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Sylvester Stallone

I Got SCREWED By a Con Man

... Thanks to Lisa Vanderpump

4/9/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone and Lisa Vanderpump
Sylvester Stallone
claims he was victimized by an "incompetent con man" who bilked him out of $1.4 million in a "shameful" home repair scheme ... and Sly claims he never would have gotten involved with the guy if it wasn't for Lisa Vanderpump

Stallone has declared legal war on a Mohamed Hadid -- claiming the guy is an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator" posing as a qualified general contractor. 

In his lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by legal pit bull Marty Singer, Stallone claims he hired Hadid to perform high-quality work on his L.A. mansion in 2009 ... after receiving a glowing recommendation from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump.

Instead, Stallone claims, he was left with "inexpensive, damaged deteriorating and uneven cabinetry and malfunctioning appliances" ... among other things.

Stallone claims Hadid charged him more than $10k for a "high quality wooden kitchen island" ... but instead he installed a "cheap wood veneer/plywood product that is defective and virtually worthless."

Stallone says Hadid also installed an inoperable and unsafe fire pit, an incomplete and unsafe air conditioning system ... and he claims the glass work on the house also sucked.

"Far from the top quality job promised, Hadid's work was riddled with defects, abysmal quality and poor workmanship."

Now, Stallone wants all of his money back ... plus damages ... and warns, "If you want to hire an incompetent con man to do construction, then Mohamed Hadid is your man."

3:36PM PST: Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ, Sly and Hadid did indeed meet socially through her, but she added, "They're old enough to make their own decisions."


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now you know how people feel when they go to your movies

929 days ago


Sylvester Stalone is a moron and the most litigious man in Hollywood. Marty Singer is a genius and should cut this has-been loose.

929 days ago


Hey Sly! Apparently he isn't THAT incompetent. He took you for $1.4 million. If he's incompetent then you must be the biggest idiot to walk the earth.

929 days ago


@ 3:36PM PST: Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ, Sly and Hadid did indeed meet socially through her, but she added, "They're old enough to make their own decisions."

Lisa, (DOB's) this isn't the point ...

-Since you're not clear what the point IS:

-You RECOMMEND someone to Sylvester Stallone?!

-KNOW the person you're recommending...

-If it's a half-assed recommendation/referral ... (?)

-You're an accomplice.

Can't believe your attitude on this one:

"So what, (it's) not my kitchen..."

-Need a landscaper?

929 days ago


last nof p.s.

@ Lisa:

Hey Lisa - know anyone good to watch our kids for 2 weeks?

929 days ago


@ Lisa:

...Next time do Sly a favor...

-Have him look in the Yellow Pages.


-What other businesses is Haddad in?

...Ah, plumbing, fences and pets...

House-paints, does auto work and removes trees, gotcha.

929 days ago


nof pouring it on p.s.

Hey Lisa does Stallone seem like a good person to pizz off?

-Don't you ever go to the movies?

...Who's next:


929 days ago


Hey Lisa...

Arnold needs a new gardener ...

-Any ideas?

929 days ago


Don Corleone needs a new barber ...

Anyone, first person that comes to your head ...

929 days ago


Hey Lisa, need testicle-replacement-surgery... (TRS)

-Know anyone with a good butter knife?

929 days ago


Hey Lisa, we're doing a "Chinatown" sequel...

-Need someone to write a haunting theme...

929 days ago


i want to *** in that gorgeous hair of hers

929 days ago


Who in their right mind would take advice from one of these idiot "Housewives" about anything?? Do some research next time, Sly. And skip by any name like that.

929 days ago


More than likely Sly help fund Terrorism. Throw is ass in Guantanamo!!!

929 days ago


Team Stallone

All you nay sayers bashing Stallone saying he should have known is Bull S**t . Any one of you could have been scammed as well. if not by this something else in your life. And I'm sure its happened but of course none of you will admit it. Easy to jump on the band wagon and make noise. But millions of people a year get scammed . Guaranteed many of you from this message board alone have been scammed in one way or the other in your life. So stop taking the all mighty approach that I know better than you attitude. Someone from the comment board said Hadid is known in la and especially bev hills as being a complete and total s***bag. the guy would do good work for lisa to get recomendations then once he has the job cuts corrners.

Also Stallone had the work done in 2009 probably while he was making the Expendables and he wasn't there to oversee the cheap workmanship Hadid did. Only over time when things started falling apart and hasn't stood up to quality workmanship. Probably one to many times Stallone has probably had enough of this guys crappy work and he has every right to be mad. He's human I would be peeved off to. Whether it was 5 grand or 5 million a job big or small should come with quality. Mr. Stallone is doing justice for many others who have been burned as well. People in hollywood who have been burned by this idiot should ban together and sue him. Marty go sick em !

929 days ago
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