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Amanda Bynes

History of EXTREME Inebriation


4/10/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes drinks ... A LOT ... despite claims from her father that she doesn't imbibe ... and TMZ has video proof of the actress drunkenly stumbling out of a club just a few weeks before her DUI arrest.

Despite the fact she was busted for drunk driving last week, Amanda's father told, "I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn't drink."

But TMZ knows Bynes has been frequenting the Hollywood club scene recently ... and on March 22, she appeared so wasted on her way out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, she needed TWO FRIENDS to hold her upright so she could get to her car.

Thankfully ... she played it safe and didn't drive that night.

But on March 17, a seemingly inebriated Amanda didn't play it safe at all.  We got video of the actress stumbling out of Greystone Manor ... then getting behind the wheel of her car and driving away, despite pleas from our photog to let a sober person drive.

Of course, Bynes was arrested on April 6 ... after police say she was so drunk, she crashed into a cop car at 3 AM.

Sorry Mr. Bynes ... your daughter drinks ... and she needs help.


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Amanda Bynes is sooo party.

896 days ago

Patrick Henry    

People keep calling her a kid: she is 26 and an adult a while;e back. Does she live with her parents? if so then her problems are theirs. If she is supporting herself and living alone then it's her business.

Her last movie was 2010 and she has worked at least since age 10 so she is no bum.
She has won 9 awards so she is not talentless.
She is wrong to drink and drive , so I hope she acts like a mature adult and deals with it. I do believe that TMZ is looking for another LL: shame on them.

896 days ago


My neighbor's nephew died last year after drinking for two days. His liver and kidneys shut down and he died after 3 days on the ICU. Alcohol itself is not toxic, but it is converted to one once it hits your liver. My cousin died years ago of the exact same thing after a 5 day drinking binge. If you are going to get drunk, fine. Just don't get too drunk and don't do it day after day.

896 days ago


When will parents learn that you're damaging your child by enabling them. Defending your kid by lying and denying doesn't help them and it doesn't help you. It makes it look like the whole family is sick. You can still love your kid and confront their flaws. This isn't just "partying" either. Or at least it may be until she kills someone with a car, or becomes addicted (if she is not already). I went through this "phase", too. For 24 years. Thank God and AA I came out of it and didn't hurt anyone. (Except myself).

896 days ago


The paparazzi is just as bad as she is. WHY? Because he was ONLY saying that she should not be driving. If he was actually a decent person, he would have offered to drive her. But that is what decent humans do...
This is just like the photo journalists who take pictures of famine in Africa, but do nothing to actually help the people.

She should not be driving drunk either. Yeah, she was another person... but she probably was the more sober one out of the two...He might have looked 'fine', but looks are very deceiving..

896 days ago


Sad. These people live their lives in such a wasteful way.

896 days ago


Who cares? She's in her mid 20s. That's the age to party and be wild. The only difference with her is the TMZ follows her around and makes her seem like a monster on her website for doing something most 20 year old people do. Move on, who cares?

896 days ago


someone had to take Lohans place and she took Hiltons place...all rich white trash

896 days ago


Well legally she doesn't have to love her liver,but she probably should make friends with the taxi cabbies.

896 days ago


who told you that she blew a zero? they weren't referring to the breathalyzer, pops. she's a full blown alcoholic. i know because i play one on TV.

896 days ago


even more proof , Disney is evil

896 days ago


she doesnt need help you losers
ppl make mistakes
drinking and driving doesnt mean u need rehab get over it

896 days ago


She didn't look like she was drinking when she got behind the wheel. Her eyes look super clear as she checks the rear view mirror. I think this guy was just blowing in the wind, trying to get something started.

896 days ago

I am Spartacus    

TMZ trying to be her parents now?

896 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well, it was good your photographer was concerned, but he should have called the cops and reported it immediately. Both Bynes and her dad are idiots, pure and simple. This won't end well.

896 days ago
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