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Lindsay & Amanda

Case of Mistaken Identity?

4/9/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes ... separated at birth? Not exactly, but they might have been confused for each other at a Hollywood nightclub. A woman is accusing Lindsay of assaulting her, but we'll explain why she could be fingering the wrong starlet.

Plus, Scarlett Johansson's image being used to promote a Spanish-speaking sex shop? It's a wild story ... that also got a little funny when Harvey flubs bigtime ... en Español! Also, will Khloe Kardashian stick by her man -- and did Kim K. and Kanye really stay hands-off for EIGHT years?!  


(0:15) LiLo battery accusation -- something just doesn't add up.
(6:42) Amanda Bynes denied at a bar just hours after being released from jail!
(8:03) Bynes' mug shot sparks a crazy conspiracy theory from Charles.
(10:30) The Scarlett Johannson story proves one thing ... Harvey is terrible at Spanish.
(16:00) Alec Baldwin's crazy stalker.
(19:10) Breaking news ... did Hitler's love child surface?
(18:18) "16 and Pregnant" chick... pregnant again.
(22:50) Levi Johnston -- deadbeat dad ... or victim of a Palin smear campaign.
(24:20) Kim and Kanye swear they never hooked up until now ... not everyone's buying it.
(33:10) John Travolta is not a material boy ... because he's so rich.
(39:01) Lamar Odom dumped by the Mavs ... will Khloe be the next to let him go?


No Avatar

Pudding Tang    

and the world will laugh at Bollywood???

927 days ago


Their daddies didn't spank them hard enough.

927 days ago


This is all an easy fix. Keep your a#$ out of the club! If you can't handle that atmosphere, it's time to find other interests.

927 days ago


Why doesnt Lohan just stay out of the clubs. Its not go for her if she is sober like she claiims, her career isn't going anywhere fast and this wont happen. She needs to saty home and have more dinner parties.

927 days ago


Proof she is hated by many! Please go back to NY!

927 days ago


Harvey, enough with the comments about "if she violates, she can go to jail for a long time". Who are you kidding? If nothing else, Lindsay Lohan has shown the world that one can violate, violate, and violate again and nothing will happen. If the poor dear "sober" Lindsay would just stay out of clubs at 2:00a.m., she would have far fewer problems.

927 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Harvey actually has some pretty beefy guns.

927 days ago


Wow, what happened to the pretty girl in Easy A?

927 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I hate the way TMZ Fool Evan blinks his damn eyes every time he is pretending to be such a 'journalist'.

927 days ago


Lindsay should know by now the Nightclubs are her worse nightmare. And as usual
she is caught in another lie, stating she was through going to them, and then seen
out until after 2:00 am.

The real reason why Lindsay is so broke, is the fact that she has spent a FORTUNE
on Attorney's fees, fines, court costs, lawsuits, ect by her reckless lifestyle.
Lets see if she really has learned, or again proves she is the stupid woman she is.

927 days ago


My new rule. You say Kardashion on this show, and I'm gone. Later:)

927 days ago

TV Gord    

Miles Monroe, you're boring the hell out of me.

927 days ago


I know Humphries cousin...

927 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Someone please tell TMZ 'Pudge' Mike that he has no chance to be in the Kardashian Family. He is the wrong colour, Not rich, and fat guys usually have small penises.

927 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

How dark does Harvey want his skin to be. Geez such a crazy tan. He is very Egyptian mummy-like.

927 days ago
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