk ass back to Canada.

929 days ago


I love his new car! And its not like he bought it himself, he got it from his manager and Usher for his 18th Birthday party, But Justin was the one who brought it to the shop to get tinted windows and chromed it up, He said he took it to west coast choppers(dont know if thats the right name) dont you think they would have known the rules of the tinted windows and everything at the shop he took it to? Oh well, while he's strolling down the street enjoying his new car, you haters are on here whining cause even though he got the car as a gift, he could have easily bought it on his own, its like pocket change to him!! jealous much?

929 days ago


Even with that super cool bada$$ car Justin Bieber do not fit in the bad boy category but he's definitely a rich good white teeny tiny boy he is so cute he needs to go sit down somewhere or just hit the Gym or the surgeon poor dude...!

929 days ago


did he come out of the closet yet? The car screams "GAY"!

929 days ago


EmpBiteMe - No Kidding. - However....This little brat with too much money will undoubtedly end up in Not A Good Way. Usually, people (doesn't matter the age) with too much money in their hands end up screwing up royally, somehow. So rest assured - this is good entertainment for us "working folk" as the case may be :) PS: I truly believe that being unfamous is very superior to being either infamous OR famous.

929 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Who dares to put tricked-out fuschia lights under their front grill? The impudence of it all! Off with his head!!! Oh, wait, he's got nothing in his head, so what can we cut off that will matter?

929 days ago
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