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Jim Belushi


In Martha's Vineyard

4/10/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Belushi just learned a valuable lesson.
Jim Belushi
just learned a valuable lesson -- don't fly into Martha's Vineyard with a fat ass joint in your pocket ... unless you wanna lose it.

Sources tell TMZ, Jim was at the uppity Martha's Vineyard airport on Friday -- when TSA agents discovered a marijuana cigarette on the actor's person.

We're told Jim tried to justify his pot by brandishing his California medical marijuana card -- but he quickly learned ... medical marijuana cards don't mean jack in Massachusetts.

We're told the West Tisbury Police were notified ... but since the amount was so small -- and marijuana possession has been decriminalized in Massachusetts -- cops just confiscated the drug and let Jim off with a warning.

Total buzz kill. Calls to Jim's camp were not returned.



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Kris in NYC    

Here's what I don't get about Rx MJ... If you are legally prescribed it in your home state, like you would other drugs that come in pill form, why are you not allowed to have it other states? It is a prescription... You are allowed to take seriously controlled substances along with you anywhere as long as you have the prescription. It should be the same way for weed. I get that it is state based, but seriously... if you have a prescription, you should be good!

888 days ago


Is this parasite still feeding off his dead bothers name? John was funny, Jim not funny.

888 days ago

John dowser    

This guy is a PIG and a creep and here is why. I met a girl who was beautiful, ends up being an escort with Jim Belushi messages all over her phone. She tells me how he doesn't believe in God and all this other crap. Anyway, 4 years later she's still sneaks around her job with losers like this old fart bag.He has helped and encouraged her to ruin her life basically. He was married at the time.where I am from we still have some morals. Like to kick his fat ___s.

888 days ago


Today while I was at the MVY Airport I actually saw Belushi speaking with the West Tisbury police. Then he drove in the direction of his brother's grave in Chilmark. Now we are waiting for the Farrely brothers, Larry David and Ted Dansen to arrive for some fun!

888 days ago


I have a feeling if it wasn't Mr. Belushi, a certain someone would have been going to jail. While it might be decriminalized in Massachusetts, inter-state transportation of a controlled substance, is a serious federal offense.

888 days ago


what are you people talking about, he's been acting since 1977... he isn't a nothing actor. he's been on SNL and so many other shows.

888 days ago


You guys are still doing the same ole slipshod reporting...
Check your facts, TSA doesn't screen when you land, only when you fly out of an airport. So there is no way the TSA found this in his pocket if he was coming into the island. They wouldnt have had any interaction with him at all if he was landing. I've worked there. The TSA isn't even in the same area as incoming flights. If this isn't accurate what about this story is? Was he perhaps flying OUT of the airport? Did you simply make the whole thing up?

888 days ago


"uppity Martha's Vineyard airport"

I live on Martha's Vineyard and their is nothing uppity about the airport. It's the size of a postage stamp and us working class folk are more likely to use than some celebrity. Other than that...LEGALIZE IT!

888 days ago


I thought Jim was dead. Anyway, he should have brought in pot in medibles. The cops would never figure it out in a nice cupcake or banana bread or... my goodness, medibles can be anything really.

888 days ago


Brings the meaning of d-bag to a different level.

880 days ago


I don't care what they say about Jim. He is a real funny guy. I'm in LOVE with him <3 he is sooooo hot on According To Jim.

847 days ago


the tmz people are so so so jealous of successful black people.....

481 days ago
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