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One Direction

Sued by Same-Name Band


4/10/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

British boy band One Direction is being sued by a much lesser known American band -- also called One Direction -- and now, the Americans are out for blood ... demanding the Brits change their name.

The U.S. One Direction just filed the lawsuit, claiming they formed in 2009 -- an entire year before the UK band members even knew each other -- and have since developed a considerable following this side of the Atlantic.

In addition to building a reputation around the name, the Americans claim they also beat the Brits in a race to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- filing a trademark application for "One Direction" long before their UK counterparts.

Now, the Americans are asking for a court order -- requiring the Brits to change their name.

The Americans are also suing Simon Cowell's record label and Sony Music -- demanding more than $1 million in damages.

The British band -- which was formed by Simon Cowell in 2010 while members competed on the UK "X Factor" -- has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

A lawyer for the UK band tells TMZ, the group plans to fight back -- claiming, “[British] One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.”


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I'm Canadian, don't take no junk from those Brits or you'll get a very Nice German person on your money.

891 days ago


They filed with the *US* Patent office. The famous One Direction are British. Wouldn't they both be able to use the name since a US patent does not cover any other countries? And if I'm incorrect, Simon Cowell will probably just buy the name off of the US One Direction for a few million. The US One Direction just want to use the incredible and sudden fame of the UK 1D to get their band out there and get noticed.

891 days ago


If the US "One Direction" says says they formed in 2009, then why are they only NOW saying something when the UK "One Direction" started up in 2010, makes no sense to me and nobody has even heard of the US "One Direction".

891 days ago


Of course it's the Americans suing. Sometimes I really hate my country. Bunch of money hungry bastards around here. We'll sue for anything.

891 days ago


Lol sorry but if people in America don't even know you i highly doubt a UK band knew who the heck you were. But we all like to pretend we're a big deal sometimes, it's ok

891 days ago


wow, my boys from the UK wont/shouldnt get sued, Harry decided the name and they were all texting each other about it and agreeing their band should be named One Direction and they obviously didnt even know about the "one direction" in the US.. i didnt even know about the One Direction in the US and im in Canada.. UK 1D <3 Directioner for life, theyre amazayn people <3 awesome idols to have :)

891 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The UK group all must be standing in the same direction the fan is blowing. Except for the guy 2nd to the left who wears a one size too small outfit.

891 days ago


Well, whether you like it or not, if the U.S. version named themselves, bought copyrights and rights to the name, the U.K. whether they are more successful or NOT can't use that name.
Anyone remember the band "Bush" with Gavin Rossdale as the leader singer in the 90's? Yeah, they hit big, a U.K. BAND and all of a sudden some band from the 70's in the U.S. claimed rights to the name, they had to change to "Bush X" funniest thing is, they disbanned, haven't been around for about 15 years and are not REFORMED and back, they are now going by "BUSH". I'm still trying to figure out who the original Bush was but if they had a copyright and a patent on the name, you can't use it, period.

891 days ago


LOL....Typical some Americans with their suing habits. How about you sue KK clan, Jersey show..etc...for being money hungry whores.

891 days ago

alice hamadeh    

lol what the hell. Never heard of the American band. I think it's pretty obvious who's going to win this case. BRITISH ONE DIRECTION, thank you very much

891 days ago


Ummm This Is ridiculous. -_-

891 days ago


does their lawyer know how to file a Cease and desist order all while this is going on the band is playing out and selling records ????? and making lots money...

891 days ago


also the fake band doesn't have to resign a contract with the label? they can get paid for the whole tour without working? the boys should contact a lawyer because the label just messed up their whole singing career with this name mix up

891 days ago


Who had the paton 1st? Outside of that I DONT CARE! yeeeeshhhh

891 days ago


Actually, the U.S. One Direction isnt a 'boy band'' being that they write their own songs and play their own instruments.. They are actually talented.. Google them they are from California.

891 days ago
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