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Having Blue Ivy

Leaves Her in One Piece

4/10/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce in a one piece swim suitJust three months after giving birth to little Blue Ivy, Beyonce showed off her curvy maternal physique in a chic one piece black Norma Kamali swimsuit while taking a dip in the Caribbean on Monday.

The 30-year-old is one hot mama.



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Did it EVER occur to you idiots that she may be infertile? She's been with Jay a long time...

837 days ago



837 days ago


Let's talk about Jessica Simpson, there is a beautiful prego women. She is not faking it

837 days ago


If you fat slores stop having these FATHERLESS babies by Jethrow and Ned without so much as an engagement ring... you wouldn't be so bitter. Don't blame Beyonce for your misery. LOL fat smuts irk me.

837 days ago


You people are crazy demanding hospital records and not believing in a person`s will to acomplish his goal.A part of her job is to look good!When Heidi Klum lost baby weight in 4 weeks nobody second thought that.Beyonce is the only female who could be a role model for girls and women are people crazy or just haters to insult her like that?

837 days ago


Gee... I wonder why she had tight security ... shes famous. Who wouldn't want a picture of beyonce in the hospital having a baby? And three months is pleanty of time to work off baby weight when you have thousands of dollars to spend on a trainer. Calm down, just because she looks so good dosen't mean that she didn't give birth.

837 days ago


Hmm…I wonder how on many on this board are all supermodels at a size 0? Kelvin Klein underwear models and runway anorexic girls who make the average size 12 woman feel inadequate. Lose weight by breathing our special air guaranteed to help you lose weight all for only $19.99! North America has unrealistic ideals of how women should look and the media loves to fuel the fire. No wonder 10 yr. girls are starving themselves to attain something that is an airbrushed illusion. Geesh!

837 days ago


Everyone knows Beyonce can't have a baby,shes ashamed of it so the whole surrogate is top secret. Only if 007 was here.

837 days ago


I'm starting to think she DID have a baby. That looks like some kind of spanxx bathing suit. And the fat under her arms (at upper boob level, but toward the back) is VERY characteristic of a woman who's had a baby. Hard to gain that kind of weight there and be smaller elsewhere unless you're postpartum (lord, don't I know it.)
She might not be breastfeeding-- hence boobs aren't so ginormous. (Honestly, can you see her sitting down with a baby every 2-3 hours all day? Please.)

But I'm so confused because all the other stuff did look so fishy.

837 days ago


I see TMZ posted the 'good' photos. In other her legs look horrendous and strangely shaped. She was never pregnant. This girl is clearly a robot that they keep heavily medicated, and she walks around most of the time with a doll. *sad face*

837 days ago


She has been 30 years old four 10 years She looks like she is 40 years old I wonder what does birthing mother looks like

837 days ago

Team B    

STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Out of all the celebs that have had baby's WHY IS IT SOOOOOOOOOOO HARD FOR "U PEOPLE" To believe that the girl had a baby!.DAMN go head "B & J keep doing your thing, everyone on here is JEALOUSE OF YOU GUYS! KEEP IT MOVING PEOPLE. YOUR SONS OR DAUGHTERS WILL HAVE CHILDREN ONE DAY! KARMA BITCHES!!!KARMA!!!!

837 days ago


Who cares weather or not she had her or had a surragant. As long as they love her. Some of u people need to really get a life

837 days ago


In your office moron. Beyonce wearing the bathing suit guy was right. That is a one piece bathing suit.
A tankini is two pieces.
The guys who know everything about everything are usually wrong. thanx

837 days ago


White women are the worst haters out there. They can't stand when a black woman gets a little attention. They're always on the pedestal, when a black girl gets up there they want to knock her down.

837 days ago
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