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Ahole Smashes Car Window

'Leave California or Die'

4/10/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The car belonging to Octomom had the window smashed.
Outrage over Octomom's decision to go on welfare has reached new violent heights -- because last weekend, some cruel jerkwad straight up SMASHED her car window ... and even left behind a handwritten death threat.

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she heard several strange noises outside her house early Saturday morning -- but brushed them off and went back to sleep. When she got out of bed at 9am, Nadya says her neighbors were at her door ... and informed her that her car window had been broken.

Whoever vandalized the car knew who his/her victim was too -- because the criminal left behind a handwritten note, reading, "Leave California or you will die."

Note to Octomom: Leave California or you will die.
Octo's father filed a police report after the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


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She is a con artist people. She told a boyfriend that she had cancer, so she could get him to donate sperm. She told her mom that she had a stomach tumor. She is a con artist. All you people that say let her be because she's a mom. She's got your number and she's playing you suckers for all your worth. Suckers.

925 days ago

Star Whacker    

Maybe she drugged her kids Easter basket candy so she could sleep in until 9AM. As for me, I'd investigate the Easter Bunny. That one always seemed creepy to me.

925 days ago

DJaye Thomas    

Some say she is a con artist. Well if she is God will deal with her as he will ALL of US. But at the end of the day those children are STILL INNOCENT and they have to eat. Threating to KILL her? The police need to get surveillance tapes from the cameras they have in the neighborhood and try to locate this NUTCASE that smashed her windows and left a HANDWRITTEN NOTE..(IDIOT) telling her to leave or she WILL DIE? OMG. I hope they find this FOOL before he/she actually does something to this woman. This shouldnt be taken lightly cause someone has threatened her life hell they may even kill her children if they are this SICK to do this type of mess. Anyone in agreeance with this crime also needs help because if she ws related to anyone criticizing her would be grieving if someone threatened or worse murdered a female family member of theirs for going on welfare. She DOES NOT deserve to die for being stupid and having as many children as she did with no firm income or father for the children.No one had ever heard of Nadiya until she got pregnant with those octuplets. She is not the first woman to have a large number of kids like that. Hell the Duggars have a baby every other day and TRUST and BELIEVE they are getting some damn assistance but NO ONES telling it. I believe they have 19 or 20 kids. But u can bet they are getting assistance on the down low and they arent bout to tell it. Can u imagine how much food it takes to feed them?

925 days ago

DJaye Thomas    

If for any reason she did this mess for publicity as some have suggested then SHAME ON HER ..BUT I still say at the end of the day..Those kids have to eat...THEY ARE THE INNOCENT parties in this story

925 days ago


That note seems a lot like a rip off of the one that was left after that horrible murder in San Diego. If Octo is doing this for attention, that is really sick and twisted. Her family is from Iraq too and that story was huge in that community. I hope TMZ and the Media is making her crazier with her stunts.

925 days ago

charlei harper    

I am an investigator for the state that I live in...this whole incident smells...first of all, why did she not get up and see what those "several strange" noises were or what caused them. secondly, why were both sides of the vehicle windows broken, any amount of force that would have caused that much damage, would have been heard from someone, neighbor or even octo idiot herself, thirdly, why didn't one of her 62 children here a noise, fourthly, no one can sleep until 9am with that many kids running lose and out of control, fifthly, that is no doubt a woman's hand writting, no man makes "e's" like that unless he's a homo.Sixthly,seventhly, eighthly, ninethly and tenthly...she an idiot...why does the world continue to pay attention to her, he is a drain on society and teacher of the wrong way to live your life. CPS needs to visit her farm and reallllllllllllllllly look that situation over. I am sooooooooooo glad that she is not my neighbor. What a waste of the state's resources. I do not wish ill on her, but please Nadya so away and take your freak of a circus show with you

925 days ago


I`m not buying her story and the cops are scratching their heads too. Why didn`t she mention any note when they were making a report? Why her old van and not the one she drives? Was it 3am or afternoon? So many questions.

925 days ago


Boy, wish I could sleep till 9:00am. I have to be at work at 8:00am. I couldn't even sleep till 9:00am when I had one child to take care of. Who's getting up with those little ones?

925 days ago


Harvey Levin the horrible things that happen to this family fall directly on you. No other notable news agency cares about Nadya and her family. You and TMZ made her a quasi-celebrity so now everyone is interested in her and her kids life. Yes I hate the fact that she had to go on food stamps but we all do what we must to feed our family. Maybe she should sue TMZ for making her life hell so then she can feed her family and get off welfare.

925 days ago


I would not be surprised if she wrote the note.

925 days ago

Oom pah pah    

Again, food stamps are not welfare. TMZ has to share the responsibility for this horrific act against a mom who is just trying to feed her kids. The TMZ kids are so out of touch with the majority of working class people who are losing income year after year. Shame on you for this low style reporting, you are no better than the Enquirer.

925 days ago


Her children will be taken care of no matter what. That's why we don't need to see her con artist artist plastic surgery freak show face in the news. She gets her checks anyway. She doesn't need to run to the public for money, the State is already watching over the children. She just wants more money for herself. Scammer. Her own children are the least of her worries.

925 days ago


On Sunday's Ustream video, Suleman discussed the vandalism, and the 'death threat' letter. She stated that she would not expound upon the death threat...but did mention the 'audacity of strangers to leave a message detailing just how they would kill both herself and her children'. The letter given to TMZ does not reflect this.
Draw your own conclusions...

925 days ago


Food stamps ARE welfare. It is a taxpayer-funded program for the poor. Why do some people keep insisting that this is not welfare? Do they think California has magic money falling out of the sky to pay for the food stamp program? Nope, the money comes from the taxpayers.

925 days ago


to the rest of the world, (here) her house and vans look expensive.

925 days ago
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