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Lindsay Lohan

Victim of a Setup?

4/9/2012 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

the ghost of Lindsay Lohan
If Lindsay Lohan really did push and shove a woman at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood last week -- it's news to the people working there, because they never even saw her.

We have spoken with 6 people at the hotel -- some of whom were working on the night in question -- and none of them saw Lindsay that evening.  What's more, none of them heard even a whisper that Lindsay was in the hotel, and none heard anything about an altercation.

We broke the story ... a woman claims Lindsay accosted her because she was speaking with a dude Lindsay was scoping out.  The woman filed an incident report with the West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept., and detectives are looking into it.

By the looks of what we found ... Lindsay is in the clear.


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Hmmmm....TMZ is reporting that Amanda Bynes was popped for DUI last week after coming out of...wait for it...The Standard Hotel. TMZ is reporting that the same Amanda Bynes was reused entry from same establishement at least 1 day later. The "victim" now files an assault complaint with the very same law enforcement agency that popped Amanda Bynes for DUI after drinking at the Standard Hotel. Hmmmm...coincidence? I think not. This so-called "victim" must have been super sloshed herself if she is confusing Amanda Bynes for Lindsey Lohan....only thing these 2 have in common are their blonde hair and Disney background!

890 days ago


Desperate for money (Lindsay), and desperate for stories (TMZ) conspired together with this fake story.
TMZ paid Lindsay, TMZ gets the clicks.
Now TMZ is going use Amanda in a fake story and take her down.

890 days ago

LA Native    

Forgive me if someone already mentioned this, but could this have happened AFTER midnight on Wednesday? That would make it Thursday and we all know the Lohans like ans use these little loopholes. She was at the standard this past week.
Wanna stop all this craziness Lielo?
STAY HOME like you said you were going to. Sheesh, enough already.

890 days ago


Linds is trending!!

Michelle Williams just bought a Pepsi.

Linds isn't trending anymore.

890 days ago


Told you so only took a few minutes till they jumped on it like trout on a big fat room.....
Amanda Bynes hair is a Destintive PINK....Not blonde not Red but a lavenderish PINK.....Lindsay Lohan is a dull wahed out brownish Red........But Hey go for it but I sure in the HEll hope Lohan Inc is prepared for a Law Sued from The Bynes father who will not hesitate to go after them with both barrels blazing......and He won't back down or take a bribe when it comes to his daughter....
This is getting better and better....

890 days ago


LOL @ Lnor2.0 tweets with her friend (self-described as,"I'm clean & dope like heroin soap"):

-Its 730AM and I was drinking Bourbon all night, naturally it is time to watch shows about murderers behind bars #LOCKUP

in reply:

Alexandra R Popowitz (Lnor2.0)@APopowitz
@AndyMilonakis #LOCKUP YESSS

890 days ago


I'm sure LL would say that the little black kid did it!

I'm not her fan anymore, she's a manipulating, unkind, creepy person.

890 days ago


Amanada B. is in a different category than Lindsay L (refuse to call her LiLo, she doesn't deserve to be called LiLo). Amanda didn't steal a woman's mink coat that she received from her grandmother and wasn't convicted of theft, etc. Leave Amanda out of this. Lindsay owns her own deeds, not Amanda.

890 days ago


BREAKING NEWS: TMZ is BREAKING WIND on this story, follow-up at 2pm PST on TMZ LIVE........

890 days ago


Lindsey must have been nice to some TMZ staffers, finally giving her the benefit of the doubt.

890 days ago


890 days ago


Yeah hi its tmz calling, anything you say to us on the phone is going to be taken as fact and put in the story were questioning you about, so was lyndsay there random person who picked up the phone? "who is this" "im not lyndsay" AHA WE GOT OUR SCOOP, TO THE PRESSES! : tmz weak

890 days ago


@lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan

@clamronson @LNor off 2 paris for a well desreved vacation. wish u wure here. NOT!! LOLOLOL luv u momy

890 days ago


LA Native
Peonies and dew drops priceless !!!! this avi is for you.

890 days ago


If Radar doesn’t have a story on their website similar to a story you’ve read on this fake website, you can be sure it’s fake

890 days ago
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