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Charles Manson

Parole Denied

4/11/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Infamous mass murderer Charles Manson just lost his last real shot at freedom ... the parole board just denied his latest request for release.

The hearing took place at Corcoran State Prison in CA...where Manson-- who was convicted of 7 murders in 1969 ... including Sharon Tate's-- was previously denied parole 11 times.

Now ... at the ripe old age of 77 this is most likely the murderer's last stand...since his case cannot be heard again for another 15 years ... putting him well into his 90s.

Only one Manson Family member convicted of murder has been paroled -- Steve Grogan--who was granted his freedom in 1985 for aiding the authorities and good behavior.

If you recall...Manson was originally sentenced to death in 1972 but it was commuted after the California death penalty was declared unconstitutional.


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Some Faustkateer    

I became anti-death penalty in the early 70s because of this case. I'm glad Charlie's in jail. Don't let him out. But state sponsored murder is wrong, and more costly than housing an inmate for life. What a waste for all involved. Do you feel better now, Charlie?

903 days ago

Cheryl A.    

You mean to tell me that in over 40 years no one tried to make a name for himself by killing him? I mean, if you are already in there for life, do the world a favor.

903 days ago


I didn't know Charles Manson was real, I thought he was just a movie.

903 days ago


According to MSNBC, he MAY not get another hearing for 15 years, but that does not mean "cannot".

"Under current law, inmates can be denied the chance to reapply for parole for up to 15 years."

903 days ago


i agree wit JO. Manson only plotted but yet he is still locked up when people who have done worse things only get a couple years. it's BULLS***

903 days ago


Charles Manson was an influencer, he was great at influencing a cult of young people to kill an 8-months-pregnant woman and her friends and then kill a middle aged couple the very next day. If Charles Manson had not gone to jail, the killings would have progressed as he would have formed a new "family" as he called them of young killers. Best he stays in jail, I would say rot in jail, but I see there's not much left of him.

903 days ago


He's still a scary M.F.

903 days ago



903 days ago


he never had a credible shot of ever getting out anyway. he knew that, these hearing are nothing more than for show.

903 days ago


in 15 years, he'll be 92. 92 is OLD but i wouldn't say WELL INTO his 90s. My neighbor died at 97....that's well into the 90s.
TMZ "journalists" always on the ball

903 days ago


FACT – Charles Manson is not a murderer and has NEVER killed anyone, nor did he ever "order" any crimes to be committed on his behalf; it's a LIE. He has been a victim of lies and sensationalism, from the government and the media for over 40 years! Millions of dollars have been made off of the name 'Manson' and that money can only be sustained by the lies; for the truth is much less profitable. He is compassionate person just like you and me, and deserves to not die in a prison cell, because of the evil actions and cowardice of others.

For those who want to read the true in stead of media entertainment I strongly advice to visite:

903 days ago


Read the book "Helter Skelter".

903 days ago


Charles Manson should not be and never will be released. He will die in prison. The reason that nobody has offed him in the prison yard is because other prisoners look up to him.He still has followers even today. Don't let his ranting and raving fool you. He is a mastermind at getting vulnerable young people to follow him.
Several people posted on here that he did not kill. OH YES HE DID. He ordered and participated in the death of 2 people, Gary Hinman and Shorty Shea. Gary Hinman was a music teacher and Shea was a ranchhand at the place they all stayed in up in Topanga Canyon. He also actually killed Steven Parent, one of the Tate victims. He shot him as the kid was coming down the driveway in his after seeing his friend, the caretaker of the Tate home. And this is just who we know about. He probably killed a lot of runaways who tried to leave his cult. It would have been easy to hide their bodies.
Squeaky Fromme did not kill the Sharon Tate, her friends or the Labiance family. She WANTED to but Charlie said no. The actual people who killed the Sharon Tate and the Labianca's were Charles"Tex" Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins. Watson, Krenwinkel and Manson are still in prison. Atkins died a while back in prison of brain cancer. Fromme was put in prison for trying to assisinate Pres Ford. If any of the remaining three would get out it would be Krenwinkel. She came close a couple of times. Watson is in a Texas prison because that is where he ran after the murders. He has 6 kids I believe.
Oh and Manson was also the one who wrote the words in the victims blood. So he actually touched the victims.
So for people who say he didn't murder anyone, they are probably young and dumb. I remember all of it, I was a young kid and it scared the crap out of me and I didn't even live in CA at the time. It was also a well known fact that he had a list of stars he was going to kill. Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher had owned the Tate house at one time and Charlie had been there many times to show Melcher his musical skills. Melcher hid for a long time after the murders because he thought he was on Charlie's hit list.

903 days ago



903 days ago


Politics keeps them in prison more than the murders themselves.

903 days ago
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