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Lindsay Lohan

Will Ask Cops to

Investigate Accuser

4/10/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her attorney, Shawn Holley
Lindsay Lohan
and her attorney, Shawn Holley, will go to the West Hollywood Sheriff's substation and ask detectives to investigate the woman accusing Lindsay of battering her -- investigate her for filing a false police report.

TMZ broke the story, the woman claims Lindsay pushed and shoved her at the Standard Hotel Thursday night. Two days later she went to the Sheriff's Department and deputies took an incident report. 

But Lindsay insists she was at home Thursday night watching "Homeland." What's more ... there is not a single photo of Lindsay inside or outside the Standard Hotel on Thursday night, and that is highly suspicious.

Filing a false police report is a crime in California, punishable by 6 months in jail.

Holley tells TMZ, "If it's true that someone made false accusations against Ms. Lohan and reported those false claims to police, we will take appropriate action -- which includes seeking the prosecution of that individual."


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Everybody knows a good defense is a strong offense.
Has Lindsay ever initially owned up to any accusations? Everything that happens to her is somebody elses fault.

935 days ago


Well this woman is really stupid if she is lying as she would be found of straight away but I believe shes telling the truth. Why would someone risk themselves going to jail and getting a criminal record just to lie and target this skank? It doesn't make sense.

935 days ago


Blah, blah, blah! Wake me up when she goes away.

935 days ago


you have a great lawyer Lilo. Bam. good for you lady. she needs to be charged with filing a false police report that is a crime and an example needs to be set for money hungrey people. at first I believed the report but I guess TMZ is part celebrity news and celebrity investigation because they asked questions and look into things and no one saw Lindey there that night so this is going to continue unless she fights back with her lawyer and makes the false acussers pay the legal fees. I think thats what trump weird hair guy eventually did make the people pay their own legal costs ect. otherwise it never ends.

935 days ago


you don't ever want to lie to police. that is very bad. this person needs to be charged. we depend on the police for safety they are not puppets for some drunk partier to try to make money. throw the book at her and heavy fines!

935 days ago


Lohan is going to lose this. Nothing will happen. 6 months in Los Angeles County? No jail time. Well if they get the Lindsay Lohan treatment they won't do jail time. Being broke and trashy, Lindsay will sue though. Holley has to be working for free.

935 days ago


About time. So much BS has been written about Lindsay in the past and she let it slide, not anymore.

This woman thought its ok, I can make up a story, go to a magazine, get some $$$, Lindsay won't do anything about it, WRONG, the new Lindsay is fighting back.

I hope the police charge this con woman for filing a false report, somehow though she'll try to suirm her way out of it, probably say she made a mistake, thats what scammers do.

935 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Allen Ridak: 15 minutes ago
Didn't happen. The paparazzi that filmed Amanda Bynes would have known if she was there and would have waited for her to come outside
So going by your logic, Lohan never showed up to do her community service at the morgue between November and March, since there are no photos of her doing so.

935 days ago


what ever it takes to keep any attention on her. Wouldnt the cops have talked to Lohan by now.

935 days ago



Read the story, Lindsay and her lawyer will be calling on the police.

I don't think the police have called to talk to Lindsay yet, I think the police know this is another scam. This woman should be charged, it will send out a message to future scammers.

935 days ago


When haters know they are losing and Lindsay is winning, they always resort to making personal derogatory remarks about Lindsay LOL!

This woman making false allegations is a scammer, you know it and I know it. GO LINDSAY!

935 days ago


If someone accuses another of a crime (by formal police complaint non the less) and it's later proven to be a lie of course they should be procecuted.
More troubling is the origin of this whole story. And that's TMZ itself. They published it first and most of the usual suspects dutifully followed.
'Lindsay, a catfight in a nightclub, Police is investigating' Wow, great story, bad Lindsay, TMZ said so so it must be true.
Now TMZ is turning every stone to debunk their OWN story. They should have done that BEFORE publishing.

935 days ago


Wasn't Amanda Bynes arrest leaving the Standard Hotel Bar on Thursday night? Could the accuser be identifying the wrong person?

935 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I'm so sick of has-been Lindsay Lohan. I don't care if these accusations are true or not. She's WAY past her prime and looks 50 years old in the face now thanks to bad plastic surgery, smoking and drugs.
I genuinely hope she gets AIDS. At least that would be half way interesting Lindsay news. Plus, the world needs a good laugh!

935 days ago


Still not enough evidence to say either way whether or not this is true. Thursday could be considered Wednesday after midnight, and there are pictures of her out on Wednesday. The woman's last name is Sullivan, which is highly suspicious no matter what. If the woman did file a false claim, and she's not arrested, then you know this was a Lohan ruse to keep Lindsay's name in the news. Or if the woman did file a false claim, and this was all a set-up against Lindsay, then the appropriate action should take place.

Time will tell. Nobody should be jumping to any conclusions...yet.

935 days ago
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