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Lisa Lampanelli

Backlash After Comic Hurls

Racial Slur at Dayana Mendoza

4/10/2012 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Dayana Mendoza is firing back at Lisa Lampanelli ... claiming Lisa insulted an "entire Hispanic culture" when she called the beauty queen a "sp*c" during a radio interview.

It all went down last month when Lampanelli appeared on Sirius XM and said, "I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a sp*c! She’s going to do it f**king soon, anyway. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.”

Now, Dayana is speaking out about the racial slur ... telling the Huffington Post, "I understand that it's Lisa's job to make fun of people for a living. If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets to her shows, no problem, I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture."

We reached out to Lisa for comment -- so far, no response.


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Thats ****ing hilarious. Shes funny as hell

890 days ago


She is an equal opportunity offender.. she makes fun of all ethnic groups as well as gay people. After all she like to have sex with black men.

890 days ago


Check out the following links to learn about Lisa, the f*t p*g's love life.

Her husband must be deaf, dumb and blind to have married the offensive, f*t c*w.

He must be deaf not to hear her screeching, strident, screaming "rants"...

He must be dumb to have married a b**** who is a raving lu*atic
and definitely a "n*t case" who needs psychiatric help...

He must be BLIND not to see how ug*ly, gr*oss, re*pul*sive and
lo*aths*ome she is...

I truly feel sorry for him...

I call a "spade" a "spade"...

It is what it is...

Lisa is offensive and therefore, I think she's "fair game"...

If you go to and view some of her videos, you
will realize that my comments are TAME compared to her rude,
offensive, cruel and "below the belt" comments.


890 days ago


Trump is "sly like a fox". He was roasted by Lisa Lampanelli and as he put it, it was "brutal". He will
keep her on the show as long as possible. Why? Not only is "drama and controversy" good for ratings but he knows that the longer this "pig" (I think I'm insulting pigs...)stays on Celebrity Apprentice, the more she alienates herself from the public and reveals herself as the truly abhorrent, obnoxious, offensive, hideous, loathsome, hateful person she is. My boyfriend enjoyed her as a comedian before because he thought it was just an "act" but after he has seen her on the Celebrity Apprentice, he realizes what a truly nasty person she's no act folks...underneath it all, she really is a disgusting piece of hateful excrement...

Lisa, going on Celebrity Apprentice was a wrong career move because now people hate you, you disgusting f*t c*w!

Get a new career because you're no longer're pathetic. Dayana is beautiful "inside and out"...a real class act...graceful, charming and a truly "good" person. You are just seething with jealousy aren't you. Well, suck it up cupcake because you are not even in the same class as Dayana!

890 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is a fat, pompous, abrasive, conniving, sneaky, manipulative, miserable, paranoid, racist bitch. She has no redeeming qualities. Pardon me if I forgot anything.

890 days ago


My god, what a stupid, no-talent narcissist. "I am happy to help her put food on her table". Seriously? Get off your high horse, get a sense of humor, get over yourself, you're not that special. Oh and lastly, find some real talent.

890 days ago


Lisa is a bitch, what ahe need is a foot in her ass. I'm praying she don't win even though Trump like those kind of people because his mouth is foul

890 days ago


I would have dismissed her joke as just being part of her type of comedy had I not seen her on Celebrity Apprentice. Seeing her on there it's obvious that she can not stand Dayana so now her "jokes" don't seem like jokes at all but intentional hate fueled insults.

890 days ago


So, Was she wrong?

A typical hispanic woman pumps out 7 kids before she is 30.
Usually on my dime.

890 days ago



What does obama have to say about all of this?

890 days ago


Oh get over it. This is what LL does. If you don't like, that's on you. The reason why her jokes are so funny is because deep down everyone knows the stereotypes she plays up are true. GTF over it.

890 days ago


that's part of her act .... shes an insult comic ... get over it

890 days ago


You either like or dislike Lisa. She's a funny bitch and I've been to her show. I couldn't stop laughing for the whole 90 mins! As for Dayanah, get a life! By the way, who the hell is she?

890 days ago


Has anyone informed Lisa Lampanelli that this is not the Hunger Games. The way she approaches every damn situation...cut throat, crying. I work so hard...blah..blah..blah. You'd think her life was at stake here!! I would love to hear Trump say something short and sweet in the board room like..."Lisa, everyone just pretty much thinks you're a bitch-and that includes me, so...Lisa, you're fired!"

890 days ago


I have seen Lisa Lampanelli on TV and live onstage.
She calls EVERYONE nasty names, thus showing the purely ridiculous ways that humans categorize each other. Her delivery is excellent and well-practiced.
She is funnier than Joan Rivers or Andrew Dice Clay ever were.....

890 days ago
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