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Lisa Lampanelli

Backlash After Comic Hurls

Racial Slur at Dayana Mendoza

4/10/2012 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Dayana Mendoza is firing back at Lisa Lampanelli ... claiming Lisa insulted an "entire Hispanic culture" when she called the beauty queen a "sp*c" during a radio interview.

It all went down last month when Lampanelli appeared on Sirius XM and said, "I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a sp*c! She’s going to do it f**king soon, anyway. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.”

Now, Dayana is speaking out about the racial slur ... telling the Huffington Post, "I understand that it's Lisa's job to make fun of people for a living. If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets to her shows, no problem, I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture."

We reached out to Lisa for comment -- so far, no response.


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Lisa Lampanelli is a PIG. I had only seen a PG version of her schtick on talk shows, and I found her likable and generally like to support female comedians, its a tough male-dominated biz.
However, I think Celebrity Apprentice will have the opposite effect on her career, rather than enhancing her celebrity, I think she will repel people. After seeing her on this show I find her to be a despicable human being and, a rude, disrespectful bully. Before, if given the opportunity, I might have considered seeing her show. Now, no thanks.

871 days ago

Who Knew    

Help the liberals at TMZ have censored me. Mt posts are gone.

871 days ago


This is her thing. Get a grip people.

871 days ago


Lisa is the quintessential hypocrite. She cries when she gets a taste of her own medicine. She criticizes Arsenio for his verbal attack on Aubrey but then thinks she should get a pass and verbally vivisecting others every week.
For those defending her, there's a difference between insult humor for a comedy act, and verbally abusing people you're in competition with for charity no less. She actually means what she's saying on Celebrity Apprentice and she's not saying those things in jest. She's a loud mouth bully, plain and simple. And to get that down and dirty supposedly the name of charity is so far off the mark it's ridiculous. More than one celeb left this season because they weren't willing to roll around in that kind of mud. Trump should be ashamed of himself because he instigates and rewards a lot of bad behavior.

871 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

They obviously didn't reach out too far, cause Harvey has this pig on speed dial when he needs her to validate his agenda!!!!! FACT

871 days ago


I find it hilarious that this cow goes off on Arsenio for calling Aubrey a whore, then she goes on a verbal rampage against Lou and Dayanna, calling her a spic. What a fat, ugly hypocrite. Please get this eye-sore off of the show already.

870 days ago

Diane bolden    

LL is a fat ugly pig. She disgusts me

870 days ago


Most ppl go to the Apprentice to revive their careers but this sow and the seed of Chucky have both successfully showed us who they truly are. If you think this behaviour is becoming of a geriatric, then you were bithed by a fox and a hyena. You hyena side keeps laughing.

870 days ago


Please DO NOT silence Lampanelli... We all need to get the stick out of our ass, and laugh. You can start with my Italian culture. I beg you! Too God Damned sensitive nowadays.

870 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Lisa who.........?

870 days ago


Dayana Mendoza is hot. Lisa whatsherface is an ugly, fat, washesd up, never was so she cant be a has been, wanna be comic. she isnt funny so she resorts to racial slurs to get a laugh from like midnded losers. i wish comedy central could find someone besides her for their xyz list celebrity roasts.

870 days ago


she'll be knocked up by the end of the week? shes a beauty queen, not a whore like you Lisa. hispanic people actually have respect for themselves. unlike, white girls who go from guy to guy just to get attention, white girls are so desperate, they will do anything. when it comes to hispanic girls and white girls. the white girls are major whores and always end up being knocked up.

870 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

What that show shows is why women don't belong in the workplace. They can't set aside personal differences and the likes and act like cats cutting this person and undercutting that person and using their azzzz to get this dumb idiot to do this for them and the other hard up mailroom guy to do that for them and think their beauty gets them out of working and using common sense. On the other extreme is this broad Lampenelli. She's off the other end of the spectrum and hates anything more beautiful than a fireplug and lets everyone know it. She also thinks she's the smartest person in the room aside from Penn and Senior, who's obviously the best businessman and strangely the most even keeled guy in the room every show!! I'd work for him anyday, his kids are idiots and in fact Trump even said so himself to Senior about that very thing. Those 2 idiots have jack if he doesn't start that motorcycle business after already being successful in an ironworks business. Lampenelli I'll admit had to work harder than the other women there because she's so unnatractive but that aside she's really just another foul mouthed Mo'wood buffalo chip...

870 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is the perfect, shining example of a woman who has ultra hatred for someone simply because they are young, skinny, and gorgeous. Lisa Lampanelli is overweight, and has a face that is the opposite of Dayana's face. It is so obvious if you watch the Apprentice that Lisa hates her simply for this...nothing else could raise such ire in Lisa's life...while Dayana may not be a rocket scientist, she comes off as being humble and not ditz-like.

I am sick and tired of all the overweight feminists supporting this horrific whale of a is she allowed to hurl racial slurs because she's a "comedienne"? This is so baffling...but sadly, it is the course of our culture. Women are able to act devious, devilish and with hatred...just don't call them out on it, and if you do, make sure you do it politely...don't use the "b" word or the "w" word, even though Lampanelli drops more "c*nts" in her act than can be believed. She is a walking hypocrisy and anyone who supports her with the pathetic: "Chillax people...she's a comedian..get over it..." is a babbling feminist who actually has hatred towards men. That is what is happening in our's pro-women, and anti-men...just watch any commercial...the man is always the idiot...the hapless fool who can't do nothin' right...we need hard workin' troll faced goons and bullies like Lampanelli to lead the way!...women who are filled with so much self hatred because they haven't a clue on how to take care of themselves...and are too lazy to get their fat arses off the couch...yet they blab and blab about how hard they've had to work...

I am sick and tired of you idiotic women who act horrible yet feel that you can somehow escape labeling...look are acting filthy...if you're all such tough broads then you know what, grow some balls and laugh it off...don't take it personally...stop acting like such up already...since you stopped acting like a woman so long ago.

Lisa Lampanelli is a disgusting troll who practices hypocrisy as if it were an art form...and the depressing thing is she's got a lot of angry, fat, wannabe-like-lisa supporters who practice this lifestyle.

You are disgusting Lampanelli and you need to be held accountable.

870 days ago


And yet Chris Rock has called white people "crackers", "honkeys" (amongst many other comedians) and nobody says anything.

Racial slurs are wrong yes. But if they are wrong, DON'T BE HYPOCRITES ABOUT IT. Don't claim it's "okay" for a black man or a latino to use racial slurs against other races, but when a white person does it it's oh so wrong. It is wrong no matter what but I guarantee if a black comedian made racial slurs against another race (check comedy central, A LOT of them do) no one would be saying anything.

870 days ago
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