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One Direction

Sued by Same-Name Band


4/10/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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British boy band One Direction is being sued by a much lesser known American band -- also called One Direction -- and now, the Americans are out for blood ... demanding the Brits change their name.

The U.S. One Direction just filed the lawsuit, claiming they formed in 2009 -- an entire year before the UK band members even knew each other -- and have since developed a considerable following this side of the Atlantic.

In addition to building a reputation around the name, the Americans claim they also beat the Brits in a race to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- filing a trademark application for "One Direction" long before their UK counterparts.

Now, the Americans are asking for a court order -- requiring the Brits to change their name.

The Americans are also suing Simon Cowell's record label and Sony Music -- demanding more than $1 million in damages.

The British band -- which was formed by Simon Cowell in 2010 while members competed on the UK "X Factor" -- has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

A lawyer for the UK band tells TMZ, the group plans to fight back -- claiming, “[British] One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.”


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Lol no. Not happening. "One Direction" has a meaning behind UK 1D. Why the hell would they change their name for a band that isn't even known in it's own nation? Stupidity? Yes.

928 days ago


What a bunch of ****ing low life ****s. nobody has even heard of the us "one direction", and one direction have been around for quite a while now and they waited all this time, more like they waited for them to get big so they could get something out of it. Theyre just money hungry attention manwhores who are ugly anyway and have gotten no where, and if they do sue the boys/simon cowell and make them change their name, **** will go down. Directioners will no doubt rip these guys heads off. Nuff Said. So pissed at these ****heads.

928 days ago

Claudia Guay    

I'm sorry but british one direction are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than those really boring songs by that american band. British One Direction are also way more talented and popular than that american one direction. So that american one direction should change their name because they have WAY less fans

928 days ago


this is so stupid. barely anyone knew who they were in the first place. they're just looking for attention. they should go get real jobs instead of focusing on their band that they started in 2009 that never got anywhere. now they are trying to get famous over a law suite. get the ****k out.

928 days ago

kristen Harner    

one direction (british one) is way better
no one even knows the other one american

928 days ago


wimpy boy band v wimpy boy shall they battle...with a dance off in coordinating outfits!!!

928 days ago


First of all no one has ever heard of the U.S. one! And sueing simon is crazy, i understand that he could easily pay the 1M dollars, but he didn even come up with the name. Obviously Simon isnt going to respond to this lawsuit, he could probably care less, and the UK one direction wont change their name.

928 days ago

Daniel R    

Just change the name to "1" Direction! There, problem solved.

928 days ago


UK One Direction has millons of more fans. It was a mistake but regardless UK 1D will always be on top.

928 days ago


At least we've actually heard of the UK 1D, the other one is from my and I've still never heard of them. Does THAT tell you anything?

928 days ago



928 days ago


One Direction (the british/irish one) actually has music out !! I have never heard of the american "one direction". Maybe if the american group was popular they wouldn't have this problem . but since they are not who would know that the name was taken ?? In my opinion the american group is unappealing and should get over them selves because one direction (the british/irish one) is sooo much more popular and has not been out longer then the american group. If i google one direction all that shows up is the british/irish one.

928 days ago

Sabrina Bowman    

Everybody hates America until they NEED America. Bite us and taste the wrath of our malovent legal scorn.

928 days ago


Surely the people behind OneDirection trademarked their name when they got together? You don't even have to have the same name to not be approved by the trademark office. If the names are even similar they will turn you down. It really depends on if the US group did a worldwide trademark name.
Will be interesting to see the real details of this.

928 days ago

Kim Corbier    

Who are they, Never heard of them, They can,t be all that. to me , just another Flavour Of The Month. Another bubble gum boys group. And how can you call yourself a band when you just stand there and sing, aren't you just Barber Shop ?

928 days ago
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