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Ahole Smashes Car Window

'Leave California or Die'

4/10/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The car belonging to Octomom had the window smashed.
Outrage over Octomom's decision to go on welfare has reached new violent heights -- because last weekend, some cruel jerkwad straight up SMASHED her car window ... and even left behind a handwritten death threat.

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she heard several strange noises outside her house early Saturday morning -- but brushed them off and went back to sleep. When she got out of bed at 9am, Nadya says her neighbors were at her door ... and informed her that her car window had been broken.

Whoever vandalized the car knew who his/her victim was too -- because the criminal left behind a handwritten note, reading, "Leave California or you will die."

Note to Octomom: Leave California or you will die.
Octo's father filed a police report after the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


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If she didnt do it herself, the s***bag deserved it.

890 days ago


Well I hope you are happy TMZ. You incited people to hurt her and then you turn around and act all innocent. Harvey you hate this woman because she is an Arab. There are more dispicable people like Kim K and Lindsay L but you beat this woman when she is down. I detest your kind who think that you are above it all. Yes you are God's chosen ones but one day the same God will deal with you accordingly. That is my prayers.

890 days ago


Sure looks like a woman's handwriting to me, and I find it very interesting that the brick was thrown through the window of her 'dilapidated' mini van rather than the pimped-out 15 passenger van that she currently tools about in. My theory: she threw the brick through her own vehicle's window in a weak attempt to lend credence to last week's 'death threats' story and to 'set the scene' for her upcoming foreclosure and eviction. Suleman has surveillance cameras installed on the house she squats in and I'm sure the cameras cover the driveway in which the vehicles were parked, yet I bet nobody ever sees that footage, because all it will show is old fish-lips herself chucking a brick through her van's window.

890 days ago


Aww leave Octomom alone. She broke as hell. But why didn't they do this to the Kartrashians?

890 days ago

Will always LOVE RJ    

Kill the bitch along with those 14 dirty snot nosed BASTARDS!!

890 days ago


And who stirred up all the hatred against her? Can you people really sleep well at night?

890 days ago


??? She looks latino to me, I though 90% of California Latinos were on welfare, what the problem?

890 days ago

Randy Morrison    

DO NOT want to see her hurt, but totally understand that Californians DO NOT want to pay for the sloppy pigs litter!!!

890 days ago


I guess the people in here bashing this woman has never hurt financialy. Well one day you will and when you need state assistance i hope they slam the door in your face. You guys are Bullies.

890 days ago

nancy williams    

She heard a noise outside her house that has 14 children in it and did not investigate???What a great mom.

890 days ago


That is messed up. I hope they can find out who did it and throw the book at them.

890 days ago

Umm ok...    

Good Lord, Octo did not invent the California welfare system. If the taxpayers want to reform it, they need to vote for conservatives who will tighten it up and quit voting for liberal democrats who just throw money at it. California has quite the mess, a half million families collecting welfare or maybe more by now, some of those are illegal aliens who don't any pay taxes. Bottom line, if taxpayers are mad and want it to change, they have to quit voting for people who like it that way and vote in people who will reform it....breaking car windows & writing threats on notebook paper will not change anything. duh.

890 days ago


so she has to ..well i should say way to many kids BUT what is the difference of her going on welfare then all the illegals that come her and get full benefits and we pay for their babies to be born and they usually have at least 6. then there is the women that have babies for a living. they have them with all thedifferent dads, we pay for them to be born and then pay for them till they are 18. all the baby daddies get a little money each month and momma gets a big fat check and free medical and food stamps.... dont just pick on one.. end welfare all together!!!!!!!!!

890 days ago

Tigers Wood    

There are baby factories all around the USA, please help put a stop them.
People hear me out;
The Baby Factory is run with brutal efficiency. As soon as an order has been placed, a woman is chosen to produce a baby. Only the beautiful girls are selected to join the production line.

The customers will, the owners of the factory know all too well, pay a higher price for an angelic-looking baby. The blue-eyed ones are particularly prized.

The woman is impregnated by mafia racketeers and then looked after, housed, fed and clothed for the next nine months.

She does not give birth in hospital in case someone asks too many questions. Rather, she has the baby in a makeshift maternity suite - a room in a house rented by the factory for the purpose.

890 days ago


I thought single moms had the hardest job in the world, and were run ragged by the kids from early morning until bedtime? She sleeps in until 9, and even then probably only got up because of the neighbors? Life sure is rough for her.

890 days ago
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